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  1. Fire Rex and higher Westhoff now - you would see this team shutup and give 100% no matter what the score or he would take your head off.
  2. This is the last straw for me. It's one thing to allow players to speak their minds it's another to bad mouth a fellow player in public - Tebow is obviously not the best QB out there but he is a good person and does not deserve this public ridicule from a mediocre team. Rex Ryan has to go - they need someone who will not take this crap from his players. This is embarrassing to say the least. Tebow deserves a better team and better teammates. Kudos to Slauson at least for puting it on the record.
  3. He is in his 5th year. He locks onto his receivers, he continually throws the ball behind his receivers - tipped balls from the recievers many times are caused by the QB throwing to the outer comfort zones of the receivers. It is inevitable that a tipped ball will happen. Again look at that ball that was intercepted just before half - even if it wasn't deflected it was thrown way behind Kerley. Same with the endzone pass that got tipped - look at the release - it was going nowhere near Schilens. This shouldn't be after all these years. He is too inaccurate too inconsistent.
  4. Officially off the Sanchez bandwagon. He's plain and simple too inaccurate. If you look at the pass to Kelsey before half ball would have thrown way behind him. Also the pass to to open Schillens was headed for Kelsey - check the replay. Don't get me started on the Cumberland and cromartie passes
  5. I suspect they're not confident about Pouha and thus brought Dixon back as security since this rookie is not ready to play.
  6. I didn't imply no head protection - all I'm saying is that improved equipment can give a false sense of security and increase risk of injury. The helmet is designed to protect the skull - not avoid concussions. At least that is the reality. Maybe the helmet prevents low impact low speed subclinical brain trauma but it ain't saving the brain at high speeds. This was meant to be an observation. Anyone who goes into football and not realizing that brain trauma is a risk is delusional - it is the reality and will never change as the game is played.
  7. There is only one real way to lessen serious injuries - it is actually to lessen the equipment. For years new equipment "protection" has improved to the point where players use the equipment as a weapon - using the helmet only increases the vulnerability of the brain and spine. No helmet will save the brain as long as there is speed and contact - the skull may stop but the brain keeps moving forward. Lessen the protection and individuals will learn to protect themselves.
  8. is it me or does this guy have a quick release?
  9. Leary, guard: versatilty McCray, safety Rainey, RB - if available
  10. It's a bird ........it's a plane No!! .............It's Tim Tebow
  11. A slight update: ROUND 1 # 16 overall ROUND 2 # 47 ROUND 3 # 77 Round 4 Tim Tebow ROUND 5 # 150 ROUND 6 # 185 (through IND via Philly - Drew Stanton trade) # 202 (compensatory) # 203 (compensatory) ROUND 7 # 232 (via Denver - Tebow trade) # 242 (compensatory) # 244 (compensatory)
  12. It just amazes me how people are afraid of change which is understandable. The West coast offense changed how the game was played offensively and there were many critics at the time. The Jets are changing how their offense will be played - right now offenses are too dependent on one person - a great qb if you are lucky to have one. Maybe just maybe the Jets may change how the game is played... or ...............and I think it's great.
  13. In the 4th round of the 2012 NFL draft the Jets draft................. Tim Tebow. Oh my god - what the hell are we doing!!!! The Jets will be using Tim Tebow the way he is meant to be. This is one of the more interesting and dynamic moves the Jets have made on many levels. The worst that happens is he is a 4th round bust. He will not make the Jets suck, but he may make them a much better team.
  14. Absolutely spot on - I have a friend who is a New England Patriot fan who is a huge Tebow fan - now he is interested in the Jets and the Tebow experiment. It's great - these guys who think they you have to be crucified to the cross to be true fan or else you're not is ridiculous. Tebow has the potential to be an integral part of this team both as an influence and a player. That's the way it is - some fans follow the team, some stay in the city ( Brooklyn vs Giants vs Yankees vs La, etc) some follow a personality. Tebow and the Jets is gold - I just hope they succede and shut these whiners up.
  15. This is an embarrassment - this is freakin' football!! I've been a Jet fan since 1965 - I love this move with Tebow. The reality is if this guy was some wise crackin' athletic type their would be alot more fans. He's a Christian - big deal and good for him - he's a great example and should be a touted example for the young kids!! Particularly in this day and age where anything goes is cool. How many of you guys went to college and saw mediocre football teams and players act like their sh*t didn't think? Far too many. Basically your average football personality is an a*hole. There aren't too many Curtis Martins in this world. Tebow is so refreshing in this day and age I applaud the Jets. They are willing to take chances and change the dynamics of their team. Screw the " embarrassment" with the contract/ trade details - we' ll never know the truth - those who hate the Jets will find ways to hate the Jets. I could care less. This guy is a winner both from a character perspective and a football player. This is fun - the Jets gave up a freakin' 4th rounder for Tebow. If the Patriots did this, the move it would be genius. Good luck to the Jets and welcome any new fans to the Jets - we are different and passionate and hope that the Jets are successful. And God be with you - oops sorry that's a bad thing and uncool thing to say in New York.
  16. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3PQYcD4UIh4 Jet Lag - Nazareth
  17. Any group gatherings in the DC area?
  18. http://www.nydailynews.com/sports/football/jets/2011/01/15/2011-01-15_expatriots_quarterback_steve_grogan_says_bill_belichick_giving_former_players_th.html Some reporter on cbssportsline wrote the Patriots must win and win big in order to shut the Jets up forever. Well this is the other side of the coin - this is why BB must lose (among many other reasons). I hate the whole approach - he's Captain Queeg and Ahab rolled into one. Not allowing charity contributions when a former player asks?? - class my a*s. You won't see these guys up here in NE discuss this. For some reason everybody's making out NE to be the Gold Standard as an organization - maybe in wins (with the help of a camera), but not in character. If the JETS win BB will be 5 -5 in the playoffs since his last SB - this game is big for many reasons.
  19. one of two things will happen - ryan will not be fired and Johnson & co will stick by their man - no strings attached. This is less likely particularly if there is more crap to come out. The drips and drabs have got to stop - don't care if it's right or wrong, personal or not personal, moral or immoral, stupid or not stupid,i don't care or i do care - bottom line it's an image to the public that johnson has to worry about. If there is more cr#p to come out it's bye bye after the season or the ryans have to come clean and apologize ( whether you think it is right or wrong) and hope it dies a pretty fast death.
  20. When did I say that? - or are you projecting by paraphrasing you joker?
  21. I think this issue has gone beyond random comments from strangers on the internet.
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