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  1. They really need to change the flow. Decrease commercials drastically: rather have sponsors for each quarter that are announced flashed on the screen. No stoppage during a drive. Run 1 minute commercial after each TD or FG only with the teams ready to kickoff as commercial ends. After a change in possession, ie. punt, you only get 45 seconds to run the next play. Stop reviews except for TDs. Change the blocking rules. Do not allow offensive lineman to hold jerseys. Go back to the old style of blocking. Holding calls would drop drastically. Let defense hit WRs after five ya
  2. Horrible. The only reason I stay is because I'm a strong Jet fan. To the neutral fan it must be a terrible product. Too many flags too many stoppages.
  3. See Head Coaching Candidates for 2019 thread for a dose of reality about this board.
  4. Agree. If Bowles doesn't deliver he's gone, or should be. Personally I don't buy into that Bowles doesn't care - just a different personality/ ego.
  5. That's correct - that is my assumption. It's an opinion. I'm looking at this as relative to the Jets from within, not relative to other teams.This is a better defense than last year (whether it is good defense relative to other teams is a matter of opinion) thus we should see improvement. I have not seen any "flash" from Bowles to suggest that he has the "it" factor. Good coaches should do well with less. If the defense performs poorly then in my opinion Bowles is mediocre and the potential of the individuals/ team defense has not been met.
  6. Don't you love guys who go round to round identifying Jet draft picks that are a "bust" and then ID players drafted after the Jets pick that are at the moment successful yet do not id the other busts that come after (or before) - hindsight is wonderful. In my opinion the Jets have built decent foundations at certain positions through the draft ( all picks on draft day incl the post draft FAs) which are only going to get better: QB/WR/TE on offense; DL/LB/CBs/safeties on defense. Mac is doing what he said he is going to do and has developed good foundations in these areas though man
  7. Goodell: "Hey I know how we can get people to come back to the NFL and forget the National Anthem crisis - male cheerleaders!"
  8. On the negative side thought Atkinson looked slow and Donahue just appears not to have that explosive first step you look for in a pass rusher plus he looked gassed.
  9. Missed that one too. Oh well. Sorry guys. Forgot to take my meds. Can't keep track of these conversations. Go jets?
  10. You lose. Is this what this board is about? Seems like it is with the "In Crowd". (Substitute for clique which rhymes with dick by the way - very clever by your buddy) If it makes you feel better you got me - by the way which one of you is Roger? Always love it when you guys make a point of knowing and responding to each other's real names.
  11. Not really much to it. Breathing just fine but I'll take notes from you and try to impress you next time. So disappointing you didn't like it. I want so desperately to be part of the click.
  12. New York Jets Opening Day. Chris Johnson, CEO of the NYJ is there to meet his players as they exit the tunnel: Johnson: "Good luck IC" Crowell: "Thx Mr. Johnson" Johnson: "What's with the knee pads?" Crowell: "It hurts when I kneel" Johnson: "Oh I see - just to let you know we are charged by the minute" Johnson: "Hey Darnold, welcome to your first NFL game - what's with the sign?" Darnold: " Legal Immigration Not Illegal Aliens- Can't thank you enough for letting us speak our mind" Johnson: " Can't you at least change it to undocumented immig
  13. I just think he feels it's not worth investing prime $$ on a RB. He's not alone in this way of thinking. He may have underperformed but it was a poor team. Game circumstances may have biased his performance such as stacking the box or having to pass ... I think it was a clever gamble. He's not going to be awful and at the very least he will be serviceable with Powell and McGuire. I do like the signing. Not a fan of tweets but hopefully that will fade.
  14. Spoke with a couple of Steelers fans. They went early in the draft on safeties. There is a trend toward smaller faster defenses with safeties as a premium. This is the direction the Steelers are going. Can it be the Jets are ahead of the curve?
  15. Missed your sarcasm - sorry. Yes we are bad people
  16. "I'm going to give you the real deal: I'm an American, I don't desecrate my flag and my national anthem. I'm not gonna do anything against the flag and national anthem. I'm going to work within those situations. But this is my country, and I'll work out the problems, but I'll do it in an intelligent manner." - Jim Brown He is no conservative and a very active civil rights advocate.
  17. I wonder to. To me the NFL has opened a can of worms. Goodell is not a great leader. To me it's simple, provide players like they do with charities an outlet to pursue their desires and passions. If they want to stop police brutality, form a team to work with police and black communities. Keep it away from game day. The NFL made the rule, not me.
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