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  1. There is a team up north that does a pretty good job of acquiring free agents or making trades (ie. undrafted) that has supplemented their team very well. Mike Vrabel Rodney Harrison Rosie Colvin Junior Seau Stephen Neal Mike Compton Joe Andruzzi Corey Dillon, Adalius Thomas Randy Moss Larry Izzo Heath Evans Jabar Gaffney Roman Phifer Antwan Smith Bobby Hamilton Christian Fauria Reche Caldwell David Patton
  2. The problem is that people assume that you have to be a great coordinator or have success as a coordinator in order to be a great head coach. There are tons of 'GREAT' coordinators who fail as head coaches. Likewise, there are virtual unknowns or coordinators on not so successful teams that become great head coaches. WHY? It would be simple if objective criteria defined what makes up a great head coach, but it doesn't. The conference that Johnson and Mr T had on Mangini's firing was the most honest and simple explanation. Johnson said much of why he fired Mangini was subjective, ie. not one pa
  3. The coaching staff as usual will look at film and will get beyond these first impressions. The problem with Clemens is that he has to show the coaching staff that he can make the right reads and show more consistency. If he fails to progress he is toast. It's not about arm strength.
  4. Besides the non-sensical response try avoiding out of context comments!:eek:
  5. Huge mistake to sign Favre - he's aging, he's a hit or miss QB at this stage, doesn't know the Jets' system, BB will stifle him bigtime. Believe it or not Pennington is a difficult QB to defense simply on the fact that he sees the field extremely well and 95%+ of the time makes the right read. The one drawback as we all know is arm strength. I would feel much more comfortable with Pennington than Favre. I simply cannot see the Jets making this move - at least that is my hope
  6. Well it's obvious you feel that the lack of results that will come about from an investigation justify the fact that an investigation should not be carried out. How you know that nothing will come of an investigation is beyond me. The main issue is that the matter has not been properly looked into. The NFL has demonstrated an inabilty to thoroughly investigate a matter that has important ramifications on the integrity of the game. Whether they are able to unearth any new front page info is not the issue. It is an issue of integrity both regarding the illegal activity but also integrity regardi
  7. How does explaining his personality disorder amount to witch hunt?? It explains everything he is about. If there is an investigation and the Pats do not cooperate then that speaks volumes. Wasn't it Kraft who says that we have nothing to hide??? If BB doesn't cooperate, it doesn't means others will not. Goodell wants this gone. Since Specter shined his light on the circumstances - the NFL was forced to officially admit that the illegal actions were ongoing since 2000 - not 2006 and 2007 as previously announced. We have BB blatantly lying about his actions ( which Goodell
  8. Whether there is nothing new is not really the question. The real question is whether this scandal has been fully and properly investigated. Your last statement 'that it was no big deal' is more reason to fully investigate the matter. Let's simply look at logic and reality. BB has a narcissistic personality disorder ( other classic examples are Bill Clinton and Richard Nixon). For sake of brevity they are intelligent, delusional, paranoid, self righteous, disdain for those outside their inner circle, always perceive themselves to be superior (ie. arrogant) and will rationalize th
  9. Help me out with this guy Ratliff. I know nothing about him or how he came onto the team??
  10. No problem, but it would be nice if we knew all the facts.
  11. I guess I should take the 'I'm the stupid bloke' seriously - I thought you were kidding.
  12. A witch hunt - no. There are two main players to blame for this fiasco - BB and Goodell. BB for his arrogance and simple unethical practices and Goodell for not fully investigating the ramifications of BB cheating. The real issue is not that the Patriots taped the opposing sidelines (A far too general term) and therefore need to be punished, rather it is what they taped and more importantly what they did with the information garnered from the video. This is a sports scandal - scandals should be fully investigated, not half-assed as the NFL has done and expect a trained prosecuto
  13. Surely you mean he SPECULATED that there was no competitive advantage. To be quite honest it is statements like that which will get the commissioner in trouble - it shows his bias in minimizing the ramifications of an illegal action by sheer speculation - without fact or foundation. Anyway it's way past my bedtime.
