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  1. This is one of my favorite picks of the draft. STs are vital and this guy is a weapon. 

    what makes this pick so great is that JD manipulated the draft to get 10 picks thus making a pick for a punter sensible and “excusable”. If the Jets only had 5 or 6 picks you could make a stronger argument for not drafting a punter.

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  2. 39 minutes ago, Barton said:

    Jesus Christ help us if Douglas thinks Perriman is going to be a stud WR. Honestly.

    Some of the comments in this thread crack me up. Berrios? Vincynt Smith? These guys are dime a dozen fringe roster players.

    Guys, right now Darnold is gonna drop back with a rookie LT, a reject RT from the seahawks, and he's gonna scan the field looking for a receiver to get open, with Crowder being THE ONLY proven NFL receiver on this roster who can get open consistently. 

    The current WR corps is so bad/unproven, it's comical. The Oline might not be much better either.

    Every draft pick is unproven in the NFL

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  3. 1 hour ago, JetBlue said:

    I sorry but I am very disappointed we didn't take at least one other wide out.  I guess Joe must be REAL confident in Perriman.   We had DPJ and AGG among others staring us in the face and passed on them, over and over and then took a punter instead of Quez Watkins who went like 8 picks later!!  Look I love a lot of what JD did this draft but I hope this doesn't come back to haunt him.   Even Juaun Jennings went to the 49ers in the 7th.   You mean to tell me we couldn't have used a guy like him?  But Joe traded the other 6 round pick and 7th for another Colts Cornerback.    I guess I understand that a starting caliber corner is might be considered my valuable than what ever you can get in the 6th or 7th round but still...  

    I also think we left a lot of good players on the board in the 4th round.  Considering this was his first draft, I will cut him a little slack but taking only one receiver in this draft drops his grade to B minus.    Again, I am hoping having all those picks and then passing over so many top ranked players doesn't come back to haunt us.   What do you guys think.  Sorry but I'm a little bummed at the moment.  

    I know and to think that the Patriots didn’t draft one receiver. How bad is that!

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  4. 4 minutes ago, Warfish said:

    Here is the explanation: 

    WR was hoarded early and often, and all the LEGIT good ones were gone (for the most part) BEFORE we even got to our 2nd Round pick.

    I'm not going to weep over not picking the 30th rated WR prospect.

    Don't get me wrong, even with Mims the Jets today are still likely the worst WR unit in the NFL, and I'm not happy about that.

    But sometimes it is what it is, and expecting Douglas to trade away everything to get another WR is unrealistic given how thin this team was.

    JD eas smart and efficient, and he's filled ALOT of desperate need holes with athletic prospects.  Will they all hit, probably not.

    But overall it's been a very good draft.

    Maybe JD likes our WRs that are here. He has just as much tape on them as a draft pick

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  5. team logo
    NYJ 11.
    Mekhi Becton
    OT  Louisville
    NYJ 48.
    Tee Higgins
    WR  Clemson
    NYJ 68.
    Chase Claypool
    WR  Notre Dame
    NYJ 79.
    Keith Ismael
    C  San Diego State
    NYJ 120.
    Cameron Dantzler
    CB  Mississippi State
    NYJ 158.
    Bryce Hall
    CB  UVA
    NYJ 191.
    Malcolm Perry
    RB Navy
    NYJ 211.
    Thakarius Keyes
    CB  Tulane
  6. It always amazes me how people assume players remain static in their capabilities and therefore will suck because he won’t develop. I’m quite certain the Jets coaching staff reviewed films of Fant over the last 2-3 years and saw a raw athlete developing into a good lineman. No different than when they are assessing draft picks. The Jets coaching staff see something in this guy. Surprise player of the year.

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  7. 19 minutes ago, HawkeyeJet said:

    Do you think Josh Allen is a key reason for the Bills being a playoff team?

    I think anytime you have a strong defense and OL like Buffalo it gives any QB a chance to win. Allen at this stage is not a QB that will carry his team on his back, but the defense gives him a chance to win though I think it’s a 50-50 coin flip.

    This is probably a homer comment but I think Darnold has more potential to carry a team. What I do know if Darnold was playing for Buffalo they would still be in the playoffs and more of an offensive team and if Allen was playing for the Jets he’d be in a hospital bed.


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