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  1. Agree with that. If Packers get a 1st or conditional 1st the Jets buckled.
  2. Ok - so the Jets will not buckle or sweeten the pot to meet GBs demands? That’s all I’m trying to figure. I’m not denying the deal will get done - just wondering if the Jets will need to spend “more than necessary” because the Packers have a little leverage at this time.
  3. I’m just trying to understand the leverage the Jets have to get a decision today before free agency. No way Lazard signs if Rogers not signed. I get the sense GB can drag this out and screw up the Jets free agency without effecting the Rogers endgame for themselves
  4. Serious question: how does it effect GB free agency? Do you think they are big players in free agency?
  5. He wants to be a Jet but he’s not. it’s out of his hands. How much compensation do the Jets give up vs how much GB is willing to accept. Right now GB has the power to delay the signing and most likely screw up free agency for the Jets with an unsettled QB situation . Not optimal
  6. Then they lose and have to give in to GB’s demands - or at least a significant part of them. Can GB walk away? Who gets hurt more by no deal?
  7. The question is are the Jets willing to walk away and do the Packers have the balls to risk having the Jets walk away?
  8. Correction: Doing their JD
  9. I’m always amazed at how people underestimate Joe Douglas. They are going after Carr
  10. As much as I like the dynamics of Rogers on this team I think Carr is the more solid choice. He is seasoned plus has a good few years ahead of him. Whether Wilson works out won’t be as necessary. Plus no loss of draft picks.
  11. We are in #8. I like Klondike bars
  12. I’m not denying that. Rogers is a narcissist spoiled brat football player as 90% of them are. Most of us went to college and we know what they are like. Given that he touched on a topic that your typical star does not dare touch. Good for that spoiled brat
  13. You are clever aren’t you . Grow up
  14. You would be surprised how many people don’t know about this crap. More importantly make sure it doesn’t die on the vine. If that’s what you get out of what I’m saying that’s pretty pathetic. Do you agree with Rogers? If you do what’s the problem - you see him as some self indulgent star? So what that’s the society we live in. Given those restraints good for him bringing up something of substance and evil that exists in this world
  15. You are missing the point. Is fostering children who have been mutilated good enough for you? The reality is that most people cannot actually do anything about anything so wake up. All we can do is raise awareness hope yes hope that justice is done. Rogers in my opinion highlighted a very important issue. If you think BLM or whatever issue is important to you fine. I liked what he brought to everyone’s attention. You didn’t fair enough
  16. Whatever. Of all the issues these f in superstars bring up I think the Jeffrey Epstein pedophelia and its tentacles has a little more substance than the bullsh*t that the NFL pushes. Wouldn’t it be nice if the NFL had a stance against pedophelia and child trafficking? Of course not BLM all the way
  17. Just stop with your wry responses. What he said is basic human decency. Just acknowledge it and move on and save your slick answers for Mike White
  18. Sad sh*t? Get a life. I’m not big into stars telling me what to do but this is a f d up scenerio - a sick one that pretty much every person should be in agreement. It’s sad that he even has to bring it to everyone’s attention.
  19. It’s coming. Within 10 years - NFL is dying a slow death. These elites don’t care about keeping the game authentic- whatever makes them $$$ they will market. They will keep making these rule changes until the product starts failing- if it ever does
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