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  1. ALL ABOARD: THE MEKHI BECTON HYPE TRAIN IS LEAVING THE STATION BY:KYLE CRABBSDECEMBER 28TH, 2019THE DRAFT NETWORK Photo: Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports As an NFL draft analyst, it can be wise to initially avoid too much noise when it comes to prospects. The expectations that come from hearing the viewpoints of others can often times introduce biases into film study and skew the final synopsis of a player. But every so often, a nugget comes through on a player that demands attention and must be addressed — sooner rather than later. Such is
  2. It always amazes me how people assume players remain static in their capabilities and therefore will suck because he won’t develop. I’m quite certain the Jets coaching staff reviewed films of Fant over the last 2-3 years and saw a raw athlete developing into a good lineman. No different than when they are assessing draft picks. The Jets coaching staff see something in this guy. Surprise player of the year.
  3. This guy is a grade A ahole. Wants to bring this country to its knees for political reasons using the coronavirus as the vehicle
  4. Have a section dedicated to updated news articles about the Jets or any football news without comments
  5. I think anytime you have a strong defense and OL like Buffalo it gives any QB a chance to win. Allen at this stage is not a QB that will carry his team on his back, but the defense gives him a chance to win though I think it’s a 50-50 coin flip. This is probably a homer comment but I think Darnold has more potential to carry a team. What I do know if Darnold was playing for Buffalo they would still be in the playoffs and more of an offensive team and if Allen was playing for the Jets he’d be in a hospital bed.
  6. The Jets defense this year (and team in general) reminds me of the time when Testeverde went down with his torn Achilles. It took the Jets half the season to stabilize and went 8-8.
  7. Excellent assessment. Can’t argue with that.
  8. But he has more wins than single digit losses
  9. What is being made up besides I am man?
  10. If next year the Jets look like they are clueless then you fire his ass
  11. ??? the Jets are a train wreck of talent. Their foundational players the OL suck that has nothing to do with Gase. Throw in a mono QB and a rash of injuries incl skilled players no coach would have a chance.
  12. I am man and I roar. Gase took the Dolphins to the playoffs his first year after they sucked with a previous coach. the point remains the Jets lack talent big time. No coach would save this team.
  13. Not the point. The Jets lack talent at their foundation - the OL. Bell is Hall of Fame talent who can’t get more than 5 yard beyond the LOS. Usually he is being hit behind the LOS.
  14. Unlikely but point being they would have a losing record. And that’s comparing him to an experienced top flight coach. 2 games into his 2nd season in NE they were calling for BBs head. Great DC horrible head coach. Marvin Jones and Tom Brady changed it all and they had a good OL.
  15. What would the Jets record be with the same talent coached by the greatest coach in NFL history? (Assuming he doesn’t cheat)
  16. What would the Jets record be with Bill Bellichick?
  17. You didn’t answer his question. The Miami OL is better than the Jets OL
  18. Their isn’t one RB in the league who would thrive with this OL
  19. Our OL is horrible - that’s where it begins and ends. Bad offense leads to overworked defense which makes them look worse than they are.
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