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  1. http://www.nydailynews.com/sports/football/jets/2011/01/15/2011-01-15_expatriots_quarterback_steve_grogan_says_bill_belichick_giving_former_players_th.html Some reporter on cbssportsline wrote the Patriots must win and win big in order to shut the Jets up forever. Well this is the other side of the coin - this is why BB must lose (among many other reasons). I hate the whole approach - he's Captain Queeg and Ahab rolled into one. Not allowing charity contributions when a former player asks?? - class my a*s. You won't see these guys up here in NE discuss this. For some reason everybody's ma
  2. one of two things will happen - ryan will not be fired and Johnson & co will stick by their man - no strings attached. This is less likely particularly if there is more crap to come out. The drips and drabs have got to stop - don't care if it's right or wrong, personal or not personal, moral or immoral, stupid or not stupid,i don't care or i do care - bottom line it's an image to the public that johnson has to worry about. If there is more cr#p to come out it's bye bye after the season or the ryans have to come clean and apologize ( whether you think it is right or wrong) and hope it dies
  3. When did I say that? - or are you projecting by paraphrasing you joker?
  4. I think this issue has gone beyond random comments from strangers on the internet.
  5. I do think there is a level of semantics here with us. I am not a self important moralist yet you yourself said that your teenagers are moral ones. Thus you have made a judgemnent that their behaviors are good and presumed moral. Therefore you must look (albeit quietly and secretly) at others' behaviors as potentially bad or immoral based on your own standards. To have moral teenagers by your definition you must have within yourself defined what is moral and presumably immoral in order for you to call your children moral teenagers. I never once said the Ryans behavior was immoral. It was stupi
  6. Is this what that post said? Good luck in your home porn nirvana.
  7. You guys are projecting your paranoia about morals onto me. If you go back to my comments I never once used the word immoral except to say that initially there may be an ethical or moral dillemma in this situation - I neither wish or have said that I wish to impose my morals on the Ryans. You guys have been throwing around the word morals.
  8. judg·ment    [juhj-muhnt] –noun 1. an act or instance of judging. 2. the ability to judge, make a decision, or form an opinion objectively, authoritatively, and wisely, esp. in matters affecting action; good sense; discretion: a man of sound judgment. Putting your fantasies on the internet and showing her face would qualify be·hav·ior noun \bi-ˈhā-vyər, bē-\ 1 a : the manner of conducting oneself b : anything that an organism does involving action and response to stimulation c : the response of an individual, group, or species to its environment Putting you
  9. You are very clever with the computer - good diversion technique. Why are there curtains in your glass house?
  10. Yes - but it has created a problem for the Ryans and others on many levels - there has been a gross error in judgement and behavior on their part.
  11. I'm crying - please be my friend - oh wait nah - I think Lennon is way overrated. Merry Christmas.
  12. Good point - it's not necessarily a moral issue which only clouds the argument and gets people all huffy - either way it was bad judgement and in the end a mistake. Hopefully they will learn, hopefully the Jets will keep him (if not I understand Johnson's decision)and things will be better for them.
  13. From your picture I assume you have a son - do you teach him values - right vs wrong - or are you so lax or afraid to be 'uncool'and want to maintain that image of 'it's an anything goes society' and whatever his behaviors are now and then as an adult it is ok with me. What's wrong with us that we cannot criticise certain behaviors of adults. I guarantee you this - the Ryans will never do this again. If it's ok and they did 'nothing wrong' why not continue this behavior and promote it as ok - The Jet Way - every marriage should have their husband watch while his wife gets drilled. I'm not a
  14. The difference is someone taping it vs me taping myself doing it and puting it on the internet or even creepier - me spreading it aroung the office. I think you can see the difference.
  15. After digesting this fiasco, it's hard what to think. Ultimately, it will be Mr. Johnson's decision to decide the fate of Rex Ryan and the direction of the Jets franchise. Whatever decision he makes will be the right decision because it's his team. I am presently into a 'second chance' mentality, but in the end Mr Johnson has to determine what is best for his franchise longterm. You know that Rex Ryan is a very likeable and affable guy - it's an unfortunate situation. In my opinion, if this occurred while Ryan was head coach of the Jets he would be forced to resign. This episode opens alo
  16. I don't think Ryan says or implies it's ok to lose - being resilient is part of being a good team. One thing I have noticed last year and this - this team is resilient. He admits they got spanked big time, no excuses. He has always said he's learning and doesn't have all the answers. Despite all his bravado - if you listen to Ryan closely he says some quite humbling comments. He goes over and over again how he has to review the mistakes to correct them. One thing I noted in his press conference - either today or after the game - he was asked are you going to throw away the tape and move on li
  17. Thanks - you're right I don't post often,came here to lick the wounds, but this mentality that Ryan sucks is mind blowing. Is this guy a moderator? Don't they have an age limit requirement?
  18. See post title as typed by you. He didn't compare the Jets to the Bears - he compared the scenerio. Team gets wiped out on Monday night game and goes on to win SB. If you want to take his press conference comments out of context and say he compared the Jets to the '85 Bears (ie. to that great defensive team) that's your issue - he didn't make that comparison - you did - to make your point that Ryan is delusional. Leaders motivate and find hope (If you think Ryan is not a realist you're out to lunch - too bad we won't have a video of tomorrow's team meeting). So that is WTF I'm talking about.
  19. This is ridiculous - he didn't compare the Jets to the Bears great defense. All he was saying is that even great teams like the Bears - get blown out. And they did get blown out. That final score was not the real story and plus THAT DEFENSE gave up 38 points!!! That was a shocker. A great analogy by Ryan - that is what leaders do - they rally. This weekend will show what this team is made of - it's easy when your riding high, but when you get knocked down liked the Jets did, it takes something special to come back. Only a dufus pessimist wants to see the negative side of what Rex said. Love th
  20. Let's assume the Jets best player is Revis (I would put Mangold up there) - the question really is if he is the best player is it really necessary, ie. does the cb being the best player mean that he is indispensible or necessary. Can someone who isn't the best player but who is a good cb be enough to keep the team playing at a high level. I think so. You don't put ludicrous $$ into the CB position - it's a team philosophy. I understang the desire of Revis for wanting top $$$, but at the same time he should understand the dynamics of the team and not cripple its future. What is important that w
  21. Understood - is it the judge's role to pontificate his moral outrage to someone who isn't on trial? Why did he stop with Tank Johnson? I'm sure there were others who in the mind of the judge didn't act properly. Hell we gave sainthood to the Chappaquidick kid who drove a woman off a bridge and left her there for over 12 hours. Just so we're clear - I think it's not such a great thing to leave your friend's side when in need. Then again I never had a dude shoot a friend standing next to me. I think my first reaction may be to run while he's reloading.
  22. I'm not quite sure what business the judge has making this statement. Was Tank Johnson on trial? If not the judge should butt out and save his most damning comments for the guy who took the life of his friend.
  23. Much ado about nothing. I just hope he cleans up his act with the fans. http://www.newyorkjets.com/news/articles/show/3682-allegheny-police-early-holmes-story-untrue
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