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  1. On 5/20/2022 at 9:25 PM, jNYC1 said:

    Good list.  The ability to do 1 & 2 consistently can be more important than an elite arm.

    It is. Many QBs have the tools but cannot grasp the complexity and speed of the NFL. Browning Nagle had all the tools but couldn’t handle the NFL. Chad Pennington had the smarts and the ability to handle the mental part of the game but injuries and average physical tools did him in. He lasted  years because of his smarts. Put Pennington and Wilson into one body you have an elite QB

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  2. We all know that Wilson has all the tools including an elite arm to be a great QB BUT to me the very good great QBs are capable of two things: 

    1. When they look at the coverage they are  75% certain which read will be getting the ball. In other words he may see  #1 read has little chance of getting open based on the defense coverage and read #3 based on the coverage will most likely be open. Therefore read #1 and #2 become a quick check down to get to #3

    2. On the other side of the coin they  have the mental quickness to move to other reads when their anticipated read is not open. It’s not about rushing blindly through your reads - it’s quality looks. 

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  3. 10 hours ago, T0mShane said:

    The Athletic Football Show podcast with Robert Mays and Nate Tice did a pretty comprehensive breakdown of the 2021 rookies, which I found pretty interesting, and you might, too! 


    1. They loved Zach’s arm talent and compact, quick delivery (which they compared to Aaron Rodgers).

    2. They were excited about his play against the Bucs zone defense.

    3. Zach’s numbers against man to man and the blitz were, by far, the worst in the league, which they attribute to lack of familiarity with receivers and also the fact that his line at BYU was comically good.

    3. Tice said that Zach is, and always was, a project who probably wasn’t ready to play. Had no plan on any particular play and was only good on plays where he had his first read.

    4. They loved LaFleur’s scheme and raved about the talent he has around him this upcoming year.

    Starts around the 20 minute mark.



    #3 is my concern. Translating what he has in his head to the field. Can he get through his reads clearly and accurately?

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  4. 8 hours ago, Alka said:

    Forgive me for correcting you, but it is:  "Seeing the forest through the trees."  Can he see the forest through the trees?  Or does he just see trees. 

    Actually it depends on the season. It’s much easier seeing the forest through the trees during winter when the leaves have fallen. 

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  5. Yes Wilson has all the intelligence to master the offense. If you hear Wilson speak about formations and defensive reads it’s all there. The question for Wilson is whether he can translate that knowledge to the field.

    He sees the field in the classroom and in film study but does he see the field in live action? If he can make this transition, with his arm talent and mobility he is going to be very good.


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  6. New York Nets >>New Jersey Nets>>Brooklyn Nets. 

    They did it right but the bottom line is the New York football teams were not going to give up the cache of the New York name and Jersey had no problem with that because of the $$$. It seems stupid but if Jersey doesn’t care neither do I. And as others have pointed out the close proximity to NYC makes it almost a moot point. 

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  7. 12 minutes ago, Jet_Engine1 said:

    Tell me where the most immigrants are without telling me...


    The literacy rate has nothing to do with school funding, tax rates, or how much teachers get paid, it's all about demographics.  


    Here are the states with the highest literacy rates:

    New Hampshire (94.20%)

    Minnesota (94.00%)

    North Dakota (93.70%)

    Vermont (93.40%)

    South Dakota (93.00%)

    Nebraska (92.70%)

    Wisconsin (92.70%)

    Maine (92.60%)

    The comment was made regarding reading skills in Mississippi- just a false Northeast perspective. Comment had nothing to do with taxes roads etc. 

    Illegal or legal immigrants without saying

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  8. 8 hours ago, T0mShane said:

    Gonna start an expansion franchise in Mississippi and load up on free agents that don’t care if their children can read.

    Just saying….

    States with the Lowest Literacy Rates

    1. California

    California's 23.1% of adults lacking basic prose literacy skills make California have the lowest literacy rate of 76.9%. The state of California and the state Department of Education are being blamed and sued for the failing literacy rate, as families and students believe that they are not receiving a quality education in reading and writing.

    2. New York

    New York has the second-highest percentage of adults lacking basic prose literacy skills of 22.1%, equaling a literacy rate of 77.9%. Despite this, New York has the ninth-highest percentage of adults with Bachelor's degrees or higher of 35.7%.

    3. Florida

    Florida has the third-highest percentage of adults lacking basic prose literacy skills of 19.7%, equaling a literacy rate of 80.3%. Florida has the lowest number of public libraries per 100,000 residents of 2.6.

    4. Texas

    Texas has the fourth-lowest literacy rate of 81.0%, with 19.0% of adults lacking basic prose literacy skills. Texas has the fourth-lowest number of libraries of 3.2 per 100,000 residents.

    5. New Jersey

    The fifth-lowest literacy rate in the United Statesis in New Jersey, where 16.9% of adults lack basic prose literacy skills, and 83.1% are literate. Despite this, 38.6% of New Jersey adults have a Bachelor's degree or higher, the country's fifth-highest. Additionally, New Jersey also has the third-best public schools.

  9. On 5/5/2022 at 3:56 PM, slats said:

    It was an Achilles, which seems worse to me. I have no idea how it’s gonna go. Luckily, they’ve added a lot to the Edge position this offseason. 

    Agree. An Achilles rupture both physically and psychologically is a hard injury to come back from particularly for a power burst edge rusher. Don’t expect much from Lawson this year. Maybe next year

  10. I thought he had a lot of good points. He nailed it as far as the defensive line philosophy is concerned. 100% rested 100% effort. Interchangeable parts to a certain degree.

    JD is  building a Ravens system. One year the Jets will just sit back and let the draft come to them. They will develop their own system of football and choose players that fit their system without reaching or giving up draft capital. The Ravens drafted 11 players. They just drafted depth and future starters. 

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