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  1. Only Peyton Manning and Tom Brady will solve Jets' qb problem. Still, Pennington is a solid qb for Jets.
  2. Jets wont go for it. Giles is too many and too slow to meet Mangini's preferance of OL. McCareins or Blaylock is not that worth exchanging for a player.
  3. I did not watch the game last saturday but someone told me that Michigan DT Branch did the Vilma tackle on PSU QB Moretti and Moretti left the game with unconsionus. Branch did not get a damn penalty for roughing on passer. Do you confirm it?
  4. I dont think it was a last minute change after all unless Schottenheimer is a piece of garbage after many people claimed he was a strict. Schottenheimer needs to be careful with it because a spoiled brat like Coles may never stop picking on Schottenheimer throughout the season or beyond that.
  5. I have no idea.... Medical announcment said Houston would be out for 4-5 weeks but he was on field last week. So it is a safe guess that he will be back after bye week.
  6. Nope... Do not overuse Washington just yet. Mangini has plans on play selections for speedy washington and power push barlow. When Houston is back I expect Barlow to be less role.
  7. Washington looks good so far. Washington and Houston may solve the rb situation for next year and beyond that.. I like Houston to carry the load with Washington spelling in for change of pace or speedy attack. I will say Houston probably carries at least 22 times and Washington does at least 15 carries per game.... 37 rushes per game if Jets control the game well. Good numbers.
  8. If Jets end the season with at least 10 wins then Jets have a good chance to get a lean DT to play 3-4 end for Jets. If Jets finish the season as bottom 10 then Jets will need to sign a couple DL via free agency so Jets can pick the best available one on the board instead of being forced to select to fill in the void. Pitco-k, Okam and Carriker may be better options for any selection AFTER top 10. Dont forget that Jets are high on 2006 7th round DL who is currently in practice squad. Titus will be a solid 3-4 end when he is ready to play. As for DT, Mosley could be a legit 3-4 nose within 2 years as Moore and Atf-j keep the position warm for 2 years unless Moore or Atf-j impresses Mangini. We, Jet fans, should be patient with NT situation because Jets wont be ready to play 3-4 fully before 3rd year experience in 3-4. Vilma and Mosley may gain some weights as they learn how to play 3-4 in first 2 years.
  9. Mangini had guts to let pass defense sit back in 4th quarter to allow 2 touchdowns and almost a field goal in exchange of burning 13 minutes. It seems work although I disapprove it. The reason I disapprove it is Jets dont have a legit Rb to control the clock in 4th quarter... By a legit rb, I mean that RB can beat a rush defense on predictable plays.. Dolphins almost made it to overtime, thanked to errantic Harrington.. I may accept it because I most certainly dont think he will do it against Patriots. Now I am more curious about Jets playing passively against Lions' Kitna who has a knack for big plays in last minute next week. With weak schedule teams upcoming, Jets can afford to get team deeper in a game in order to challenge themselves against fragile and critical situations as Jets learn to read and play all plays better for future.
  10. Simple.... As long as Pennington is still active Clemens is not the qb of the future for Jets. Clemens is more likely an insurance of the future at qb. Once Pennington is down with another arm injury Clemens will be seen some action this year when Jets are officially out of playoff picture.. That is why Jets do not touch Clemens that much this year and Mangini plays it safe with Clemens being inactive for several games so far..
  11. yeah.. just throw it out of my mind. It is better than having some exercise in the bathroom(pun intended). BTW, I am still waiting for a damn ride... enjoy your weekend. :peace:
  12. I was just doing it to kill few hours before a long weekend activates. Since there is too darn early to know where each team will end up in the draft order, I use team record to determine the order. Tie breaking by sequence of high loss, lowest PF, and Highest PA. 1. Titans pick Calvin Johnson, WR from GTech. They already have Young and White as qb and rb of the future. Johnson is only one that makes sense as well as he is my top wr. 2. Lions pick Brady Quinn, QB from ND. A lack of productively QB has put Lions on endangering of extinction list. Quinn is the top call signaling qb that plays pro style offense under Weiss... He is no Harrington for sure. 3. Raiders pick Ted Ginn Jr., WR from OSU. They already have good rbs in Jordan and Fargas. Davis loves to go after fastest man on the board for first round. 4. Buccaneers pick Joe Thomas, OT from Wisconsin. Gruden seemingly has faith in Simm's return and Gradowski's ability to control the offense so they get best available OL to protect the qbs. 5. Dolphins pick Alan Branch, DT from Michigan. I know Dolphins need everything but Branch's skills are overwhelming for his size. 6. Browns pick Adrian Peterson, RB from Oklahoma. It is probably Browns' best pick since before Butch Davis' era. He has everything that takes pressure off from Frye and young receiving corp. 7. Packers pick Marshawn Lynch, RB from California. He is a natural west coast offense RB that Packers are looking for to replace the aging Green. 