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  1. quite possibly. Did he (Sarkasian) back out before Dolphins made a hiring or after?
  2. Stayed with USC instead of becoming a Dolphins HC because the brass did not grant the full control to him. Schottenheimer was fired because of power conflict which in nature way for GM to jump in and run the team's operation. I dont see Carroll become Chargers' HC at all. Chargers are messed up big time because they lost many coaching staffs included Phillips before firing Schottenheimer. You see Raiders hired Kiffin because he has no power to control the team like many vet coaches wanted to have as HC. Chargers have good program but bad control so I could see they hire one of Cowboys' leftover candidate and I think it will be Singelery (sp?) 49ers' assistent HC and LB coach.
  3. Quite impressive... I guess Jets should take Okoye as well. I dont think so. Ben Grubbs is the man... If you met him, let me know what do you think of him.. If not impressive then forget G for day one.
  4. According to post time, it is possibly less than 50 seconds between yours and his. It is not like 10 minutes or more to post after yours. I dont consider this as an ignorance.
  5. I like Stanton better than Clemens. Stanton is shorter to 6 3 whilst Clemens is shorter to 6 2. However, I am not going to waste my time agruing this nonsense qb situation. Done is done. We are stuck with it. Like it or not. Ham's Jets picks look good except Blalock. I am almost positively sure Jets wont take a mauler. Last year, I remembered someone claimed that Mangold was not a good mauler but Jets took him anyway and started him right away. I expect the same thing that will happen this year...
  6. If memory serves me right, Mangini already stated that he wanted OL that has lean and quick footworks. Mangini and Edwards ran basically the same scheme "Schottenheimer Offense" which that means we should not expect Jets played Denver's ZBS. Both likes to have light and power OL but Mangini wants to camoflague the plays with more scufflings whilst Edwards likes to do the old fashioned way. Road Mauler usually is for powerball game like AFC central teams or Bears. Beekman and Blalock may move very well right now but in 2 or 3 years later they will lose precise footworks for Schottenheimer Offense so in a long plan Beekman and Blalock wont fit in Mangini's system. Simple as it is. Right now, I am not sure about G situation but I think they wont go after G on day one. Ah by "Schottenheimer Offense", I mean Marty's ball game. Edwards and Marty's son were under Marty's wing. Lucky for Mangini that Brian brought in fun and gun WCO to mix with Marty's boring offense. Also, I am curious about the 2nd year offense because Schottenheimer may want a classic FB to do extra blocking inside the line and Mangini prefers HB to do extra blocking outside the line like Patriots. Who gets the shot? I notice that Patriots do not have a classic FB. Bottom line is like every poster, I am a fan who never gets an inside scoop but I am pretty sure that Jets wont take either Brown, Beekman, Blalock or similar ones on day one. Mangini focuses on first 2 rounds for long term plan and any round after 2nd round is for gambling.
  7. On Draft- Blalock is big and heavy which will not improve Mangini's plan on OL. Mangini wants sleek OL not road mauler.. Hunt as a RB is a not good idea. Jets probably give Barlow another chance this year with Houston and Washington aboard. McClain at 6th round? That is a quite steal. I think he will be gone before 5th round if not day two. Trannon needs to prove himself that he is 100 percent ready to play on the field otherwise he wont be taken by Jets. McBean is currently undersized DE (277) but he will be a solid DE in two years. I like this pick. Spencer is one of my draftees.. Solid pick if Carriker is not available. On FA- I love Clements' signing but frankly I dont think Jets will break the bank on him. Unfortunately, Samuel, Buchannon and Starks are next best in the class. I guess Jets may re-sign Poteat or offer a soft contract to Starks like they did to Dyson. Black can survive RT job for Jets but I think he will stay input in KC despite having Mexican product on the roster. Chiefs have problem with depth so who knows. I hope Blanton or Goddard is ready to step in. If you plan to have both Black and Clement on the roster for OT then it may be a mistake. I like Holliday's signing. Toughness and aggressiveness are something Jets lack of at DE. Lewis is a FS, I believe but he is nearly done. I dont want Jets pick another OelOffen this year. On Re Signings- I believe Ball was cut during the middle season. Other than that, it looks good. On Cuts- Barton wont be traded unless he wants to play 4-3 again. I dont think Jets will cut Barlow. Barlow and Blaylock are fans' worst players but not coaches'. I may see Blaylock go because Jets have a promising flashy rb in Washington. Jones is as good as a goner. Teague should be back to 100 percent health and serve all positions as backup role or maybe compete for starting right side job. Ashew does not deserve another chance with Jets. McCareins is the one I am flexible with. Stayed or gone. Barrett may be traded or cut if Jets sign Clements or move him to SS. Overall, it was not bad offseason plan.
  8. I will take Panthers again. I hope I wont have any problem with damn telephone pole again this year..
  9. For sure, he went nowhere if Jets still have Moore and Clement at right side. Houston was supposed to be a tough man to get down on first contact. I would rather Jets get OL fixed first before finding a rb. I mean the season to be witnessed on OL not assuming anything. by the way, OSU OL is very intelligent and sturdy which makes Smith and Pittman look wowed. Pittman had to forgo his senior year for NFL because he was threatened by youngster RB I forget his name, damn it.
  10. Shell should be fired to slow the frenzy of media down. I think there are few former HCs like Sherman, Tice, or Martz seek for HC job at last minute. Raiders need an pure offensive minded HC and retain Ryan as DC.
  11. 7-9 or 8-8 after 7-5 is very bad. I call it a failure. I dont care about last year's record comparing this year's record. I am sure a lot of people call it a success because many reporters/ analyists predicted Jets would win fewer than 5 games this year.
