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  1. Thanks - great eval. Probably true of Archie Manning also. If Brady played with Testaverdes TB players and coaches - wouldn’t be good. Mac Jones is in a good place and will reach his potential I really feel Zach Wilson is also in a good place just not ready as the Patriot system. After next year we will know
  2. It all comes down to system and coaching. Look at Vinny Testaverde - was a joke of the league until he met Bellicheck and Parcels. Imagine if he started with them
  3. I think the Pats do have a home run. The guy is smart, learning the system and goes through his progressions on the field. Wilson articulates the defenses and is bright but now needs to translate it to the field. If he can it’s gold.
  4. Jones is Chad Pennington II with a better arm. Perfect for the Patriots. Doesn’t have much more of a ceiling but will become more skillful in that system.
  5. The Jets knew Darnold’s ceiling. They felt and gambled that Wilson will have a higher ceiling. If Zach Wilson fails in 2-3 years it’s on him - the Jets have the right coaching staff and vision just haven’t finished putting all the pieces in place. Look at Mac Jones - doing well in an established stable system. He would be destroyed with the Jets
  6. My fear with Wilson is that he knows it all in his head but it doesn’t translate to the action reaction on the field. Time will tell
  7. I don’t want to mimimize what you are saying but his contribution was mimiscule. If I’m not mimstaken he had no catches. It’s an omimous sign of things to come.
  8. That’s funny my inspiration came from Mimstrel in the Gallery by J Tull
  9. Either way it was a mimstake keeping him off the field.
  10. I don’t think we should Mimimize his impact
  11. The last interception was inexcusable. He can’t expect at this level to throw up contended balls in your own territory. The 3rd was a poor underthrown pass. The 1st one was impressive in that he attempted to throw back shoulder seeing the coverage in front of the receiver just off leading to tip. The 2nd one was on the receiver
  12. The silver lining is to look at Peyton Manning. He was a hot mess his first year. So there is hope. I think Wilson is mentally tough enough to get through this. Yes it’s good to be boring but don’t take the fire out from him. He has to test his limits to learn and improve. We just have to endure the ride
  13. Absolutely. Great band with the young Jools Holland on keyboards
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