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  1. If Louisville win tonight, they are automatically in for National Championship because next 3 games are South Florida, Pittsburgh and Connecticut. It should be easy to get done as either OSU or Michigian will lose a game as the season ends. Brohm could forgo his senior year for NFL if his team won the national championship. umm.
  2. wow... that is most ridiculous notion I have ever heard.... Playing Vilma outside? He will be a laughingstock... That is why Jets have Barton inside. 3-4 OLB requires to be a big and athleticism to perform properly. 3-4 ILB requires to have good instricts, position to position run stopping and tackling skill, and Size is not mattered but the bigger, the better. Unfortunately, Hobson is not that athletic. Vilma at OLB? ha... he does not have all tools to be one. the combination of weak coverage skill and poor pass rushing is a bad news.
  3. Amazing. I dont care whether or not he is any good at politics but just amazing. Failed to be a successful millionaire sports player, yet he is in the share of politicial powers... Just amazing.
  4. Jets would be foolish if they spend big money on grade A free agents as Martin has yet to announce his retirement. I dont think Jets will go hard after Thomas or Briggs or Samuels because they will commit to big freaking contract.... Jets will continue to sign cheap fa to fill in the hole such as RB Buckhalther, WR Wilford or DT Traylor.
  5. Way to Go Cardinals!! although it is not a blowout game.. darn... BTW, Pitreno's daughter looks gorgeous...
  6. HA.. I dont give a rat about statistic. Cardinals have balance of power and speed whilst Mountaineers have only speed.. For once again, Cardinals should send Mountaineers to the mining pit.
  7. you are right... he has played last 2 games. Wow that is a quick return from thumb injury... I would love to see Louisville win 41-10 over WVA.
  8. not anymore.... Thomas is trailing by 4 votes.. Or is it a Bush thing? Thomas is past the prime so it is hard to judge on him against young appelizer. All i can say is both have contributed their teams very well.
  9. in that case, I rather Louisville kill WVA.. It would be an embarrassant if Cardinals lose the game to Mountaineers. No freaking way for Mountaineers to stay in national championship contest.. Cardinals have everything in defense and offense as Mountaineers are just relying on speed to control a game.
  10. Surely, I can blame Cowher for putting Ben in but Batch is not his everyday winning qb. Bad season is something Cowher has been accustomed to in the past.. Steelers are not exactly a dynasty like 70's as Cowher has pondered to quit as HC after this season. Ben has an ego problem. Never happen to me on motorcycle. Walk like a god's kid. Now he had hit the tiny tip of the iceberg. It is intriguing to find out whether or not he hops into the emergency boat.
  11. No Brian Brohm and Mike Bush so thus it is meaningless game although sub players have done well.. I hate qb option plays.
  12. That is what i am afraid of this kind of possiblity with Jets. New Head Coach as a new face in the town, a team gives a 100 percent effort and motivation to have a good first season. Once the new head coach becomes a familar one, the team gets comfortable and goes plummet in the following season.. I dont like that.
  13. Kolb is a good qb... He and Stanton will fight for number 2 as senior qb prospect. He has a good size and a cannon for an arm and enough mobility to get out of the pocket. This year he apparently plays almost mistake-free which could jump ahead of Stanton. Kolb could be either this year Cutler or good value for 2nd-3rd round. Dont be so surprised if Cowboys or Texans take Kolb. Stanton perhaps gone to Eagles in 2nd round because McNabb has shown the declining game mental.
  14. Good but it is too late for Stanton to restore himself from an embarrassment. I could not believe the way he handled the ND vs MSU game..
  15. He has not played a full season in NFL, it makes a sense.. It could be a weather factor. QB with weak arm like Pennington, Leinart or Warner tends to struggle under non-calm weather. It could be a fragile arm after 2 incomplete years due to shoulder surgeries. I think Ramsey should start against Patriots and Bears. Give Pennington a good rest and then see what happen from there. Please dont start Clemens this year. He can play only as a mop up duty. He wont be ready to carry some weight on his shoulder.
