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  1. It is a good news but he better not stops learning and performing well.
  2. I dont think they dwelled on drob at all.. Pouha? perhaps until he lost all pounds to be a lean DE.
  3. Well, Ngata did holdout with Ravens. Perhaps Jets avoided him because of signability issue... He was 12th overall pick so imagine that if he was selected at 4th overall selection by Jets... Too much to invest in untest DT for 3-4 nose.
  4. Actual draft- Schlegel and Smith in 3rd round... Washington and Smith in 4th round. It should have happened- Norwood and B.Smith in 3rd round... Anderson and Dobbins in 4th round.
  5. yea... I could not believe that Jets passed on Anderson. He has a right size with good footworks... He is a damn smart. I watched him drilled in front of Singleton, 49ers coach. I was impressed with him.. I dont know what the hell was going in Mangini's head.
  6. why franchise Turner when he becomes a RFA. Chargers can afford to match any offerings that below of 2nd round value as well as Chargers can get a decent draft pick or a player in return if they dont match the offer. It is a win win situation. Franchising Turner may cause more difficult.
  7. That is why I said that it should be imminent in a week prior to the NFL Draft so each team will know what the Draft would be standed. Fason is at his 2nd year in nfl... It is normal for new HC to go get a "vet" rb.. Taylor is Vikings' biggest deal after they were idiotic enough to trade away Baskett for crappy Mullien and Mosely and 7th rounder for serviceable qb Bollinger.. I still think Fason is a good rb for 5 years. McAllister... Umm. NO can afford to dump him for defense star and either sign Wells for cheap or draft big Bush after first round. Of course, it is unlikely but it is possible. Turner a Saints? Turner may be ended up like Jordan or better.. I am not going to fork over 2nd rounder for him.. If Turner stays put with Chargers for next year then Jets can try him again in 2008 without losing any draft pick. Brown and Buckhalther are not star but they could be ended up a cheap sign as Washington continues improving. Why must pay expensive rb if Jets think Washington is good enough to carry 20 or more times per game. Irons may be light but is very durable. I believe he has the almost same size as Martin but runs faster. If Mangini has program that developed Maroney. Maroney was tall and thin with chicken legs. Now he is at 210-220 lbs without losing any speed. Peterson could be ours if Jets trade up. I would go for it if Jets were set in top 15. I dont care what package it is.
  8. He is inactive but what is your hurry to see his action this year. He is young and in developing process..
  9. If Martin officially quits then there are few possibilities if Washington is not a full time starter. draft RB- Peterson, Lynch or Irons. trade for- Fason, Turner or McAllister. sign as FA- Brown or Buckwalther. I rather to see this happen in a week prior to the draft weekend not way before or after.
  10. There are a few sizable DTs in div 2 but I am not sure if those DTs are able to do 2 gaps job. Pouha lost a lot of weight and would be a qualified DE not DT this year. He can gain some muscles to get weight back for next year. Tui and Moore will do in long term but not this year as Jets are learning 3-4 defense. Mosley is on the way to become a legitimate 3-4 nose. He is young and has plenty room to gain 10 pounds on him. You should not make an attempt on lazy DT for 3-4 nose, hence passing on Watson. I dont see Jets compel to find a NT right away unless Branch falls onto Jets' selection.
  11. http://www.newsday.com/sports/printedition/ny-spjets194939216oct19,0,3766797.story?coll=ny-sports-print I dont know if this site is part of your reading routine.. According to this article, Vilma is not only one that is discomfort with 3-4, Barton is... Wow. I guess the line controlling is not their bag. Give them a full season to get used to playing 3-4 inside. If no good then Ole Miss ILB Patrick Willis will be heard his name calling by Jets.
  12. I believe Ike Taylor had new contract done before this season began. I like to pry Holliday away from Dolphins to play 3-4 end for Jets. buckwalther is a good and cheap pick up. Power and speed but hurt every other years.
  13. Yes, Thomas should be re signed with Jets. He may be not best one but serviceable one. I dont think Jets can afford to sign Ravens' Thomas or Bears' Briggs..
  14. McCareins should help Chiefs big time. Using him for inside situation.. I dont mind trading McCareins away since he is clearly not needed. Anyhow, I dont think Jets will make any trade today.
  15. Hard to believe.... Fassel has faltered as Payton is on roll since the situation with Giants.. Just wonder who will replace him for 2007.. Panthers' McCoy?
  16. I cant agrue with it especially on season holder situation. I subsricbe Directtv Sunday NFL Ticket so it does not bother to me unless Jets play hot. Once Jets become a legit contender I will stop subscribing the ticket. Wish season holders a luck.
  17. Schlegel was inactive for few games... Pointless on picking on him. I wish Jets took Tim Dobbins from Iowa instead of Schlegel who is .20 slower which is violate the 3-4 rule... Unbelievable. Mangini was DB coach for Patriots in few years before become DC and he had hard time to develop young dbs for better... Patriots always brought in vet for db help. Go figure.
  18. Mangini gives up on 3-4 that easy? I hope so.
  19. First off, I would like to make few corrections on my original thread. Jaguars- I said Williams... I meant Drew from UCLA. Bears- I said Diggs... I meant Briggs. Cowboys- remove Meriweather off the first round.. Woodley or last minute climbing S or WR... Secondly, Pitco-k does not blow. Robertson is nowhere near Pitco-k... Robertson is only pentrating interior... Pitco-k is everything... One thing knock is that he is not kind of lean DL like Carriker. Thirdly, Vilma may be gone if Mangini does not think he fits in right and Vilma demands for a new contract... Thats all. It is nonsense to compel to keep him if he struggles in 3-4 for big bucks. If I were a GM, I would not dump Vilma unless I got a legit MLB with leadership ability or Schlegel impresses enough to be every week starter at MLB.... I love Barton but he is a warrior not leader. Footballsfuture mock has Peterson gone to Texans... WOW.. Dump Bush for Peterson... That would be a true miracle if it happened.
  20. another new jets site? Is there any more new jets site for us? heh. The report card is well written.
  21. ah thanks... it looks like the site is relatively new, umm...
  22. Nah... Just curious. As you know, there are always elitists on different forums. Mix of good and weak insight/perspective in each forum... Ying and Yang exists so are good informer and an ass. For example, one message in a forum claimed that Rams should get Quinn because Bulger has no arm strength. What is that? One good example, one forum said that 3-4 nose should not be bigger than 6 3 and 330 because too tall to control the line with good balance and too big to be agility. It is a good one but it is all depend on performance to be merited as end or nose in 3-4 scheme. I like this jetnation better because no one axes me for writing passage in poor english although there is virtually none of JN posters know college prospects very well.. I am in hunt for a forum with college prospects insight/perspective. NJO, in my opinion, is the worst forum... Footballsfuture forum is not bad. If you know any other forum that covers college prospects very well, let me know. thanks.
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