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  1. Me too, mate. I'm right there with you mang.
  2. Virgin? are you a pedophile, mate?
  3. And a **** filled mouth who's also very hairy for a young girl. sounds like a certain moderator in drag.
  4. Hey mate! it's good to be back! thankerdoodles mang!
  5. Hey Panzerdoodles! how's it goin mate?
  6. Is this the horse racing forum?
  7. are you gonna be the guest referee? lol
  8. what does that mean, i dont know what it means, look it up maybe?? but again, youre still not making sense as to how me not saying the word mate in a certain amount of posts represents poor decision making, but thats a big shocker.
  9. you're not making any sense. what does whether ive said in my last 9.5 posts have to do with whether i was justifiably banned there or not??? and in turn, what does if i say the word or not have anything to do with my decision making abilities, and how does that relate to me getting banned there for saying the word???
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