8. Cardinals pick Quentin Moses, DE/LB from Georgia. I am not sure what Cardinals want but I think they want to upgrade the lb corp and a depth of DE. Once I thought of how Eagles prepared on L. Coles, I instantly feel that Moses is the right choice, draft order and talent value-wise. Adams may be a good alternative but in my opinion, he is better off playing 4-3 RE. 9. Steelers pick LaRon Landry, S from LSU. Landry and Palomoalu may be the best S tandem in PA, if not NFL, since Eagles' Dawkins and Taylor. 10. Texans pick Sam Baker, OT from USC. Texans never have the best OT since the franchise was founded. Baker may be the first one and Texans do not have GM who chose Williams over Bush in present... 11. Bills Paul Posluszny, LB from PSU. It is difficult for Bills to wait for Takeo Spikes to return. I think it is a good idea to take Posluszny for insurance as MLB... Although he plays OLB for PSU, I think he is a good fit for MLB based on his awarness, leadership and ability. Posluszny can play OLB if Spikes is ready to play. If not, no problem they have Posluszny... 12. Jets pick Quinn Pitco-k, DT from OSU. I may be tempting to take DE/OLB tweener Adams but I get feeling that Adams is the next John Abrahram such as "Sack or Nothing" attitude. Pitco-k is the safest pick. No, he wont be our DT in 3-4... He will possess all necessarily skills to play run and pass defense at either end. 13. Redskins pick Gianes Adams, DE/LB from Clemson. Best available defensive player and Redskins' most pressed need are conjunctured as Adams will upgrade greatly to either LB or RE for DC Williams the aggressor. 14. 49ers pick Frank Okam, DT from Texas. Indeed, the sing may tune into my ear, "DB Now" but 49ers need to fix DL firstly before gathering some good and cheap DB in the midst of the draft. 15. Chiefs pick Leon Hall, CB from Michigan. One day, Edwards may accidentially call him Ty. Any DT may a good call here though. 16. Giants pick Joe Staley, OT from UCM. The theme on OL needs to be exiguished. "They are great when healthy". Staley is the fastest OT(4.7). His passion is a football coach. He should ease on Coughlin's heart. If Coughlin wants a mountain OT then Blalock, Brown or Sears may be a solid pick. 17. Cowboys pick Brandon Meriweather, DB from Miami, Fla. He should solve the safety problem that has pessisted Cowboys for few years. He can play CB if Henry is hurt again as the history proves it. 18. Panthers pick Patrick Willis, MLB from Ole Miss. I like OLB Everett better but MLB is the most important aspect of Fox's 4-3 and Morgan has heavy history of concussion. Draft is not the answer. Willis is strong and fast enough to blitz when Peppers asborbs 2 or 3 linemen to create the hole for LB blitz.. Everett is a solid pick and Fox wont miss Witherspoon. 19. Vikings pick Earl Everett, OLB from Florida. He is fast enough to play cover 2 scheme. He is very underrated olb who never registers with 100 tackles in 3 years prior to this year. Everett is the member of best defense that helps FLA contest for BCS' national championship candidate. 20. Jaguars pick Joe Blalock, OT from Texas. He can play Guard as well. They have two smallish but powerful legs rbs in Pearson and Williams who may gain big yards in no time during being cloaked by the massive OL Blalock. Brown or Sears may be a very good alternative. 21. Broncos pick Victor Abiamiri, DE from ND. Very good value pick for Broncos. Abiamiri is a good investment for Broncos' future as their old vet DE will be gone anytime. 22. Falcons pick Mike Griffin, S from Texas. Last time I heard Falcons screamed aloud for S help. Longhorns have played against enough number of elite teams. Mora may be happy not lecturing Griffin about how important is the Safety's role in Mora' playbook especially with their inconsisent offense. 23. Patriots (via Seahawks) pick LaMarr Woodley, DE/OLB from Michigan. Although I dont think they will pick Woodley, Woodley is the last player that can play either DE/OLB in the first round talent pool.. Patriots always have LB issue so Woodley may be a better plan for Bellicheck. 24. Bengals pick Rufus Alexander, LB from Oklahoma. It may be a reach but Bengals need to bolster LB corp badly. 25. Chargers pick Sidney Rice, WR from South Carolina. Rice is raw but all round wr. Chargers need extra hands for Rivers. 26. Ravens pick Marcus McCauley, Cb from Frenso State. I know I know I know.. He is probably the fastest CB on the board but he is extremely raw and has David Barrett's man to man coverage which is very bad. Ravens are loaded and almost dont need anyone to fill in immediately. McCauley is a good development prospect that will be groomed by McAllister and Mason. McAllister and Mason are currently committing to big contracts so you know what MAY happen to either or both of them afterwards. 27. Patriots pick Fred Bennett, CB from South Carolina. He has a good size and speed combo to be a shutdown cb. With good coaching, Bennett will be all pro cb for Patriots. 28. Rams pick Levi Brown, OT from PSU. The mountain Brown can protect the investment of RB Jackson as well as he can do the oft injured qb Bulger. DT Thomas could be a good pick also. 29. Saints pick Adam Carriker, DE from Nebraska. 6 6 295 sack artist who works hard to get job done right. He will be Saints' excellent DE since Howard. 