  14. You know why we are speculating? - because the NFL has not done a thorough enough investigation.( By the way the use of the word maybe implies speculation) Fact: Walsh is not the only horse. Have we heard any other facts from the other horses - NO. The NFL has chosen not to press the matter any further. Fact: BB lied to the commissioner that he misinterpreted the rules. Walsh (your horse) said the Pats were aware that they shouldn't get caught back in 2001. Fact: Walsh handed the tapes over to Ernie Adams after the game. Fact: The Patriots have been doing this since
  15. I didn't say i didn't believe you that they change their signals. Read my post closely. Your assumption, as the commissioner's, is that teams change their signals game to game. I agree with that premise. You as well as the commissioner conclude that because teams change their signals game to game videotaping the signals gives absolutely no competitive advantage. (The implication being the Pats broke the rules, but had no significance) Case closed - spygate is over. Hold on - wait a minute - BB is a football genius - everybody agrees. He is known as the most intense detailed orie
  16. If teams changed signals game to game and therefore taping signals had no benefit to a team for FUTURE games then why would BB waste Ernie Adams' time doing this if there was no benefit? Answer: Either you are incorrect and that the VIDEOTAPING of signals allowed a more comprehensive review particularly in the hands of GEEK Adams or they used them for assessment during the games. ( Remember the Pats had more than one video guy at the games and each one could have had different tasks and duties). The Patriots did get valuable info out of this - why else would BB have done this for EIGHT years!
  17. What amazes me about this situation is how reactive (ie.defensive) as opposed to proactive the NFL has been. Walsh today revealed that BB lied to the commissioner's face and he takes it sitting down. BB should be further punished for not being forthright about his actions - period BIG Message sent. Secondly - Walsh revealed that he handed the tapes to Ernie Adams. Has Adams been even questioned?? Was he one of the 50 people questioned? If not why not? The commissioner should have grilled the Pats personnel and left no stone unturned. Make no mistake this guy Ernie Adams got useable inf
  18. The official investigation may be, but not its ramifications: - Goodell created a PR nightmare by saying it was over after a 2 week investigation - Goodell punished the Patriots for taping defensive signals of the Jets and some perceived 'insignificant' 5 tapes from 2006 and 2007. It was revealed today that Goodell never personally reviewed the 5 other tapes. - Goodell then destroyed the evidence most of which he never personally reviewed. - it wasn't until the press and Sen Specter pressured the NFL was it officially revealed that BB had been doing this since the y
  19. What he does on his own personal time has no bearing on his greatness as a coach.
  20. And this justifies what?? What will come of Walsh's testimony is not simply the fact the Pats taped other coaches signals,but the veracity and sophistication in which it was pursued. BB besides being a narcissistic callous boob is totally dedicated to detail and extremes in execution. Make no mistake this taping was pursued with vigor and every damn possible advantage was squeezed out by his film psychos. It won't surprise me if Walsh testifies he left the field before halftime and gave the tapes to Patriot officials thus leaving open the possibility that they were broken down by the Pats staf
  21. QUOTE=The Troll;868104]Without the supposed Super Bowl walkthrough tape, this is pretty weak. I'm so embarrassed.
  22. I don't know if you caught Peter King's MMQB article last week but he had an interesting quote from BB: Quote of the Week II "Do what you love, and be ready to put everything you have into it ... There's no 'I' in cheat. There is an 'I' in 'videotaping' and what that 'I' stands for is immediate halftime adjustments.'' --New England coach Bill Belichick, in a speech to 3,200 students and townspeople at Salem State (Mass.) College on Wednesday night. The original quote which was as unoriginal as you can get and serious barf material: Quote of the Week II
  23. Denial - come you can say it - he focused on the other teams coaches by videotaping their signals which was against the rules which means he was cheating and at the very least being unethical. This did give the Pats a slight advantage at the very least in future games and quite possibly in halftime adjustments because we all know our coach would not invest such energy and detail if it did not. Now was that so hard.
  24. Bottom line - if BB was not a winning coach he would have been fired. Simple fact. Winning cures all ills and people are willing to look the other way. In the infamous words of South Park - if you cheat and are a winner you are clever and ingenious - if you cheat and are not successful you are a loser and will be punished. BB is a crap person - he deserves all the negative press. He's a delusional narcissistic a-hole in his own little world with his loyal following that can do know wrong or who make excuses for his boorish behaviour.
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