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  1. This post is so typical of what's wrong with social media. The constant referring to a man Mr Johnson as an idiot or a tool is tiring and quite frankly shallow. Is that the best we can do? Mr Johnson may not be the best owner - what qualifies as the best owner I don't know - I guess if you win the SB you are a great owner - but the man has demonstrated a keen interest in this team, built by all accounts a training facility second to none, tried to get a stadium in Manhattan spending millions of his own $$. He genuinely likes people and dare I say I like our owner. He has tried to open the team
  2. He's waiting for talented free agents that are worth spending $$ on. This wasn't a great free agent class. The Jets did get the best WR in free agency. Just because you have $$ to spend doesn't mean you spend it on the best available CB - he may not be that good
  3. The bottom line I feel is you need a good QB - he elevates the players. If your QB is crap or average I don't care how good your receivers are you are not going to exploit their talent. You can argue chicken vs egg but that's what I believe. And you nailed it on the head - their defense wasn't so good - why is that - maybe too much $$ on the offense. There is a point of diminishing returns and maybe the Jets can come up with a competent above average offense and reach for an elite defense.
  4. They lost in the 1st round of the playoffs. They got there not because of Jackson but because of their QB who played out of his mind. Jackson was so valuable to their success they cut him.
  5. How good were the Eagles with this monster talent?
  6. My sources are pretty good - Idzik took the picture.
  7. Patterson signed with the Jets. He used a black ballpoint pen. He sat across from GM Idzik while signing. Sources state he used his right hand to sign.
  8. I understand where you're coming from - the actions and the ramifications are slightly different - the McGuires Rods etc cheated the system and integrity of the game for personal glory and fame. It's not only their actions but the ramifications of what they did particularly in breaking other individual records unfairly - Maris comes to mind. The other actions were behaviors outside of their sport - the reaction will be much more variable albeit some of the reaction was very low key particularly in the case of Lewis. People hate cheaters.
  9. The Jets already have a guy like him ," said the executive, referring to Geno Smith. "If you bring Vick in, you're not thinking. It makes no sense. He's a good kid. He's more mature, he's not a distraction and the players respect him, but he doesn't bring anything to the table anymore -- nothing. He can't win with his legs anymore, he has to win with his head. His arm is good enough, but unfortunately, the arm isn't connected to the head." This is getting ridiculous - this executive of what. One thing at the very least is that this move makes sense - Vick knows the system, worked with MM,
  10. It's not necessarily a backup issue - Vick could be very valuable in the ' wildcat'
  11. If he comes - backup/wildcat option unless Smith -------- the bed.
  12. "No comment until the time limit is up" Trivia : what show?
  13. Why not keep him - two options: Compete for the job and/or trade him. What if he shows well post surgery - the Jets have a decent backup to Smith if he fails or they trade him for a draft pick.
  14. I disagree - he was very involved in the free agent market, specifically the evaluation of the free agents. He and scouts even Rex made their assessment of who can help the team AT THE RIGHT PRICE. That is not compromising future signings/ extensions and allowing for flexibility for signing training camp cuts and the draft. Only they know who they really wanted - not these blow hard best writers and certainly not any of us. We can guess - DECKER WAS A DEFINITE. He knew that Howard had a good chance of walking thus had a very good back up plan with the Big G. Some of the others were on the list
  15. See above - I was trying to paste that YouTube speech but couldn't make it work
  16. Because Idzik is sending a message to the league and his team. Plus maybe he would have fallen in love with Ryan.
  17. Yeah....this is a man who wants Rex fired. Do you all forget the end of year speech Idzik gave in front of the team and Rex. Idzik and Ryan are in it together - Ryan is learning - there is no more $10 million stop gap players anymore. Rex will make this secondary work - just watch. When you don't have FA security blankets you coach your ass off and use the talent you have.
  18. "I'm not sure if it's stupidity or calculated," a person familiar with Ryan's thinking said. "But neither helps the Jets." This is my favorite source: he got someone familiar with Ryan's thinking (dear Abby?) to comment on Idzik's dealing with Rog- Cro - unbelievable.
  19. So it's over - the Jets then shouldn't sign anyone else. I understand. The players from last year won't get better and the draft picks won't contribute. The Jets are screwed like the Steelers, Ravens, etc.
  20. And somehow Win Now transactions only take place in the first few days of free agency. So anything after this is Win Later. I get it. Mehta has a grudge and an insatiable appetite to be whiny and confrontational like many on this board.
  21. Amazing - no matter how many times they tell you that you have to give a draft class 3 years to get a proper perspective Jet fans can't wait to call them all busts in the first year.
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