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  1. Damnit 128, don't you have your own thread for this sh... Oh wait...disregard...
  2. Yeah SI had the poll about which fansite was best, and JI accused JN of cheating using macros or whatever you'd use to cheat on an online poll. Akhilesh was essentially the man responsible for that programming
  3. Los Yets and Akhilesh Babaganoush were classics too
  4. Robocop was though... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5yc9FXJT8HE
  5. Does this mean "lynch all liars" could be perceived as a lie? Should you then lynch the next person who suggests "lynch all liars" due to lynch all liars?
  6. Well that's ok, haven't you heard about Thor's idea for a game that's gonna make him millions? It involves a mat where you Jump to Conclusions!
  7. Well to be fair to him I was scum. Its just that he's so smart that he even outsmarted the mod in that game
  8. Geez you guys seriously aren't gonna waste a minute of the offseason huh? Gato - Don't PM me. I don't know ****, plus you'd probably only get 1 response from me for every 25 or so that you post
  9. Right next to "quality wins". Would this count as one for the Bills if they held on?
  10. I thought if you signed someone off another practice squad they couldn't be added to your own practice squad that season? More curious about the rule in general than about Washington.
  11. Vic you gotta upgrade to version 2.1.0, "grittyness" has now been replaced with "welkeritude"
  12. ... Glad you're back in the football forum btw
  13. I am 100% I've seen Tx post those exact words in response to Jet fans within the past 7-10 years. My how the times have changed...
  14. Most f***ed up concept for a movie since Teeth
  15. Pick up line that worked much better for Brett in GB?
  16. rajensen or something like that if i remember correctly
  17. Great pic, however I think they really should've used Bart Scott instead of Edwards. Just sayin' Still good stuff though
  18. So awesome that you're back. By far THE BEST power rankings on the internet. I dare anyone to find anything that could even compare to these.
  19. Must've been the shake weight!
  20. Good question, unfortunately I don't have the answer to that. Fortunately what I can say is that when that number is at 75% Revis is better than most starting cornerbacks in the NFL
  21. I'm pretty sure Tannenbaum acknowledged on several occasions that they'd approached Revis after the AFCCG about redoing his contract. For the record, I support Rex Ryan
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