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  1. Can you imagine if Fant doesn’t want to give up his #76?!
  2. If you told me this was Zach Wilson’s brother I wouldn’t blink. and I’m convinced the film Mike L is giving Zach to take home are ‘Leave It to Beaver’ reruns
  3. It’s quite shocking the amount of $$ put into that stadium and how poorly designed and aesthetically displeasing it is. It’s like they never looked at the other stadiums and said ‘holy sh*t’ that’s what we want. They tried to be different but settled on the mundane
  4. Agree. JD will never negotiate from a position of weakness. Plan A: sign Maye to a Jet friendly contract. Plan B: they got people behind Maye that will succeed so they franchise or trade him next year. Franchise him if they feel that Davis or whoever is not ready.
  5. Hilarious. I’m watching the video thinking the same thing only to finish the video and find your comment right below it. Lol
  6. I have to respectfully disagree. The Jets made a decision to part ways with Donald. We can speculate why all we want but the bottom line is they parted ways. One reason was Wilson. End of story. He will be the starter day one and he and the coaches will let him grow into the scheme. This is not Vinnie Testaverde in Tampa Bay. This is a very good coaching staff. This is different. The Jets don’t have an Alex Smith. It will be a mistake to bring in a veteran that will become ‘his’ team. This is Wilson’s team ‘til proven otherwise.
  7. Wilson starts. This whole draft was designed for them to grow together. No matter how bumpy a ride. No way they throw in a veteran to start - that could throw a wrench into the system and effect his development and chemistry with the players. This is Wilson’s team.
  8. More than anything is the support and system that will be in place for Wilson. In my opinion Wilson has all the tools and is set up for success with this system. If Wilson doesn’t succeed it’s on him.
  9. Or possibly trading down from #226 to #207 ensured JD that he would get one of his players in the last groupings. 226 might have been a perceived risk of missing out.
  10. Yes - that’s why day3 makes sense. They drafted based on the coaching philosophy. That defense is going to be flying around and will have multiple packages. Should be interesting
  11. Agree 100%. Good fusion with coaching staff.
  12. I get the sense that the coaches and GM were locked in on the same page
  13. I think they targeted specific talent to fit the system. This is going to be a multi packaged defense fast hard hitting to meet many needs. Personally I’m sick and tired of 3rd and five and they get 6. This is no longer one guy does it all all the time. plus all these guys will be special teamers. the kicker is in the UDFA
  14. Another point though relatively minor AVT has proven he can play DT
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