30. Eagles pick Dan Bazuin, DE from UCM. The 1st round darkhorse to my eyes. Kearse and Howard tend to miss several games and Coles is too light to play LE so that prompts Bazuin to be Eagles' first sub to play LE in replace of Howard. Imagine that when the time is right, their front 4 will be Bazuin, Patterson, Bunkley and Coles... Ouch! 31. Colts pick Buster Davis, ILB from Florida State. Dungy likes smallish and quick defensive playmakers.. Enough said. 32. Bears pick Aaron Sears, OT from Tennessee. Frankly, I cant think of LB who can fill in the hole that Digg possibly leaves for Free Agency. Sears could be a good pick right here.. Big and strong OT to replace Miller, possibly?.. TE Miller is also a solid pick. ===================================================================== Jets will have 2 2nd round picks and no 4th round pick so I think RB Kenny Irons and DE/OLB Tony Spencer will be great additions in 2nd round. Kenny Irons, RB from Auburn.. He is similar to Patriots' Laurence Maroney. Hard run, fighting for yards, posessing good outside speed.. He is 5 10 200 that runs 4.5 as of right now (estimated).. Once he performs well at the NFL combine he will be taken in first round for sure. So in that case, I suggest Jets to trade Vilma, cheapest dead money in cap if dumped, to get back in first round for Kenny Irons... Trust me Jets can play well without Vilma. Tony Spencer, DE from Purdue, reportedly runs 4.6 in forty and his physical attritutions are 6 3 in height and 263 in weight. That prototype's size for 3-4 LB. It is probably a good idea to use 2 2nd round picks to trade up to get ahead of teams that feature 3-4 in order to get Spencer. Trading Robertson for 4th round pick when a most touted player by Jets is available at the very moment. Jets may find a true DT in Mosley so they wont pay any attention on weak DT pool this year... Mosley is 6 2 317 which is not bad considering he is young. Mosley just needs to gain 10 pounds by next year.
  13. That is why i am not crazy about any players that are taken in first round. Overhyped, political crap, big money, thinking first round is a first step of reaching on Heaven, and something i fail to recognize. Jets need to stay away top 12 annually to get humbly talented players.
  14. Power of 4th round club in Jets is presented by Cotchery, Rhodes, Smith and Washington, the 4th round alumnis. I like that.
  15. Ellis is just average as LE. He may be better off playing at RE in 4-3..
  16. I am very happy that Moses included Ellis but I am not happy about no Vilma in that article.. Suggs and Vilma comparison is the apples and oranges. Suggs plays DL in 4-3 and olb in 3-4. Vilma is still MLb in both schemes.. Football is footabll is the best suggestion for high school football and partially college football but not for NFL which money is included. Sad but true..
  17. Interesting to know that someone claimed that Calvin Johnson had chosen the collegiate degree over everything.. If so, Adrian Peterson probably walks all the way to be 2007 nfl draft pick. As for Jets, I would love to see Jets take Peterson in first round and WR Higgins in 2nd round.. Higgins is similar to Steve Smith. Small but soft hands with home run speed. If Jets must take a defensive player in the first then take DT Branch and force him to lose 20+ weights to be full time 3-4 end. Next pick should go to Nebraska DE Carriker.
  18. Raiders wont go after any qb for sure.... Andrew Walter is their qb of the future.
  19. Unless, Dolphins or Lions ended up as a top pick, I dont think Quinn Brady will be the 2007 draft number one pick. I think WR Johnson, RB Peterson and possibly DT Branch will fight head to head for 2007 top draft pick.. Be noted, all of them are underclassmen. Your opinion?
  20. Mangini seems to be favorism.. Poteat was with Patriots twice. I guess Mangini thinks Coleman is better than Strait.. Wont be surprised to see Strait sign with Chiefs.(correction: Strait signs with Bucs). I think you cant demote a player off the active roster to practice squad without placing the player on waiver first..
  21. Go for it... I dont know whether or not Siavaii is still available. I like to get both if possible.
  22. Because Jets have invested too much money in Robertson, Ellis, Vilma, Pennington, Coles, and Martin, Jets simply could not afford to get 2 decent lbs and 1 dt for big buck. Jets basically did the hell of job to get veteran bodies to fill in many holes without breaking the bank. Chargers were able to switch from 4-3 to 3-4 in a season and ended up one of best defense in NFL because they did not have many overpaid 4-3 bums that moment. If Jets organization think Jets will be still one of better defense if they switch the base to 3-4 in the following season then it is a huge mistake. Hence hiring Mangini is stupid. If Jets organization just want Mangini run the team no matter what then we should be more patient because hiring Mangini wont guide Jets to SB IMMEDIATELY. Give Jets some time to transform into a contending team we have been waiting for a million days. I am sure that Jets will upgrade some weakest positions after this season. Keep all players who are improving during the season. 2008 is the year we should begin to be nitpick sob for any effing up made by Jets.. Not this year nor 2007.
  23. Amazing, Kassel was named to be a starter yesterday over Barton for defense package differential.
  24. It is the "Halloween" month... So, what is the inside of demon?
  25. Well, Bledsoe sucks. He cant throw properly... Owens needs to know what route that fits Bledsoe better... Owens should not run on his own and shout,"I m freaking open".. Personally, I never want any wr who claims that he is open at that play on the team...
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