  12. I guess mike on player will be cancelled next season.
  13. I am against this but since first round talented class is ratherly weak and Jets end up at 20 somewhere in the draft order I can give it a hard consideration. However, 2 first day picks for just Turner is out of question. Jets need all 4 first day picks to cover all weak positions.
  14. Weight problem will prevent him from first round although he still can move around. How well will he respond to new conditioning program in NFL? He is very lazy and takes his altheticism for granted.. That is why he is wild inconsistently despite of putting up a good numbers on stat and making dramatically comebacks. Big investment in a qb with weight problem is a bad idea. I think he should stay with LSU for his senior. He wants to be a full time qb not converted skill position so he needs to improve two things. Weight/conditioning and consistency from 1st to 4th quarter. If he improves both addressed areas then he will be number one qb in 2008 draft..
  15. Oh I am sure that everyone bashed Mangini's gut on onside kick because it was failed... Well, Suck it up!.... Mangini was right to try this out because he had a faith in defense as well as Maynard wont punt football into inside 20 successfully. Gave up a field goal after unsuccessful onside kick.. Big deal. Did you notice the series that guided Bears to 3-0 where Barton was doubled locating at outside of RB's track and Vilma was BRUSHED OFF by a SINGLE OL locating right there on RB's track. Thomas ran for easy yards in that play.. Kassell has played better than Barton? My Foot. Kassell, Hobson and Vilma cant beat a damn single OL whilst Barton burned all energy battling 2 bodies. If I must finger someone for Jets' loss then it would be Pennington. Bears' DB is slightly better than average and LB corp is lethal.. Pennington could not get balls into deep area and made almost all throws into LB zone which was virtually impossible for receivers to run for extra yards. Pennington looked scary when blitzkerg was underway.. Unbelievable. Anyway, welcome back, Houston.
  16. It could be a good chance to get Abiamiri in first round and Carriker as Redskins' 2nd round pick..
  17. If so, I hope Mod will axe this thread.
  18. Barlow with another hard 70 yards for 2 tds. I cant wait to see how well will Ferguson and Mangold response to speedy defense. Hope Clements and Moore survive well. Pennington should continue playing no huddle to throw defense off the balance.. Watch out for Hester as ST and possibly heavy blitzkerg. by the way, color looks better. nice job.
  19. I humbly disagree... Barton barely played in 2nd half in favor of Kassell? I dont think so. Barton had 4 tackles and Kassell had 3 tackles... How could you tell that Kassell played better against run when Patriots were in hungry for big pass plays. The fact is that Jets had rotated all LBs include Vilma throughout the game. I dont see much of productivity from Vilma either. The reason many teams had run toward Barton was Barton was doubled frequently. The same way teams had done against Julius Peppers when he was doubled or tripled. That is a strategy and it hurts Jets big time because Vilma simply could not draw offense' attention. Vilma supposed to take over the area where Barton was occupied but he did not so it was easy to run against Jets... That is why Vilma has played so so in side to side coverage. Normally, everyone with NFL common sense is happy about Barton taking two blockers because he helps Jets to create a hole for another player to attack. Since Jets have struggled to pick up the advantaged holes many people fingered to Barton for not shredding 2 blockers and making a play. Many people are blinded by popular name like Vilma. Unfortunately, if Kassell is successful to pick up the hole and playing well on side to side coverage, he could be better ILB than Vilma but Vilma will never be demoted.
  20. Always has something related to fat contract.. always. but Come on. I suspect that his contract has included a lawsuit for badmouthing him.
  21. Vilma was one of the best LB last year in key actions such as preventing converison to 1st down play, tackling for negative yards, and pass deflecting. This year is very completely opposition of last year for Vilma.. Vilma made 80 tackles and almost nothing of them is key.. Barton and Vilma have hard times to control the line and beyond that. I saw Barton suffered 2 blockers in LB territory and I wondered where the hell did they come from.. Bad DL. Barton and Vilma have virtually no chance to control the line due to weak DL AND still struggle the side to side area due to new familiar. Barton appears to be better 3-4 ILB than Vilma because offense can take Vilma hand to hand and Barton requires more than one body to stop. See, the size DOES MATTER. I dont remember seeing 230 pounds ILB playing in 3-4 for any teams as starter. Lightest weight was 238 and he is Edwards or Fletcher of Chargers (I forget which one) Sperm Edwards provided the listing of LBers who have similar registered tackles and nothing of those teams are playing 3-4. I still dont understand why the fu-k Jets are satisfied with Robertson playing DL... Is it just being polite? I hope so. Thomas has played well but is still struggling on drop back coverage and read pass offense. 1D pass rusher in college because of unmatched speed and during in NFL where many players get better in physical and awareness without losing speed and Thomas never bulks himself up to match NFL he becomes a simple run stopper not run stuffer. Oh well, it is only first year in 3-4 and everyone is forgiven.
  22. I am curious how will he turn out later in the future because he has been destroyed completely by OL, which it is easy to call it a quit. I still think Brooks will get a nod against Chiefs anyhow. Keep your chin up, Walter.
  23. ha... Like who?... I dont remember Jets brought in someone straightly from the dynasty to coach Jets. Mangini is the first one.
  24. I dont want Jets fill with Ex Patriots.. I dont like the idea of Jets having Patriots help to win SB.. Jets can handle themselves without taking over by Patriots, thank you.
  25. I dont think so... No way for them to rematch for national championship.. Louisville may be undefeated and OSU in your scheme suffers first loss. Easy to drop off the top 2.. Believe me.
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