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  1. I’m thinking the Jets are going to get him and almost think that there is a handshake agreement. The reason I say this is because of Saleh’s last answer at his press conference. When asked if Wilson would compete with the veteran they bring in it became pretty obvious from his response (lack of poker face) that it would be no. To me that implies they have a veteran qb lined up - someone who immediately takes the reins. In my eyes that’s Rodgers (connection with GB) or Garrapalo as a free agent.
  2. Yeah last year they were world beaters against KC. The press is fickle
  3. My point is not ridiculous. This board is so melodramatic. It’s my opinion that he is a very good QB who won’t win a SB. The horror.
  4. Agree but I’m not comparing him to Jet QBs
  5. My point isn’t that Allen would be an upgrade for the Jets he would be a big upgrade - he just won’t carry a team to a SB win. Pretty simple point
  6. See turnover rate the last 5 years. Allen is #1. Lol all you want
  7. Then Josh Allen is your guy. I would rather have a Burrows or a Mahome.
  8. Buffalo will never sniff the SB with this current team
  9. Sure he will win you 12 games but he is not going to take you to the promised land
  10. Never said he was a JAG - I just feel that he won’t take Buffalo to the next level - which in their case is the SB. Mike White is nothing like Josh Allen so stop making ridiculous comparisons. Josh Allen in my opinion has peaked. It’s very easy to say this team isn’t complete after they get their ass whupped including Allen. This team is and was always talked about a SB ready team. Allen did not produce and tried to be too be too much like Mahomes
  11. That’s an opinion. BUFFALO is or might be the best complete team in the NFL. Josh Allen did not rise to the occasion. In my opinion he will not win a SB if he can’t win it with this team. Burrows seems a likely more candidate - ready- in my opinion
  12. If a Jets QB played like he did today he would be skewered
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