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  1. Cyberjet

    Bell interview

    Don’t know anything personally about this guy but he seems earnest. A friend who is a big Steelers fan feels he will be at where he left off and effort will not be the issue. The best thing he said was how Darnold can help him. Interesting guy.
  2. Cyberjet

    Jets sign Hewitt

    Excellent singer on Hewitt-Lewis and the News
  3. Finally some sense. But I think you’re in the wrong thread. This one was reserved for the inpatients at Bellevue
  4. Cyberjet

    Caption this photo

    "Massage parlor not tattoo parlor, Aaron"
  5. Cyberjet

    Why did bill leave the jets

    The Jets knew that Kraft was hot for BB. Parcells resigned as head coach and according to contract automatically made BB the HC of the NY Jets. BB knew Kraft wanted him and like others said did not want to be under Parcells shadow anymore and wanted the Patriots job so he quit. Transitioning ownership did not help.
  6. This was simply about who was going to be Darnold’s mentor. Jets knew that Gase was a given. I bet McCarthy was having Macadoodledo come with him and the Jets were having none of it.
  7. Cyberjet

    BREAKING: Jets going to hire Gase

  8. Cyberjet

    Defensive Coordinator

    The only reason he was fired was because he made fun of Obama's immigration plan
  9. Cyberjet

    Defensive Coordinator

    great video. Do you know who / where that is?
  10. Cyberjet

    If the Gase hire is so great...

    that's saying a lot
  11. Cyberjet

    Chris Johnson and Mac = Morons

    oh good another thread why Gase sucks
  12. Cyberjet

    If the Gase hire is so great...

    You asked why won't it happen here.
  13. Cyberjet

    Cimini shreda gase hire

    Hardly a shred. Well balanced actually
  14. Cyberjet

    If the Gase hire is so great...

    Sam Darnold
  15. Cyberjet

    BREAKING: Jets going to hire Gase

    “He (Gase) is very, very bright,” Martz, the former Rams head coach, told The Post last week. “He has terrific leadership. I think he’s mature beyond his years. I think he has a very engaging personality. I give him high marks in everything" Who is this guy Martz? What a dink.

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