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  1. Another example is that the Jets tried to trade up into the first round to get Hall. In the end that “aggressive“ of a move was unnecessary since he was there at #36. My point is that sometimes you can be patient and the Jets in the Hall case read the board wrong thinking he would be gone by the end of the first round
  2. I agree with the value bs. My point is not value - hell based on “value” JJ was a slam dunk. But you’re right it doesn’t matter if he was great value if he ends up being a bust. I’m just commenting on staying pat vs trading up twice. I’m just not sure it would have made that much of a difference in the quality of the Jets draft.
  3. I agree with you that JJ was high on their list which is why I feel that JJ like AVT ( which was a success) is a litmus test for their scouting. Other teams didn’t think that. my point is that JD was aggressive. JJ was the focus of that aggression. It cost them to trade up for Hall because they gave up the #35 pick for JJ. If he wasn’t aggressive they still get Gardner Wilson and Hall ( taking the Ravens approach to the draft). Trading up for JJ ultimately cost the Jets two draft picks. Approaching the draft like the Ravens is just another perspective. And I’m not sure the Jets would be any worse off maybe better. That being said the Jets had a very good draft
  4. if you’re gonna quote me don’t edit it to take me out of context
  5. I agree about AVT. That’s a huge feather in their cap. Let’s hope lightning strikes 2 more times.
  6. That’s the perspective we don’t have. The Jets coaches might be very excited about the safety and LB positions. They know their talent / techniques / their character inside and out compared to draftees and maybe they saw very little in the draft compared to what they already have. What we do know they were hot on JJ and Hall. They traded up for JJ and Hall - they better not bust - if they do bust you have to question Saleh and JD getting “too high” on a prospect.
  7. I’m not playing Monday QB like those that go back a year later and point out who the Jets passed over. It’s obvious that the Jets valued JJ much higher than other teams. In fact I’ll go a step further - if JJ makes it JD and the Jets scouting dept are good if he busts you have to question their assessment skills and their “need” to give up draft capital. How do we know JJ wouldn’t last to #35? Unlikely but possible. To me JJ is the litmus test of the Jets draft along with Hall. If you trade up and give up draft capital on a team that needs depth you better not bust. the draft is always a bit of a crap shoot. To me the more swings you take the more hits you make. Having to move up to get Hall at 36 was all on JD for giving up #35 to get Johnson and in the process give up two additional draft picks. In general I don’t like trading up - I like staying put and have things fall their way. If they stay put they get Sauce Wilson and Hall. Is JJ worth giving up two draft picks? (2 because they had to go up and get Hall after losing their #35 for JJ
  8. I think you can make an argument that JD didn’t have to trade up. Let’s assume the Jets didn’t trade up for JJ. #4 Sauce #10 Wilson #35 Hall (they got him at #36) #38 Ojabo (DE) #69 Petit- Frere OT #111 Ruckert #117 Clemons #146 ? #163 That’s a haul. You can put in anybody else you want at at #38 and #69, but I think they should not have traded up - the old don’t fall in love with a prospect trap. They needed numbers for more depth. That being said it was still a very good draft.
  9. That is interesting. I didn’t see him as coming off arrogant. Confident yes. Weird. What is this low confidence crap I keep seeing coming up.
  10. One minor potential criticism of JD approach to draft. its interesting to think that if JD sat pat it could have gone two different ways: #4 sauce #10 wilson #35 Hall #38 best DE available / trade down for more picks or #4. Sauce #10 JJ #35 Hall #38 Best WR available / trade down for more picks plus we would have kept our 2 other picks. He still would have still gotten 3 out of 4 of his top prospects with 2+ additional picks if he didn’t trade up
  11. Thought OL with caveat that Saunders wouldn’t be there though bought into the concept that Saleh “didn’t need” to draft CB high. Thought they would go OL then DE. WR in 2nd round 1st four picks: OL DE WR C or RB Instead: CB WR DE RB its interesting to think that if JD sat pat it could have gone two different ways: #4 sauce #10 wilson #35 Hall #38 best DE available or #4. Sauce #10 JJ #35 Hall #38 Best WR available plus we would have kept our 2 other picks. He would have still gotten 3 out of 4 of his top prospects
  12. Yeah that caught my eye. Not sure what that was all about
  13. That being said this is so typical for the Pats. Watchful waiting for things to fall into their lap. SF blew it, teams know they are in a fix and now Deebo will come at a relative bargain. The only thing I don’t know is whether Patriots can afford him but I’m sure they would get a discount at that end too
  14. Michael Clemons. This guy intrigues me. He’s coming into a very supportive family structure with a lot of talent
  15. I think imo that we get caught up or paralyzed by value too much. What the Jets value is a lot different than what Mel Kiper and the draft gurus think. The Jets value of Hall was high in fact they considered going 1st round to get him. You don’t shy away because Peter Prisco thinks it’s not good value
  16. Actually we don’t have more than 2 picks on Saturday.
  17. Hide in plain sight. Ruckert is the best kept secret that was in front of everybody’s eyes but because Ohio State did not feature TE as an offense weapon he snuck underneath the radar. I know I’m biased but the Jets selected the best CB the best WR the best RB and now the best TE in this draft
  18. Why does CBS draft tracker have the Jaguars picking at #101?
  19. And more importantly players around the league are noticing this. People will want to play for the Jets.
  20. Just interesting that in his giddiness JD gave us a glimpse of his top 8 board HUTCHINSON GARDNER NEAL Wilson EKWONU Walker Williams/London JJ i wouldn’t be surprised if the Jets had Gardner on top of their board. Just listen to how Saleh describes him
  21. Interesting that JD stated they got 3 of their top 8 on their board. So giving the assumption that JJ was their #8 ranked prospect and obviously Wilson and Gardner were ranked higher who were the other 5. My guess in no order: Neal Ekwonu Hutchinson williams WR walker
  22. None of these GM understand the NFL of today. They went to JDs free seminar apparently.
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