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  1. Something's up - one of the QBs is moving. Trade or cut?? Why else sign him now.
  2. Jetstream by New Order http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FQ6nTo-ylZY
  3. Sanchez - good start, need to see more. He did seem to have that 'it' quality. Ainge - a very nice surprise - good arm and composure. There's potential here. Woodhead - love the story - he will not make the team. Greene- disappointing. Not as big or strong as I expected. No way you trade Thomas Jones. Gholston - there's some light there. Wright will be the 5th receiver. Overall I thought the Jets attitude was good - love Ryan's post game comments.
  4. You know Mark - we're a little worried. When we drafted you we thought you had hands.
  5. Ainge Beats Dick In QB Competition JETS Dick Hurts Neck A hush came over the crowd as the JETS Dick went limp after being blindsided from behind .... Dick: No Hard Feelings After Being Cut
  6. On draft day there exists an innate feeling by fans that you want the team to build through the draft - that is the way your suppose to build a team - we always hear this. Therefore, on draft day we want to see draft picks - new blood (also for entertainment value). We are told that is the way to build a winner. We look at NE, Pitt, the Giants (except for the Manning trade) seemingly do that. NE rocked this year with regard to trading down/up and getting many good picks - how that translates to the NFL is another story. We see NE do this and Pitt to a lesser extent and it makes us feel uneasy.
  7. All this is is a smokescreen in response to Peter King's assertion that the Pats want to move up to the top 10. It's just a ploy to get that super genius BB thinking. Two can play that game.
  8. Would like to trade down: Pettigrew - the safest pick for the Jets. - great blocker and a good redzone threat (6'5") Gilbert Wells
  9. It's amazing what happens to an old brain. I still feel the Jets where in a more win now mentality draft last year for whatever reason, ie. just a few tweaks will do it so to speak. I don't think my blunder or false assumption makes the rest of it "go out the window". It certainly causes the 1st paragraph to have a few problems.
  10. The way I look at the draft for the Jets is try to look at trends, ie. the general gut feeling about the Jet needs. Last year the Jets had Favre - at that time a minimum two year window to win. Therefore, in retrospect, trying to get a talented pick (by trading up for Keller) that would help Favre immediately now makes sense. The down side - it didn't help the Jets longterm, ie. loss of draft picks and therefore compromising depth. I agree that MT will pull the string and trade up if the Jet value of that player is much higher than the current draft position and a much better player tha
  11. At the very least the Jets will try to get Miles for a 2nd rd pick. I believe, however, they will drag this out close to or until draft day and make a semi-complex deal that will include Miles and draft picks. Ask yourself - are the Jets content to stay put with 6 picks or do they desire more picks? I think it's the latter.
  12. The Jets are settled on QB. No Quinn - why invest in a ? when we have ?s already who are already familiar with the system?
  13. I've never seen so much love for WR draft picks who have NEVER played in the NFL. There is much more solid info on Miles - he CAN play in the NFL and there is a good chance he will upgrade his game when he gets more playing time. Miles is worth a 2nd round pick, however, the Jets I believe are not settling for a simple exchange. If they wanted that they would have already presented Miles with a contract - why wait? I feel they are negotiating with the Cowboys. The Cowboys have 11 draft picks - if they give up on Miles to the Jets that gives them 12 picks. No team wants 12 picks
  14. What he said. The Jets will not draft a WR in the 1st round.
  15. Now let me see. Mangini had two winning seasons and Cutler and co. had .....none. Yea, Mangini sucks and Cutler's great.
  16. The Jets will not draft a QB - period.
  17. Cyberjet

    My Hope

    ...for the Jet Draft is that they trade down with other teams to get more picks. Eg. Jets #17 for Phili's #28, their 2nd (#53) and 5th (#149). This will allow them more flexibility. My preference then would be RB or CB at #28 followed by Loadholt or Meredith (OT) at #52 and Gilbert (DT) at (#53). If Gilbert is 1st round talent then get him at #28. Then look at WR, TE. I believe the Jets will not draft a QB Obviously it takes two to tango. Just wishin'.
  18. Date Opponent Time/Result Sep 8 @Oakland Won 41-14 Sep 14 San Diego Won 39-38 Sep 21 New Orleans Won 34-32 Sep 28 @Kansas City Lost 19-33 Oct 5 Tampa Bay Won 16-13 Oct 12 Jacksonville Lost 17-24 Oct 20 @New England Lost 7-41 Week 8 BYE Nov 2 Miami Lost 17-26 Nov 6 @Cleveland Won 34-30 Nov 16 @Atlanta Won 24-20 Nov 23 Oakland Lost 10-31 Nov 30 @N.Y. Jets Won 34-17 Dec 7 Kansas City Won 24-17 Dec 14 @Carolina Lost 10-30 Dec 21 Buffalo Lost 23-30 Dec 28 @San Diego Lost 21-52 Got to love those clutch performances
  19. Anyone who votes "No" should be shot in the face. Take your best shot bud - what exactly has Cutler won?? It would be a waste of picks. We don't need a prima donna. Thank God you guys aren't the management.
  20. Have to agree with the Pettigrew idea - it makes alot of sense, however, I feel the Jets are not locked into one player at that position. I predict they will attempt to trade down to pick up an extra 2nd or 3rd round pick.
  21. Originally Posted by Gainzo I don't think Jets fans should be giving any team grief about draft busts. Here is the list of 1st round picks by the Pats since BB became HC. 2000: No pick 2001: Richard Seymour (6th) 2002: Daniel Graham (21st) 2003: Ty Warren (13th) 2004: Vince Wilfork (21st) & Ben Watson (32nd) 2005: Logan Mankins (32nd) 2006: Laurence Maroney (21st) 2007: Brandon Meriweather (24th) 2008: Jerod Mayo (10th) Notice that 8 of the players are still on the team and only two were drafted in the Top 10. No Pick.
  22. I assume this an error - talks about 2010 and 2011 picks. Sources: Sheppard to JetsComment Email Print Share By Len Pasquarelli ESPN.com Archive First, he was forced out of the starting lineup by the acquisition of high-profile free agent Asante Samuel last season. Now cornerback Lito Sheppard has been forced out of Philadelphia. The Eagles on Saturday are expected to complete a trade which will send Sheppard to the New York Jets for a package of draft picks. Sources from both clubs on Friday night confirmed the trade. Although details of the deal wer
  23. That's a fair point though a different discussion. The Pats do tend to stay away from big free agent signings though I think they did indulge a couple of years ago - the year they signed Adlai Thomas.
  24. Though that is a pretty good list - except Maroney - he is a bust - it hardly makes a full team. The point is that the Patriots are a bit overrated in their success in the draft, but do a very good job of bringing in free agents or trades that take their team to the next level. The Jets also have a core draft group which they are building around with free agents - free agents are almost an absolute necessity in today's NFL.
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