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  1. i dont wanna close my eyes, i dont wanna fall asleep, cuz i miss you baby, and i dont wanna miss a thing!!! (that armageddon song, lol)
  2. i'll gladly take you up on that offer mate!! your avatar is a true compilement of the, and some of the greatest players ever to play the game. congrats mate!!
  3. he's a good guy. he's one of the THREE diehard Vinny fans there, lmfao
  4. ahh, ya make enough of em, and once in a while it happens, what can i say, mate?
  5. not as good as having a degree in bowling!
  6. if that ever happened, id have to go out in the real world and make some friends or something!!
  7. sorry mate, i like to create drama sometimes!!!!!
  8. great. you simply dont know what youre talking about though, so id just simply refrain from the subject!
  9. Bleedin', o Bleedin', i miss you already mate!!!
  10. no, i fail to see the irony. this horse is simply as gutty as it gets, he is a tremendous horse, who is part of this tremendous game known as horse racing which deserves respect, not your stupid glue factory pictures.
  11. lol, im not sure if leading a messageboard in posts for a day by 30 posts is necessarily a good thing, but alright, tanks for the compliment mate!
  12. dayumn, talk about racking up posts!!! lmao http://www.jetnation.com/forums/misc.php?do=topposters
  13. holy crap, i got the most posts on the website in the last 24 hrs by THIRTY POSTS. wow
  14. lol, if he reads all the "threads", then yes, he must know who you are mate!!! j/k
  15. Paul- we need ya to come to this meetin!
  16. hahahahahaha, First MATE, great stuff!!!!!!
  17. is saying that Sooth is to JI what Max is to JN a correct analogy?? or would that result in banishment for putting your names in the same sentence?? lol
  18. apparently he is like the Sooth of JN, would be my guess!
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