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  1. Justifiably being banned from a private message board..what exactly does that mean??:lol:

    what does that mean, i dont know what it means, look it up maybe?? but again, youre still not making sense as to how me not saying the word mate in a certain amount of posts represents poor decision making, but thats a big shocker.

  2. You're the one whining and crying about being banned for something you don't even say anymore..that says a lot about your decision making abilities,''mate'':lol:

    you're not making any sense. what does whether ive said in my last 9.5 posts have to do with whether i was justifiably banned there or not??? and in turn, what does if i say the word or not have anything to do with my decision making abilities, and how does that relate to me getting banned there for saying the word???

  3. Who needs to search..they're all in here..you're getting a little defensive, ''mate'' :lol:

    no, im not getting defensive. just stating the obvious. its not shocking that youd be tallying up how many posts ive gone without saying it, and then maybe after you can hold an election for how many stars each thread gets

  4. I guess you are technically challenged. This isn't rocket science.

    Here is the easy way: If you have a cable modem unplug it and then plug it back in. New IP address for you.

    If you have a static IP go to one of the thousands of websites that mask your IP address.

    its not a cable modem, i mean its like a cable that is connected to the wall on the colleges network or whatever...

  5. That horse had more talent in it's right front hoof than any of those dead a$$ rappers yo.

    yeah, so what the **** is that supposed to mean?? more disrespect coming from a keyboard that is absolutely ignorant about the situation??? or am i missing something

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