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  1. Yes Wilson has all the intelligence to master the offense. If you hear Wilson speak about formations and defensive reads it’s all there. The question for Wilson is whether he can translate that knowledge to the field. He sees the field in the classroom and in film study but does he see the field in live action? If he can make this transition, with his arm talent and mobility he is going to be very good.
  2. New York Nets >>New Jersey Nets>>Brooklyn Nets. They did it right but the bottom line is the New York football teams were not going to give up the cache of the New York name and Jersey had no problem with that because of the $$$. It seems stupid but if Jersey doesn’t care neither do I. And as others have pointed out the close proximity to NYC makes it almost a moot point.
  3. Why are Jet fans so freaking critical of people doing interviews? Jealousy? It’s our only outlet to get a look inside/ behind the scenes with these players. I get the podcasts in the basement criticisms, but these interviews have been very good this year and it’s nice to have optimism that appears to be rooted in some kind of reality. For the first time in a long time the Jets have an organized focused process. It would be so nice to see it succeed.
  4. Always good for a laugh. Apparently he practiced before this throw!
  5. That was impressive how Tua avoided that rush and how Hill blew by the defenders
  6. Nice article. Thank you. These men are slowly being forgotten
  7. The comment was made regarding reading skills in Mississippi- just a false Northeast perspective. Comment had nothing to do with taxes roads etc. Illegal or legal immigrants without saying
  8. Just saying…. States with the Lowest Literacy Rates 1. California California's 23.1% of adults lacking basic prose literacy skills make California have the lowest literacy rate of 76.9%. The state of California and the state Department of Education are being blamed and sued for the failing literacy rate, as families and students believe that they are not receiving a quality education in reading and writing. 2. New York New York has the second-highest percentage of adults lacking basic prose literacy skills of 22.1%, equaling a literacy rate of 77.9%. Despite this, New York has the ninth-highest percentage of adults with Bachelor's degrees or higher of 35.7%. 3. Florida Florida has the third-highest percentage of adults lacking basic prose literacy skills of 19.7%, equaling a literacy rate of 80.3%. Florida has the lowest number of public libraries per 100,000 residents of 2.6. 4. Texas Texas has the fourth-lowest literacy rate of 81.0%, with 19.0% of adults lacking basic prose literacy skills. Texas has the fourth-lowest number of libraries of 3.2 per 100,000 residents. 5. New Jersey The fifth-lowest literacy rate in the United Statesis in New Jersey, where 16.9% of adults lack basic prose literacy skills, and 83.1% are literate. Despite this, 38.6% of New Jersey adults have a Bachelor's degree or higher, the country's fifth-highest. Additionally, New Jersey also has the third-best public schools.
  9. Agree. An Achilles rupture both physically and psychologically is a hard injury to come back from particularly for a power burst edge rusher. Don’t expect much from Lawson this year. Maybe next year
  10. Saleh: “Send in the Clemons package” “Clemons! You’re up!”
  11. Another item reporters were afraid to bring up with Clemons: You do know you spell Michael wrong?
  12. Barry White sounds like a choir boy compared to Clemons
  13. Notice not one reporter had the balls to ask “Hey Michael can you tell us about that little arrest incident - I mean only if you want to”
  14. Paramount Pictures announces the release of My Body Guard II Summer of 2022 starring Michael Clemons
  15. I thought he had a lot of good points. He nailed it as far as the defensive line philosophy is concerned. 100% rested 100% effort. Interchangeable parts to a certain degree. JD is building a Ravens system. One year the Jets will just sit back and let the draft come to them. They will develop their own system of football and choose players that fit their system without reaching or giving up draft capital. The Ravens drafted 11 players. They just drafted depth and future starters.
  16. In NFL news, the New York Jets were going for their 8th win of the season but gave up the lead after 12 minutes. The league awarded the Jets .2 of a win and they covered their season win total.
  17. Thx. He just seems to have the makings of a good lineman.
  18. What did he comment about Clemons beyond the obvious tape?
  19. Also interesting that he stated that JJ was #8 prospect and that Hall was #18.
  20. Saunders and Wilson were ranked higher than JJ by the Jets which is why they went Wilson at #10. If Texas picked Saunders it probably would have been JJ at 10 But as you say we’ll see. I hope he crushes it.
  21. That’s basically what I said. I believe everyone was surprised that JJ was there at 26. The Jets went up and got him because they had him ranked as their #8 prospect. No one else appeared to have that opinion.
  22. The JJ pick intrigues me the most because he fell like a rock in water in the first round indicating that many teams were not high on him. The Jets were pretty much on an island when it comes to belief in JJ’s talent.
  23. I think what JD does if he has a highly ranked prospect that slips down 7 or 8 picks beyond his evaluation he starts thinking “trade up” because that prospect is higher than anyone else in his next ranked group. Other teams may say screw it - we’ll wait to see what falls to us i think I read that Hall was their #20 ranked prospect. How anybody knows that is anyone’s guess
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