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  1. wow, calm down Jake "The Snake"!!!!!
  2. o my lord, that freaking pedophile is at it AGAIN!!!
  3. is that you in that pic in your sig mate??
  4. lol, he told me if i dont like his rules maybe i should start my own site and then i could decide what people can and cant say!!! unfortunately, i dont have the ambition too, nor the knowledge of how to start my own messageboard, mate!!!! do you wanna give me JN by any chance??
  5. nahh, i rarely start(ed) threads, only about things like Vinny or other things, but i never started threads about "mate" i just called people mate when i replied to them, ya know, in a good way, we're all mates, we're all Jets fans. apparently my pal Sooth didnt see it that way, i mean its not like mate isnt a curse word or isnt offensive or anything!!
  6. screw that mate. what are you, a freaking simpleton??
  7. your avatar is EXTREMELY menacing
  8. yes, it is good news. the problem was that setback last week
  9. interesting point, but, yepperdoodles is in my arsenal, just mate is!!! and thats the way it is!!!
  10. i'm sorry mate, but its jsut that this is like moving from one school to another. its an adjustment, its a transition period!!!!!
  11. i miss JI!!!!!!! WAHHHHH WAHHHH WAHHHHHHH (insert crying icon that JI wouldve had)
  12. but, but, but.... at JI, you could post this in the front page, mate!!!
  13. Barbaro news and updates A week after a setback in his recovery from a broken knee and bout of laminitis, Barbaro continues to gradually improve, according to the latest report from the University of Pennsylvania's New Bolton Center.
  14. doubt it. i started saying mate before you did, on JI. so BACK OFF, mate!!!
  15. stop saying mate, mate, the use of the word mate without the expressed written consent of Jetfan16 inc is strictly prohibited!!!
  16. go on JI and say the word "mate" a few times!!
  17. 3-0 in the preseason, we go to Giants Stadium, and we're losing 31-23 to the Giants, what the **** is up with that???
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