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  1. The Post has the Jets trading down to 25 plus 2 second rounders with Jaguars. You make that trade all day
  2. Bottom line is Jets know what they have in Darnold. A competent QB who flashes on occasion but inconsistent. Can you build a team around him and win - yes but he is not a franchise QB The QB they will choose will meet these criteria and maybe more which is why they elected to trade Darnold for 3 picks. At the very least they’ll get a Darnold and probably more plus 3 picks
  3. No way Jets give up a player and a draft pick for a draft pick. If they trade him they go for a 2nd or a 3rd and 6th.
  4. Yes that may be where I’m at next season. It was a bad year all around. Easy not to watch.
  5. I know we aren’t allowed to throw politics into the football forums but unfortunately the NFL has brought politics into football. What used to be be unadulterated fun and almost innocent but definitely American has been ruined by politics including this ongoing Covid bs. Football including American sports in general will never be the same. It’s too bad.
  6. First off finally some good music to a highlight tape. i don’t know if it’s me but the UFAs appears to be very good. I don’t quite understand why someone goes undrafted but some of these UFA seem they should have been drafted. For instance, would Jackson be out of place if he got drafted in the 5th round? It almost seems a few of these UFAs are a lock to make this team.
  7. What’s the magic number for the amount of black coaches hired - is it 12% based on population or 70% based on the number of blacks playing football? the reality should be the best person for the job which may include someone who busted their tail since college trying to learn the game. Regardless of color. There is a difference between a coach’s learning curve and skill set and in the vast majority of cases their experiences versus a player. Many players cannot make the transition to head coach. Bill Belichick was not an overnight wonder, was not great player rather he busted his ass t
  8. Cyberjet

    Jay Ajayi

    The bottom line is Gase has a good relationship with his players and he doesn’t take any bs with guys who don’t buy into the team. It’s really rather simple. He’s open to hear from his players. The fact that Darnold spoke to him indicates he’s an open minded coach and lets players mature in their own time
  9. Cyberjet

    Jay Ajayi

    I love that gif or meme or whatever it’s called
  10. I agree . Why didn’t we go for a WR with the 211 pick? Cager or Campbell would have been my choices oh wait......
  11. This will be the Jets most significant pick. Unbelievable weapon. How many years have the Jets been backed up in the end zone knowing it’s a punt out to 40. Not anymore
  12. This is one of my favorite picks of the draft. STs are vital and this guy is a weapon. what makes this pick so great is that JD manipulated the draft to get 10 picks thus making a pick for a punter sensible and “excusable”. If the Jets only had 5 or 6 picks you could make a stronger argument for not drafting a punter.
  13. He reminds me of Mark Ingram
  14. Mann will have the biggest impact. He’s a game changer. Perine will be next followed by Becton.
  15. Agree. He has that initial burst acceleration. The Jets drafted him to be a starter. Bell will be moving on eventually.
  16. I know and to think that the Patriots didn’t draft one receiver. How bad is that!
  17. When have you ever seen a Jet GM turn the #48 pick into WR Mims/#125/#129/2021 6th round pick. unbelievable
  18. Bottom line: For the #48 pick the Jets got: WR Mims Draft pick #125 Draft pick #129 2021 6th round pick
  19. 11. Mekhi Becton OT Louisville 48. Tee Higgins WR Clemson 68. Chase Claypool WR Notre Dame 79. Keith Ismael C San Diego State 120. Cameron Dantzler CB Mississippi State 158.
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