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  1. What I don't understand is why teams with the #1 pick hold out for exhorbitant trade value. IF you know that Bush is not going to be your pick and you know you can get Ferg, Williams,Hawk or whoever why not force a trade with another team by asking for LESS than the perceived trade value. For example, assuming the Jets want to trade up from #4 why not do it for their #4 and #29. It's a trade value bargain for the Jets, but the Texans still would get Williams or Ferg and still have an extra #29 pick. They would also pay less for their player. Baffling.
  2. My only mistake Texas made in my opinion is why didn't they trade out of the #1 pick if they are not going to draft RB. It's possible that they did try to trade out, but I would have gotten out of that #1 spot even if it meant losing a little value or trading for future picks. They are overpaying Williams and could have set themselves up with a little depth for the future.
  3. Given the fact that he wasn't held overnight one could rule out a head, neck injury, or serious concussion. Most probably he landed on his shoulder so things like a clavicle fx, AC joint subluxation/dislocation, rotator cuff tear, or a 'stinger' are high on the list. If he's lucky maybe he just was roughed up a bit.
  4. If the Jets trade down - Ngata. If they stay at #4 - Ngata.
  5. This is strictly a throw it up against the wall and hope it sticks pick.
  6. Rotation and flexibility are the key. Robertson is strong and quick enough to play DE on occasion. Also - if they go into a 4-3 alignment with Ellis-Robertson- Ngata- Thomas and the offensive scheme screams for a 3-4 as so adeptly called by Vilma, they could then switch Thomas out to OLB with Robertson at DE................. Or they could call a time out.
  7. The really only question is whether the Jets feel it is safe to trade down for this guy. My feeling is that they won't take the chance beyond #7, but then you risk someone trading up to get him. i guarantee you the Jets have him higher on the board than Williams, Ferguson and hawk - based on talent,impact, and need.
  8. He sucked big time with the 49ers. May have been an attitude problem. Assume Jets had a heart to heart with this guy - recommendation: lose some weight and come in with a nasty attitude or else this guy is history.
  9. This is the smart move. Low risk, high upside. Ellis,Robertson,Ngata,VonOlheffen,Pope,Thomas,Reed - it makes too much sense in establishing a potentially dominating front line that can switch from 3-4 to 4-3.
  10. Ngata will be the Jets first pick. It makes far too much sense in solidifying their defensive line - it's a relatively safe pick and more of an immediate impact pick.
  11. Agree - no Cutler, no Lienart , no Young. They all have too much bust factor for a large investment. NGATA (don't count out Bunkley) is the choice. QB comes in the 3rd round: Pennington-Ramsey-Whitehurst.
  12. To me the Jets draft mentality will be very similar to what the Patriots do. They will not become enamored with one player, like Bradway did with Robertson, and give up valuable picks in the early rounds. The Pats I believe traded down once in the late 1st round, however, they have an amazing capacity to collect future #3, #4 picks themselves by trading down. The Jets have too many needs to become infatuated by a star. I also feel they have a relatively low premium on players like Williams aka Abraham. Shore up the middle and you can send a variety of blitz packages - the keys are not necessarily the athleticsm of the blitzer to make it work, but rather the mismatches that are created.
  13. I've been saying this for some time now. If the Jets get Ngata or Bunkley they would have an unbelivable front 7. There is no doubt in my mind they are eyeing one of these two. Ideally, they would like to trade down to the #7 or #9 spot and pick up an extra pick if possible. If not, I agree they will not be afraid to pull the pin at #4.
  14. Agree with you from the perspective that the Jets will look for a QB around the 3rd or 4th round.
  15. Again, most of these guys who write these articles have no concept of what the Jets want to do. The key word/phrases Mangini keeps emphasizing are players who have flexibilty in their playing abilities and the Jets defense will be dictated by what the opposing offense presents in the general game planning and the immediate formation shown on the field. Therefore, you need guys who can transition into multiple formations or have specific roles for certain players who have a certain talent. If Robertson is sent out to play NT in the 3-4 for a presumed play, but the Jets audible because they see something in the offense formation that will create a mismatch ,ie. for Robertson, they then switch Robertson over to DE or trasition into a 4-3. If a mismatch is created it creates an opportunity for Robertson to succeed. He has that athletic flexibilty that Mangini is looking for in his players.
  16. The first pick is the toughest. I don't feel the Jets will go with a QB in their 1st pick. They trade down get two extra picks. I like the rest of your picks. Just a hunch - Denver will trade down with the Jets for the 15th and 22nd and maybe a midrounder next year. Denver's involvement in the Abraham trade seems to have left open the possibilty of 'more to come'.Is Denver interested in a QB, ie. who's the back up QB for them?
  17. I agree - the Jets should have forced Atlanta (since they wouldn't give up their 15th) to exchange picks with one of the top 10 teams in exchange for mid round picks - then Atlanta would give the top ten pick to the Jets.
  18. I thought the Jets had 9 picks. 4,29,35,71,102,116,133,194,200 - 2 1sts, 1 2nd,1 3rd, 2 4ths,1 5th, and 2 7ths
  19. We got taken to the cleaners! Can you imagine getting a 1st round pick for a player the Jets didn't want or want to pay?! Unbelievable.
  20. How about this - thank god you're not our GM. Let me get this straight - the Jets #4 , Abraham, and Ramsey for Atlanta's #15, Schaub, and a 3rd rounder??? So in essence we're trading Abraham to get a lower pick in the 1st round and a 3rd rounder. One last time - THE JETS WANT TWO 1ST ROUND PICKS or Abraham remains a Jet.
  21. Mr Bill it's time for our trick play - puppet in a red dress, on 1, no make that 4. Ooohhhh Nnnoooooooooo Mr Herm please don't, ohhhhh noooooooooo
  22. Another simple way to put it - we received 4 players for two players on paper. I still think it was a very good deal.
  23. You have to look at Mangini's schooling. Look at the Patriots. The key to their drafts is that they did not become enamoured with one particular prospect in the early rounds. They were content to see some guy get drafted knowing they had someone else of equal value to take. I do not see the Jets trading up. Given their cap problems I do not see them keeping their 4th pick. Look for them to trade down/ make trades to pick up multiple cheaper picks not only this year, but to get a couple of extra picks for next year. The Jets will have too many needs to get that one "great" "can't lose" pick. This will be a workman-like draft without the splash, but will get alot of talented nasty players (with good character of course). No qb in the 1st round. The Jets will select a qb in the later rounds.
  24. Ronnie Montrose - Bearings Steve Morse - High Tension Wires (not all acoustical, but some great songs and beautiful guitar)
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