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  1. Jets Sign WR Greg Dortch To Practice Squad 5 By MacGregor Wells Sep 2, 2019, 7:07pm EDT Share this story Share this on Facebook (opens in new window) Share this on Twitter (opens in new window) SHAREAll sharing options Photo by Al Pereira/Getty Images The New York Jets have signed wide receiver/returner Greg Dortch to the practice squad. The 5’ 9”, 170 pound Dortch, an undrafted free agent out of Wake Forest University, became something of a fan favorite this summer as he exhibited some burst and wiggle returning punts. The Jets cut Dortch yesterday after they claimed Braxton Berrios, a very similar player who is expected to take on Dortch’s punt returner/backup slot receiver role, off of waivers. The addition of Dortch leaves just one slot open on the practice squad. As of now the Jets practice squad consists of the following players: Josh Adams (RB) Calvin Anderson (OL) Ben Braden (OL) Kyron Brown (CB) Ian Bunting (TE) Greg Dortch (WR/PR) Luke Falk (QB) Valentine Holmes (RB)* Jamey Mosley (LB) Jeff Smith (WR)
  2. Quite possibly the Jets wouldn’t have been able to get Douglas before the draft.
  3. Me too. I’m not sure what the cut off is. Is it anyone who was drafted with a signed contract is it greater than 2 years. I don’t know what qualifies all I know is that McCoy has been around
  4. Use of Anabolic steroids associated with pulmonary emboli. Didn’t Serena Williams get a pulmonary embolism?
  5. I’m not sure I like the shiny green helmets anymore- they reflect the lights and make it look like the helmets have dots.
  6. I assume it’s because of the Browns coaches response. The coach said he’s not mentally ready and has not accepted the fact he was traded. Gase made no such accusations or inferences.
  7. The Jets wouldn’t. The media thrives on these blogs where hysteria rules
  8. It didn’t happen in January and they didn’t roast the Jets for not doing it. In fact they had good things to say about the Jets during this time. It’s real asimple, Johnson saw enough of Bowles - gone. Kept MM and recruited Gase. Saw deficiencies in MM in present environment. Gase much more dynamic and demanding than Bowles. MM not the right personality for the Jets new direction. Scream about Gase if u want but stop the ‘it should have been done in January ‘ These reporters are babies and frauds. Could care less what they think. This is a good time to change so as to get everyone on the same page and direction for the upcoming year.
  9. You have two choices. Both include the fact that he didn’t fire MM months ago and allowed him to run free agency and the draft. That’s a given. the 2 choices are: 1. Fire him now and let the new team work together for a whole year. 2. Fire him down the road. it would seem choice 1 should make it a little bit better.
  10. Exactly. You can disagree with him but he acted when he felt he had to act. I have no problem with the timing. Even if he made the decision to fire him just before the draft (which he didn’t) you don’t do that because it would be total chaos. Firing him now allows the coach and new GM work together for a whole year before the next draft. For the record on the surface I liKed MM

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