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  1. You take that as a negative? Wow. Maybe a higher calling? What happened in the end - he stayed. Why? Maybe because the Steeler front office found him far too valuable.
  2. http://mynorthwest.com/?nid=422&sid=270805 "Khan is sharp, innovative, young and talented. He is just 32. The Steelers want quality and talent at every level, regardless of age or name. He works very closely with Colbert on the personnel side as well as handling cap issues on the business side. Khan has helped uncover some of the Steelers late round success stories (Ike Taylor, Larry Foote, etc.)."
  3. That's alright - the Jets didn't want him back for a 2nd interview anyway - good saving face maneuver by Ross.
  4. Bingo. It was an emotional decision which is why it doesn't make sense if you look at the history of Jet signings. Also the rumors flying around that the Jets were looking at Manning contributed to that emotional decision.
  5. agree. Get RobRyan for LB coach - this could be fun
  6. Depression is a complicated illness. People who commit suicide have a normal brain and people who commit suicide have evidence of structural anatomical pathological changes. Cause and effect is very difficult to establish. Increase risk - sure. There are plenty of people who have evidence of head trauma who are not depressed. The loss of a career or the loss of purpose can be devastating to certain personalities creating a major depression independent of any head injury issue.
  7. when did pettine turn into a rat and try to get rex"s job? I'll take it for what it is - highly unlikely. The normal press would be all over this if this were the case.
  8. that's why he went to Ireland - no I'm sorry he stayed with the football operations. Another great quote from Tomlin - how they choose personnel - a collaborative effort between the GM, Khan and wait hold on the HEAD COACH. What the hell - Tomlin you just shut up and coach!!!!
  9. BlogPodcasts/Past ShowsE-mail Brock and Salk Updated Apr 4, 2011 - 7:51 pm Who is Omar Khan? by Brock Huard We spent some time Thursday speaking to the merits of Floyd Reese and his pedigree and strength of resume. However, if we have learned one thing this season about the Seahawks, it is expect the unexpected: Ruskell resignation mid-season, Mora firing four days past Black Monday, Carroll hiring, so why now the conventional Floyd Reese? He may fit the bill on paper and make the most sense, but is he the best candidate? I had a pretty candid conversation with a source very
  10. No more freakin trades or giving away draft picks. Keep and raise our own. The ground game was coming along fine as the year progressed even with box being stacked. Build up the lines and solve the QB problem
  11. Rumor has it that Sporano and Bradway were also involved. .....kidding
  12. It's obvious Gamble wants the Jets job. Ross will have to blow the doors off Johnson to get the job.
  13. Good point - but I do wonder who if anyone is sitting in on the interviews with him. I suspect the president of the club is there also.
  14. Bottom line - jets will get the candidate THEY want. My impression is that Gamble wants the Jets job and has put his marbles in this basket. Worse case scenario he doesn't get the job and goes back to SF. I think Ross is the dark horse - no pun intended.
  15. Agree - a GM's job is to supply the players that fits the coach's philosophy. It is the GMs job to make those decisions whether the coach agrees with them or not. Likewise, If Rex Ryan wants a player the GM either agrees or not. A good HC will accept the GMs role. Either way it's the GMs call and he lives and takes the resposibilty with player personnel decisions. Tannebaum made all those decisions - it was his responsibility whether Ryan pushed for them or not.
  16. With all the HC firings as of today I think it was a smart move by Johnson not to fire Rex. They still have a quality coach and thus avoids the mad scramble to get another HC particularly with all the firings that went on today. If in the end the new GM wants a guy that is still out there after the dust has settled then Johnson can hide behind the GMs decision to do that and fire Ryan.
  17. If there ever was a rationale to advocate for the belicheck/parcels way of dealing with reporters this year with the jets is it. I commend the jets for trying to be open and fan friendly but something has to give. It's a shame. Reporting feel good stories or informational stories are a thing of the past - now it's all about creating tension and controversy.
  18. The fact that Rex Ryan said it in frustration may be true ( Ryan never denied saying it) but it is all about the spin and context. Reporters will take a quote - one that was truly said and twist the intention or fail to provide the context exploiting the quote for his purpose of creating a bigger controversy.
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