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  1. whats that supposed to mean, mate?
  2. not when youre getting a feel for the city!!!!
  3. o, there are bad drivers everywhere, so theres always the opportunity of getting angry, but im talking about not having to be anywhere, not needing good driving from others to get you to your destination, im just talking about driving for no reason to get a feel for the city!!!!
  4. i think im gonna post this on TGG too!!!
  5. any city Bill. in my case, i love getting a feel for Gloversville, not on a daily basis, but i certainly do it often. what about your city?? do you like getting a feel for your city, or do you just only drive when you have to go somewhere??
  6. Bill- you seem like a get a feel for the city kinda guy?? do you agree with the practice or disagree?
  7. lol. im trying to have a serious discussion here!!!!!
  8. come on, im serious about this. what is your opinion about getting a feel for the city?
  9. i just realized today how big of a proponent i am of getting a feel for the city. you know, just driving around for no reason, listening to music, and getting the feeling for a city of 16,000 people that youve lived in your whole life. it doesnt matter that youve lived there your whole life, its still good to drive around for no reason and get a feel for the city, no matter what city it is, no matter how long you have lived there, or if youve never lived there. what are your takes on getting a feel for the city??
  10. Go ahead as you waste your days with thinking When you fall everyone sins Another day and you've had your fill of sinking With the life held in your Hands are shaking cold These hands are meant to hold Speak to me, when all you got to keep is strong Move along, move along like I know you do And even when your hope is gone Move along, move along just to make it through Move along Move along So a day when you've lost yourself completely Could be a night when your life ends Such a heart that will lead you to deceiving All the pain held in your
  11. noperdoodles, but i have considered upgrading to the Seahawks and the Patriots
  12. what's this about mate?? because i have an opinion and am not afraid to speak it that somehow makes me a bad poster??? come on!!!
  13. come on, its not that big a deal. id rather have him on the coaching staff, lol
  14. Vinny is the greatest quarterback of all time, is what im really trying to say
  15. sofa king childish, you guys are!
  16. wait a minute, you're 18 and you just got your permit?? wtf
  17. good stuff, but why would Cottrell be with the Vikings, didnt they fire him before the start of the year??
  18. Vinny is a way more influential character in history than that guy
  19. Vinny Testaverde- you're my hero!!!
  20. hey mate, im good, how bout you??
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