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  1. No excuses - I don’t care who is at QB. This is a team game so I expect the D and STs to come up big with a solid conservative offense. 4 FGs and 2 Touchdown for the Jets. 26-17 victory
  2. Scouting report: Cockslam has flexibility and has already shown he can play LT or RT, which is great. He has a nearly ideal size and could easily put more weight on, which I think indicates he can continue improving as he gets stronger and fills out. He does have a lighter lower half and that showed up a bit in his ability to maximize his extension during run blocking. I am not sure that he is a pure plug and play guy right off the bat, but I do think he is an excellent scheme fit for us due to his fluid athleticism and immediate response to contact. . In fact, I didn't see any LTs who did a better job of getting to the second level than Cockslam according to his teammates and cheerleaders. He regularly made it there and rarely whiffed. He moves very well for his size, which was easy to see on the tape and was confirmed by his Pro Day numbers, especially the short shuttle. I think Cockslam plays and looks bigger in the passing game than the run game, so that's a slight knock against him and why I do not have him higher.
  3. Yes - he’s LEARNED how to play it if necessary. Whether you think he’s skillful enough is another story
  4. Your’re not serious with this response. When it comes to forming a team to their liking and fielding a team to meet their philosophy I would say the coaching staff is the end all be all. Whether the Jetnation experts like it or not the coaches see more know more about these guys than we do.
  5. What amazes me is that people assume there is no growth from last year. The coaches see these guys every day and as they say he is also a good special teamer. I don’t get the heartache about this guy
  6. Is an injured draft pick a bust or unlucky.? To me a true bust is someone who stays healthy but never makes it - Gholston comes to mind. I don’t think you can call an injured player a true bust? Wasn’t Clarke doing well before a serious injury? i realize the end result is the same - they don’t contribute, but if we are judging the ability to draft talent injuries have to be put into a different category. Plus the 2020 draft did not have Douglas’s people doing the scouting PS Davis is not a bust
  7. Pundits called it a genius move
  8. Duke case was different. It was primarily racial with the media and politicians trying to destroy those kids. Plus it was all fabricated. This case has a statutory rape angle so it doesn’t make a bit of difference whether it was consensual. Now if none of this happened then that’s a whole different story but I don’t think that’s the case
  9. Araiza is not subject to punishment from the NFL because the alleged assault happened before he was drafted. Alleged misconduct that occurs before a player enters the NFL is not included in the terms of the league's Personal Conduct Policy agreed to by the players union. This will fall solely on the hands of Bills https://buffalonews.com/sports/bills/bills-punter-matt-araiza-accused-of-rape-in-civil-lawsuit-in-california/article_171ae48a-24c9-11ed-b936-13efce9cffa9.html
  10. No matter what the truth it’s not a good look for the NFL. At best the three college men had a consensual orgy with a high school student. At worst…. The NFL does not want this and does not need this. Given the present electrically charged environment out there the woman is to be believed. It has become obvious that he did have sex with her (along with his buddies) - this will not end well unless she fabricated the whole story which is not the case.
  11. Agree. Whoever mans this team has no excuses ( unless the defense craps the bed)
  12. In my opinion the nfl defenses are too fast and too strategic to rely on #2. Recognition is the key
  13. Nice post. Hopefully if #2 is successful they incorporate #1 intellect into their game. #2 is very difficult to be consistent for the reasons you give
  14. The only way to know if Wilson is an NFL QB is to play him this year - win lose or draw. Get a full body of work - no excuses.
  15. Totally agree. He has the smarts - need to know if it translates to the field and that can only develop with continued exposure and experience. Then you know. Sitting on the sidelines and studying film only gets you so far.
  16. I really think if Wilson gets in the games this year the Jets will know by the halfway point or maybe slightly later. True tests come against teams like NewEngland and Buffalo- they disguise and force you to go through your progressions quickly. Also I think it was Tom Brady said 3/4 of the time he knows which receiver is getting the ball as he sets up at the line of scrimmage - so many times it’s not progression but recognition. That is why sometimes it looks like they are reading their progressions rapidly but in reality they already know the 3rd option is getting the ball
  17. This is the year. If you see inconsistency no ability to read progressions then you know. Mac Jones can do his progressions fairly well. That is a given but he’s limited talent wise. so we shall see
  18. I don’t think you guys are disagreeing. You don’t think Wilson will figure it out where’s he’s optimistic he will and if so will be a top tier QB. That’s my hope BUT I too worry about his processing ON the field. In the classroom he has it all in his head, but down on the field it’s a different perspective and it’s paramount he makes quick decisions (the right ones). I worry that he doesn’t make the progressions quick enough in real time. Still he needs more time to show us what he can do or not do
  19. There is alot of hysteria on this board BUT the jury is still out on Wilson being a franchise QB
  20. Unfortunately have a bad feeling about Wilson. He just cannot transfer his knowledge from the classroom to the field. Playing at eye level with bullets flying is a lot different than classroom diagrams and overhead stadium pictures of formations. That’s a false impression because you play at eye level. He knows the plays but….He will tease us with great plays every now and then but will lack consistency.
  21. More like unrealistic expectations by a New York Jets fan and a dose of reality
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