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  1. Thats what I have said for months about Vilma being misfit but some people said i said that because i am not a Vilma fan... Very astuting. That is why I want Patrick Willis. he is a complete linebacker who has enough to play either inside and outside.
  2. 3-4 strategy is not for statistic... Vilma without a doubt is a very good tackling machine but most of tackles are inside the box. He needs to go to outside to stop a play when olb becomes de. he struggles for most of the time. First year to learn...
  3. I was just wondering if anyone of you labeled Mike Clayton as a bust last year.
  4. I believe that Crennel wanted 3-4 defense so Browns dumped all expensive DL that could not be able to play 3-4 as Browns retooled. Browns' GM is Savage I think.... He is a good GM.. hard to believe that this OC who was among the HC candidates for few teams last year..
  5. Jets have 2nd easiest schedule behind Bears. Oh well, at least Jets are in good hands to practice Mangini's new strategy. Just keep winning, baby.
  6. Not Yet. Adams, Clemens, Schlegel and Smith are insufficient so far but they are not done. If Schlegel still cant play well then quit as a player and become a pro coach.
  7. I believe i saw Schlegel play the game earlier this season. No impact from him although. Jets' rookie of the year will be Nick Mangold.
  8. he timed sub 4.4 in forty. Too fast for the size of Davis.
  9. Jets' OL is getting better every game. Still unproven against elite rush defense...
  10. No wonder Bill Parcells is so genius. Drafted Ware over Merriman. One down(Merriman) and two(Matt Jones and Vernon Davis) to go for the freak club.
  11. Nice 1st quarter performance.... Welcome back Pennington. 4th rounders rock!!!!! Now Jets need a speedy cb to match up a speedy wr.
  12. http://newyorkjets.com/fan_zone/photos/ All pictures of flag girls in. No cheerleader. damn.. I only saw one blonde cheerleader in full dress on the tv
  13. What would be your comment on Calvin Johnson if he decided to get higher education rather than gone to pro? Bill Cosby down, Tiki Barber is going up? I dont know but I truly admire of his decision. He is setting a fine example of not entirely depending on pro for a living... What happen to most people when they are done with pro in their prime? Helping people get good education is more power than just donating $$$ to funds for education.. Barber has my vote.
  14. I know... I am only one in Jets world who wants to get rid of Vilma... Anyway, Kimo and Hobson are not explosive players but can be doing all right as a team player.. I think Jets will keep Hobson because he is getting comfortable with 3-4 defense. Jets would be stupid to let go of Hobson and Thomas unless big bucks are in the request. Robertson needs to go first and then the rest of the defense corp is up to a music.
  15. Aye! Me know Jets will win today.
  16. dont be silly. He does not need to overhaul a whole front 7. He needs to get rid of Vilma, Ellis and Robertson in order to improve the 3-4. Believe or not, Jets have NTs on the roster.. Since Jets are far from a complete team, Jets are going through a growing pain season to learn 3-4.
  17. Good game really.. Nebraska should use all timeouts during defense to save some seconds for a final offensive drive.. Callahan really thought Texas will miss another FG as he let the clock run down... Unbelievable!!! Jay Moore was impressive... I checked his size on the team roster and it is 6 4 280... 280???? He looks alot smaller than Ellis who has weight of 285. Anyway, if his speed holds under 4.7 then he should be Jets' OLB next year. As for Carriker, he definitely is better than Mario Williams. He can do what Peppers has done; Pentrating interior, drop back coverage, pass rusher, side to side runner and line controller. Because his speed is slower than Peppers, he should make a transition to 3-4 end perfectly. Where is Okam? Hurt or not, Lewis owned this game.
  18. http://www.draftshowcase.com/07SmallSchool.htm look at number 35 and 60 in the instant page and click on junior to find one DT. That Batiste, nbr 60, is perfect ideal for 3-4 NT. Jets could get one of them in day 2 or after draft.
  19. Sorry, I forget to mention Red Bryant... He is a junior from Texas AtM. his physique is 6 5 325.. He may be a solid mid round pick if declared.
  20. 34 career sacks in college surely did fool Jets big time. I liked Charles Grant but he always hurts... I rechecked the 2002 draft and I found none of all selection below Jets' 22nd overall selection in the first round would fit in with Jets nicely... There were respectable DEs in 2nd round such as Lions' Edwards and Ravens' Weaver.. Oh well..
  21. I never lobby for Pouha playing at nose. I believe Mangini wants to have backup players to be versatible only. Pouha is not a starting caliber. He may lose some fat and then gain some muscle with proper condition because of low stamina problem for him. Just keep eyes open for next year. Anyone can be surprised.
  22. Forget Farrior... Jets defense was not bad during Edwards anyway. One thing that bothers me most is why the fu-k did Jets drafted Thomas in first round? No way for Thomas to win the DE job against Ellis and Abe.. That is ridiculous. Moving Ellis to DT? Neither Abe nor Thomas was heavy enough to play LE... That is ridiculous.
  23. After losing weight, Pouha was tried out at End as well Tackle during preseason. You know rotation stuff. Mosely enters this year as 2nd year pro.. he may not be ready right away to play nose because it is new to him.. It would be nice to see Jets find a DT solution right away but there is no one will fix this problem this year. Remember Chargers' Brown. He was a supplemental pick by Chargers and that time he was just 6 3 300. In his 3rd or 4th year, his weight was well over 320 and has played well at nose for Phillips' 3-4 defense. Mosely is already at slightly under 320 as 2nd year pro. Mosely is very athletic. Since there are no suddenly impact nose available this year and next year, Tui, Moore and Mosely are given some time to develop into a solid nose. I believe that Robertson cant gain some more weight due to his bad knee so thus he is out of option for 3-4 nose project.
  24. I want Sutton out and hire 49ers' Singleton or Wolveriners' English as DC. I dont believe in bringing in/keeping a friendship for job although it is easier to communicate with someone you know that well. Ah... Tannenbaum is not a football genius but a business geek. I dont like him but since I know nothing about GM's availability I stuck with him. Hope Jets turn around.
  25. I would be shocking if he did resign as Dolphins head coach but I dont think he will resign. by the way, I think Miami is the worst city in America. Crime, firearms, drugs, gangs, bad school attitude and more. It is difficult to keep players away from bad enivornmental hostiles.
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