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  1. It’s about the team not the individual
  2. Hutchinson Neal Ekwonu Gardner its gonna be Neal or Ekonwu
  3. We will have to just disagree. The bust factor for Thibs is there. Much much lower for Ekwonu. Again I only go by what I read - many rate Ekwonu as an a can’t miss elite prospect.
  4. If the Jets feel their OL is “set” which I don’t think is the case they will try to trade out of #4. If the Jets draft Ekwonu or Neal then they are set for years to come. A brutal top tier OL
  5. Thibs is too much a gamble at #4 in my opinion. I believe it’s going to be Ekwonu. Ekwonu is an elite talent in a draft that is not full of elite talent. You cannot find anyone close to Ekwonu except Neal who will also be gone by #10. Gardner is very good by all accounts but again the separation from other CBs in this draft is not that great between Gardner and the others. I just can’t believe the Jets will pick a CB at #4 given their philosophy JD values OL and DL the most and in this case they have Ekonwu as an elite (“can’t miss”) prospect. That’s the kind of player you take at #4.
  6. From what I remember KC didn’t win the SB. You don’t base a draft on one potential opponent who you may meet once a year. Plenty of ways to nullify a talent like Hill
  7. Recovery from an ACL or Achilles injury is as much a psychological as well as a physical recovery. The first year back is rarely a full recovery and some never return to who they were. You don’t invest a first rounder who tore his ACL
  8. At #10 the Jets can get an equivalent WR or DE they would get at #4.
  9. The most assinine thing the Jets can do at #4 is pick a WR. At #4 you pick a no brainer. Someone you cannot get at #10. The Jets are picking an OL.
  10. If the jets don’t trade their #4 pick they are going to choose an elite talent that they cannot get at #10. It’s going to be an OL. They can get their DL/CB/WR at #10
  11. •OT at 4 (this is a slam dunk) •DE at 10 •WR at 35 •S/CB at 38
  12. Also don’t underestimate the impact of game disruption contributing to soft tissue injuries
  13. All good points. I’m just pointing out that American football has reached its ceiling. The NFL already knows American football is not going to catch on internationally. It has nowhere to go. They are looking at alternatives how to expand the “football “ market to increase participation competition for scholarships and of course $$$. Also it should be pointed out that it’s not only the decreased contact rules that is destroying football. TV is destroying football. Commercials. Sports that stop the action to have athletes stand around waiting for commercial breaks to finish. Ridiculous. That’s why I don’t go to live games any more. Stop start stop wait wait start. We make fun of soccer but there is continuity and flow. Ice hockey by far the best. Football is a total of 60 minutes of action and it takes over 180 minutes to play it
  14. Football is in decline - the rules, the perceived violence and injuries. They are looking to market and expand football and the only way to do that is to make it a non contact fast sport.
  15. https://www.forbes.com/sites/rogerpielke/2020/01/28/the-decline-of-football-is-real-and-its-accelerating/?sh=4a2c8062f372
  16. We shall see. It’s all about profit expansion and participation. Costs injury potential opting for non contact sports is now the focus of parents and children. Participation in American football has its pockets but American football as its stands has come close to its ceiling. The writing on the wall has been there for sometime. Purists might not like it but it’s changing for the worse.
  17. Bye bye Miss American Pie. This is the crack just the beginning. With this pansy woke society of ours American football is a dying sport. Actually most things American are. The integration of American football into non American markets is just a circus. Never will gain traction American football is losing its base support as fans but also childhood participation. Corporate investors care only about one thing: $$$ Flag football immediately gets millions of people involved both nationally and internationally. Everyone can play it - all you need is a football and a flag. It becomes as easy as basketball baseball and soccer. It becomes big $$$ - just wait say goodbye to the not so slow death of American football. It’s been happening already
  18. If the Jets don’t trade out of #4 then it is BPA and that will be OT. They can get their DE and WR at #10 or later
  19. Just look up WRs in general who have recovered from ACL injuries. Generally good results. Not worth a #4 gamble. A #10 gamble? yes. The guy I’m worried about is Lawson. Achilles are tough on DEs who rely on burst of speed to be effective
  20. Were the Jets willing to give Hill the same guaranteed $$$ and contract extension or did he want more because of the taxes? I have a sneaking suspicion JD gave KC what they wanted and Miami was listening but the Jets were never going to meet Hill’s demands
  21. The hell with Becton - what’s that guy in the background doing?
  22. What’s with Tim Ward DE - the guy the Jets picked up from KC? Any potential there?
  23. Great movie. in a similarly vane: ”We have to get this man to a hospital!” “What is it doctor?” ”It’s a building with about 200 beds filled with doctors and nurses” (I’m paraphrasing)
  24. Jets are not going to let the histrionics of the Buffalo KC game change their strategy. What they saw was a lack of discipline and absent defense. Jets are going to build solid depth on both lines and build from there. A $30 million/year WR is not in their plans. Like it or not the Jets are going to be the blue collar NFL competing against the NBA flavor of the month.
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