  16. Umm.. Jets' best excuse is Robertson is too expensive to be a minus. Jets passed on 5 DT? I am not so sure about that. Name them please. My assumption on those 5 DTs is Ngata, Watson, Stanley, Jolley and Smith. Ngata could not be ended up with Jets because he was taken between Jets' 2 first round picks.. Besides, he is better off playing 4-3 T because of pentrating ability. Watson and Jolley are either lazy and weak. Stanley went to 6th round before Jets' selection which went to TCU coleman, CB... It is bummer because he has 2 gaps skill. Smith went to our damn rivial team, NE in 6th round after Jets' selection. That one I cant understand what the hell did Jets think? Overall, Nothing of them (except Ngata) is ready to take a big time job as 3-4 NT this year.... As for FA activity in DT, Jets did invite 2 or 3 including Jackson and Williams and failed to land either one for whatever reason. Right now, Robertson and Moore have shown some improvement in handling DT job as Tui and Mosley are under training. There is no Wilfork clone last year, this year and next year draft but Jets can keep eyes on California's DT Mebane who has battled 2 and 3 men in many plays.
  17. KVO was signed with Jets to be a coaching player. He got a new contract as backup role and earned few more money if a starter. Same for Chatham and Kassell. Schlegel was a bad pick not because he is still inactive. Smith pick was a reach. It does not matter anymore because Washington and B. Smith have impressed so far.. Yes it is bummer because FAs did not any impact on defense for us this year. I dont think it would be any difference if Jets use young and inexperience players instead of fa signing players. after this season, Jets will address the DL big time. If not then Mangini is a moron.. It is as simple as that.:wink:
  18. I may agree with you but Parcells is a vet HC and Mangini is a rookie HC. I am sticking with Mangini's decision because a first year mess up is forgiven and 2 year mess up is unforgiven.... Mangini and Jets learn as they gather some experience on 3-4 defense in real life in their first year and may be ready in 2nd year rather than Jets feature 4-3 defense in first year which could be unsuccessful and then Jets have to suffer another struggle as they learn how to play 3-4 defense in 2nd year. It is all about timing as team. Whilst Jets are in growing pains they keep playing to win a game...
  19. What happen to "character"?
  20. No Ryan McBean? Good.. Hope Jets take him in day 2 to play DE. DeRosia is 6 6 325 as listed....Put school level and size aside, How different between Branch, Bryant and DeRosia? What do you think of another small school DT, Sioux Falls' Deyontae Batiste who is listed as 6 2 330.
  21. Brodie Croyle is a good qb prospect but he wont be ready until his body allows him to play.. In 3 years, he will be one of a solid qbs in NFL. Jets taking Croyle would be very very bad idea because Pennington just came back from 2 throwing shoulder surguries and Ramsey had never been consistent, which prompted Jets to draft a healthy qb for an immediate insurance in right price, as a result, Clemens or Whitehurst were better choices and Croyle was not. Right now, Pennington looks healthy and Clemens is stuck in the tar pit waiting to get an opportunity. Thankfully, it was not Leinart who cost a fortune to carry the clipboard.
  22. Just head up.... 49ers give up 119 rushing yards per game and Jets give up 142 rushing yards per game.. Browns give up 144 rushing yards per game. Jets have Vilma and Barton in top 6 in tackles whilst neither 49ers and Browns' have anyone in top 30..... Well at least, Vilma and Barton are very reliable at tackling and stopping.
  23. I am against oversea games... People are not always getting used to new culture and climate in no time... 2 weeks to get settled over there and another 2 weeks to get settled here after returning from oversea.. Because of 16 games season, it may affect teams' chance for playoff. P.S. I may be exeggrating about how long to get settled but 3 days- 5days in Europe or Orient prior to game is not enough..
  24. oh yeah.. he is not average... He is superb but being misulitized in 3-4 makes him look crappy. Lets us see how well has he been in process during the rest of his contract.
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