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  1. “He (Gase) is very, very bright,” Martz, the former Rams head coach, told The Post last week. “He has terrific leadership. I think he’s mature beyond his years. I think he has a very engaging personality. I give him high marks in everything" Who is this guy Martz? What a dink.
  2. Solid hire> Let's hope his potential comes to fruition. Key will be to get a good defensive scheme.
  3. You should try it. This board is a bunch of hysterical wannabe GMs. Any coach that was hired you could just copy and paste this thread. Hell its pretty much the same thread as when everyone thought Rhule was going to be the coach.
  4. Love it. Experience. Innovation and most importantly Darnold will thrive. This guy is gonna rock. Can’t wait to see his staff.
  5. Any coach not signed by the Jets is a great coach. The coach the Jets hire sucks
  6. The film makes the assumption that he doesn't have the power to audible because he doesn't do it. What if he does?
  7. I think Darnold hurt his ankle early on with a sack. He suffered a left high ankle sprain and was having a tough time stepping into his passes. Leads to inaccuracies and overthrows. just my thoughts.
  8. you're old fashioned, but I agree 100% with you.
  9. What was everyone's opinion of Leonard William's play/
  10. I'm sorry penalties are ruining this game plus they are somewhat inconsistent and subjective in their calls. If they go back to the old way of blocking, ie. OL cannot grab jerseys you will see less penalties and more dynamic defenses. It's pathetic.
  11. Who said anything about no commercials or advertising.
  12. 1. Improve viewing flow of game. Stop with replays, stop commercial timeouts. No commercials except after TD or FG. Non stop flow of plays. 3+ hours viewing of a 60 minute game Torture. 2. Go back to basic blocking. OL should not be able to grab onto jerseys. Holding will drop drastically. 3. Allow WRs to be hit after 5 yards.
  13. They really need to change the flow. Decrease commercials drastically: rather have sponsors for each quarter that are announced flashed on the screen. No stoppage during a drive. Run 1 minute commercial after each TD or FG only with the teams ready to kickoff as commercial ends. After a change in possession, ie. punt, you only get 45 seconds to run the next play. Stop reviews except for TDs. Change the blocking rules. Do not allow offensive lineman to hold jerseys. Go back to the old style of blocking. Holding calls would drop drastically. Let defense hit WRs after five ya
  14. Horrible. The only reason I stay is because I'm a strong Jet fan. To the neutral fan it must be a terrible product. Too many flags too many stoppages.
  15. See Head Coaching Candidates for 2019 thread for a dose of reality about this board.
  16. Agree. If Bowles doesn't deliver he's gone, or should be. Personally I don't buy into that Bowles doesn't care - just a different personality/ ego.
  17. That's correct - that is my assumption. It's an opinion. I'm looking at this as relative to the Jets from within, not relative to other teams.This is a better defense than last year (whether it is good defense relative to other teams is a matter of opinion) thus we should see improvement. I have not seen any "flash" from Bowles to suggest that he has the "it" factor. Good coaches should do well with less. If the defense performs poorly then in my opinion Bowles is mediocre and the potential of the individuals/ team defense has not been met.
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