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  1. I didn’t think the point was about whether a game was epic or not, but I get your point that most times a high scoring game is in general more exciting than a defensive struggle but you could argue that defensive stops multiple times in less than 2 minutes could generate a lot of excitement. I still feel defenses play a huge role and I would argue as important as the offense. Last nights game is a testament to what happens when defenses not only fail but don’t even make contested plays. No great catches just wide open receivers. Almost making routine catches as if in practice. That 13 se
  2. That’s it - it was Arena football. Perfect analogy. Not NFL. The drive lost all meaning last night. It should be called The Collapse(s)
  3. A good defense isn’t necessarily judged by the final score - good defense scores points and more importantly helps win the battle of field position making an offense’s role easier. Also good defenses and defensive schemes were not seen last night - I don’t care what their ranking was.
  4. I beg to differ - if ZW played against a team with so many blown coverages he would have easily made those passes. There were more blown assignments by the KC defense in one night than a weeks’s worth at The Bunny Ranch
  5. I’m sorry that wasn’t the NFL that was batting practice
  6. Agree. Granted the NFL is stacking the deck for more offense - however things are cyclical. Poor defensive performance and poor scheming was hard to believe last night. That to me was the real story of the game. The last 2 minutes and OT were almost farcical. That should never happen in the NFL where both teams not once but twice and a third time for the Bills fold like that. How many broken coverages did KC have - running into each other, wrs being left to run by defense backs uncovered, dBs falling on their asses. if there was one lesson learned- zone coverage is bye bye. Yo
  7. When asked what message he had for Mahomes with 13 seconds left: “When it’s grim, be the grim reaper,” Reid said. A reporter stated that was a pretty incredible message. why can’t the Jets get a coach to say such incredible things? Sigh
  8. Agree. Was that game an anomaly? - maybe, but it’s definitely a trend that has been creeping into the NFL for sometime and it’s what the NFL wants. They won’t fix games but the NFL will increase the likelihood that offense will succeed - they will stack the deck. I agree with you - you don’t change your philosophy. If you try to copy them you are doomed. You protect your QB, maximize the depth and talent on the defensive line and you go man to man on wide receivers. San Francisco 49ers are the antidote - it’s just a question whether the NFL will let them succeed.
  9. Defense was dead in that game I’ll give you that. It was embarrassing- as much as people want to throw accolades at QBs throwing complete passes to players wide open equal time is needed to call out the poor play of the defenses. This wasn’t exactly great offensive plays over great defensive performances. It was like watching an NBA game with each team performing through the legs 360 degree twists uncontested dunks initially mesmerizing but reaching the point of absurdity. The spectacular isn’t so special anymore. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised that the NFL wants to go the w
  10. I’m sorry but that was the absolute worst football I’ve watched in a longtime. Entertaining yes to a point, but during both games it became laughable. The Rams did their best keystone cop episode and the second game was so ridiculous that people were spitting out their beers laughing. Those receivers were 5-10 yards open. 4 TDs essentially uncontested in essentially 2 minutes of football. if that’s the new NFL it will get old quickly. I think if JD learned anything from today is you get a D that punches you in the mouth and doesn’t let you get back up. can anyone hones
  11. I want to know if he can jump out of the shallow end of the pool
  12. I’m just trying to put it in perspective. That’s all.
  13. Bottom line. If the Jets are 11-4 they kick the field goal. they were a 4-11 team. Why not go for it? Wilson executes poorly. The defense has a chance to save the day - they don’t. Cost: they are a 4-12 team.
  14. I’m stunned the game on the line and we are running through them all day and Wilson inexplicably throws a pass on the 2 yard line and gets intercepted … Oh sorry wrong Wilson Brady drove 93 yards on the defense. They stop Brady the qb sneak fail is a footnote. Jets didn’t lose because of that one play.
  15. Ditto on common sense. Your point on children is spot on including your number 94. To add to your point. There are 28,345,000 kids in the USA between the ages of 5 - 11 years of age. That’s a 99.999997% survival rate. You are insane to vaccinate your children with this “vaccine “
  16. Thanks - great eval. Probably true of Archie Manning also. If Brady played with Testaverdes TB players and coaches - wouldn’t be good. Mac Jones is in a good place and will reach his potential I really feel Zach Wilson is also in a good place just not ready as the Patriot system. After next year we will know
  17. It all comes down to system and coaching. Look at Vinny Testaverde - was a joke of the league until he met Bellicheck and Parcels. Imagine if he started with them
  18. I think the Pats do have a home run. The guy is smart, learning the system and goes through his progressions on the field. Wilson articulates the defenses and is bright but now needs to translate it to the field. If he can it’s gold.
  19. Jones is Chad Pennington II with a better arm. Perfect for the Patriots. Doesn’t have much more of a ceiling but will become more skillful in that system.
  20. The Jets knew Darnold’s ceiling. They felt and gambled that Wilson will have a higher ceiling. If Zach Wilson fails in 2-3 years it’s on him - the Jets have the right coaching staff and vision just haven’t finished putting all the pieces in place. Look at Mac Jones - doing well in an established stable system. He would be destroyed with the Jets
  21. My fear with Wilson is that he knows it all in his head but it doesn’t translate to the action reaction on the field. Time will tell
  22. I don’t want to mimimize what you are saying but his contribution was mimiscule. If I’m not mimstaken he had no catches. It’s an omimous sign of things to come.
  23. That’s funny my inspiration came from Mimstrel in the Gallery by J Tull
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