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  1. https://www.sportingnews.com/au/nfl/video/ian-rapoport-new-york-jets-didnt-offer-head-coach-job-to-matt-rhule/vsl006fc07yf1ea53uq18o6if
  2. The only reason he was fired was because he made fun of Obama's immigration plan
  3. great video. Do you know who / where that is?
  4. “He (Gase) is very, very bright,” Martz, the former Rams head coach, told The Post last week. “He has terrific leadership. I think he’s mature beyond his years. I think he has a very engaging personality. I give him high marks in everything" Who is this guy Martz? What a dink.
  5. Solid hire> Let's hope his potential comes to fruition. Key will be to get a good defensive scheme.
  6. You should try it. This board is a bunch of hysterical wannabe GMs. Any coach that was hired you could just copy and paste this thread. Hell its pretty much the same thread as when everyone thought Rhule was going to be the coach.
  7. Love it. Experience. Innovation and most importantly Darnold will thrive. This guy is gonna rock. Can’t wait to see his staff.
  8. Any coach not signed by the Jets is a great coach. The coach the Jets hire sucks
  9. The film makes the assumption that he doesn't have the power to audible because he doesn't do it. What if he does?
  10. I think Darnold hurt his ankle early on with a sack. He suffered a left high ankle sprain and was having a tough time stepping into his passes. Leads to inaccuracies and overthrows. just my thoughts.
  11. you're old fashioned, but I agree 100% with you.
  12. What was everyone's opinion of Leonard William's play/
  13. I'm sorry penalties are ruining this game plus they are somewhat inconsistent and subjective in their calls. If they go back to the old way of blocking, ie. OL cannot grab jerseys you will see less penalties and more dynamic defenses. It's pathetic.
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