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  1. If Darnold becomes the star we hope it really doesn’t matter much what philosophy Mac has. A great QB covers for a lot of ills. Brady does it for NE. The Pats won 6 SBs for primarily one reason - Brady. They never had the best OL they never had the best DL they never had that ‘must have’ edge guy(they did it by committee most times and were opportunistic). Darnold hopefully will be the Jets’ Brady. Mac has put Darnold in a position to succeed over the next two years. Our OL will be good enough because there Is a new philosophy of offense developing that will make them better. It i
  2. You draft BPA You draft BPA in the first round particularly top 10. Injuries, a bust, off to another team via free agency all may happen which all of a sudden leaves you with a need at a position that was viewed as a strength. If need meets BPA like last year with Darnold great otherwise BPA
  3. Agree Q Williams>>> J Williams. You don’t draft/reach for need at #3. If they happen to coincide (like last year) great. Otherwise take ‘the sure thing’.
  4. Tom Brady made that whole team better. His offense allowed the defense to play a one dimensional game most times, their offensive line was good because nobody gets the ball out faster than him (plus they get away with holding ). No Qb has enjoyed the continuity he has experienced. Hopefully Sam Darnold is our Tom Brady. If he is Mac is a genius
  5. Good god this is almost unbearable. Bottom line - if you don’t draft a generational QB your team most likely will not win. Last year Mac had the balls to trade away 3 2nd rounders for a chance at an elite QB. For that I applaud him and that’s why I like him. if he didn’t do that the Jets would be nowhere. He knew what QBs were coming out this draft and he made the right move last year. This is a better much better team.
  6. Mac got Fleeced! wait wrong save button. Macs the man!
  7. Now if you want to argue that giving away 3 2nd rounders for Darnold was stupi because it left the Jets without a 2nd this year that’s fine. So much that MAC plays it safe with that Darnold trade
  8. Point being it is obvious it would be insane for MAC to beat that offer for an unproven center. MAC did the right thing. It’s amazing that people just rail on him thinking he can snap his fingers and move up effortlessly
  9. It’s really a simple question. Mac calls to move up. Ok Mac New Orleans offered us their 2nd round, 6th round and their 2nd next year. Can you beat it? What would you do?
  10. This is so disingenuous. The New Orleans traded their 2nd round pick, 6th round pick and next year’s 2nd round pick. So you’re Mac - how do you match that trade proposal? Two thirds and next year’s first? For an unproven center? It wasn’t simply next year’s 2nd rounder.
  11. Yes because they knew Ferrel would be there at #4
  12. Love the simple JETS helmet logo. The uniform as a whole has a modern plus a throwback element to it.
  13. Don’t know anything personally about this guy but he seems earnest. A friend who is a big Steelers fan feels he will be at where he left off and effort will not be the issue. The best thing he said was how Darnold can help him. Interesting guy.
  14. Excellent singer on Hewitt-Lewis and the News
  15. Finally some sense. But I think you’re in the wrong thread. This one was reserved for the inpatients at Bellevue
  16. "Massage parlor not tattoo parlor, Aaron"
  17. The Jets knew that Kraft was hot for BB. Parcells resigned as head coach and according to contract automatically made BB the HC of the NY Jets. BB knew Kraft wanted him and like others said did not want to be under Parcells shadow anymore and wanted the Patriots job so he quit. Transitioning ownership did not help.
  18. This was simply about who was going to be Darnold’s mentor. Jets knew that Gase was a given. I bet McCarthy was having Macadoodledo come with him and the Jets were having none of it.
  19. https://www.sportingnews.com/au/nfl/video/ian-rapoport-new-york-jets-didnt-offer-head-coach-job-to-matt-rhule/vsl006fc07yf1ea53uq18o6if
  20. The only reason he was fired was because he made fun of Obama's immigration plan
  21. great video. Do you know who / where that is?
  22. oh good another thread why Gase sucks
  23. Hardly a shred. Well balanced actually
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