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  1. Camp Updates Wed 8/9

    Well that's not true plus there is a bit of a revisionist history going on. Hackenberg was the most intriguing QB in the draft, by many accounts. Here is just one calling him a 1st to 3rd rounder. http://www.foxsports.com/nfl/story/nfl-draft-quarterbacks-jared-goff-carson-wentz-paxton-lynch-042816
  2. Caption this photo

    "Holy Sh*t you're right he does have a big ass!"
  3. Camp Updates Wed 8/9

    Except Gruden who thought he was a 1st round talent
  4. The Negatives just drone on in hopes of being right so they can boast I Told You So, I Can Run This Team Better.... and of course be more negative. If they are wrong, it's the old Glad I Was Wrong adage....and everybody is happy. Critiquing and having concerns is one thing (the odds are the Jets won't have a great season), but this continued 'blind' bashing based on 4 days of practice and some notes from negative beat writers is tiresome. I like reading positive articles but at the same time also enjoy well thought out analytical concerns critiques of players or coaches - not 'he's a joke' 'he's a bust' 'the OL sucks'. I think it was Glenn who wrote one of the better articles I read about how the Jets delayed their rebuild etc. due to the unexpected good year with Fitz and went with it again and it failed. Great article.
  5. Great article. You do a really good job of laying out Macs obstacles and his progession to rectify the problems with clarity. It is tiresome reading some these sarcastic pessimists on this sight. Part of the territory. Looking forward to the season.
  6. Stop The Crap

    Absolutely agree. The Jets have bit the bullet and are going young and it will be fun in a potentially tortured way and interesting to see how it develops. Yep they could crash and burn but that is the risk of cleaning house. Agree sick of the whining. Just wait until they lose a few. Prediction: The Jets' defense and special teams will be best it's been in a long time and will keep them competitive.
  7. Christian Hackenberg- Foot Mechanics

    Wasn't that the point with him? He wasn't pro ready, had a offense system that didn't prepare him for the pros but had the skillset. Needed work on his mechanics and accuracy. These are fixable problems as opposed to natural talent.
  8. McCown in 2015

    AFJF I hope you learned your lesson.
  9. Hogan has a longstanding relationship with the new Chicago GM.
  10. You know that's not what is being said. A better defense can help mask shortcomings in the offense. Chicago and Baltimore won superbowls that way. The reverse is true - New England at times is a team whose offense puts their defense in advantageous positions in a game and didn't expose their weaknesses.
  11. Agree. And even more so, you can't view the offense and defense in a vacuum. A good, better defense makes an offense better. Shorter field to work with, turnovers , keeping the team in the game. The converse is true, just makes common sense. To write off the choice of safeties as doing nothing for the offense (the assumption is they make the defense better) doesn't make sense.
  12. Positives and Negatives post-draft

    New OC new system. Probably new blocking system predicated on fast reads mobile front. Not worried about the OL all that much.
  13. Draft Grade's

    Perfect choice of word - disciplined. This draft got better and better as time went on. Mac did a good job.