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  1. no mate, i am not a member of any chowd affiliated websites!!! unfortunately, i am and will always forever be a Vinny Testaverde disciple, theres no way around it!
  2. i gathered that based on the description under your name!!! but jesus christ, i guess it must be a sign that saying the word is wrong when an Australian is telling me to stop saying it!!! DAMNIT:Cuss: :Cuss: :Cuss:
  3. ill see what i can do mate!!! yes, that it is funny that he used those words in his PM. what a freaking hypocrite!!!
  4. what's your point?? hey, if there are Australians on here, that means the less likely i'll get banned for using the word mate!!!!
  5. actually, i started using the word mate because a friend of mine started using it for some reason, and i got hooked on it mate!!! no points intended to sooth or any of JI, its just a solid word. but, as i said in my PM to him, the problem isnt the word mate, the problem is their blatant attempt (and success) at restricting free speech. thats the problem. i mean, if they cant handle a word like mate and act like it's offensive, i dont know, but it just speaks volumes about some of them. but, whadayagonnado mate!!!
  6. here are most of the PM's, except for my first 2 or so, mate!!! His- Seriously, knock off the mate crap. You are doing it just to annoy people and I am getting PM's about it. If you don't stop, I'm going to be forced to ban you. Also, if you b*tch about it on the board you are definitely banned. Don't test me, bro. I've just about lost patience with you. Act like an adult. No, actually very UN-interesting and downright annoying. The fact that it's 11:30 at night and I have to deal with e-mails about this childish bullsh*t. Grow up Bubba, or post on other b
  7. lol, go figure that one mate! we exchanged about 4 PM's, i tried to ask as nicely as humanly possible what is wrong with saying the word mate, and then i explained to him how ridiculous it is to restrict free speech on a word like that. anyway, after the last 2, he didnt even answer, so then today at like 2 o clock or so, i PMd him saying the overwhelming silence would indicate how right i am!! then a while after, i assume when he got it, he pulled the trigger. o well
  8. wait a second, this place is Australia?? so i can say the word "mate"!!!! **** YEAH!!!
  9. heyyo JN!!!! i was banned for saying the word "mate"!!!!!!!
  10. 100 bucks says he makes a post on JI about how he'll never post here again, rotflmao
  11. Jetfan16- calling some mate from England bad names, although i think its only a one day deal mate!!
  12. did you get the a permanent boot, or just a one day timeout?
  13. it's a good site with a lot of good people, really. but some person with 10 posts from England (not that thats relevant) to me said something that was blatantly stupid regarding the game, then called me a moron, and i wasnt in a great mood so i let him have it. whether its permanent or not, i dont know, thats their call i guess... why these 2 sites hate each other so much is ridiculous, we're all Jets fans no matter what. btw, Tex was banned before the first New England game, and then posted on here that he'd never post on JI again, but then after we beat them he came back.
  14. i got canned there for calling a moron some names that he clearly deserved because he had no idea what the hell he's talking about, the Jets just lost a playoff game, and im not particularly in the mood for people saying idiotic things. o well, i guess i can now move into elite company with TEX!!!!
  15. i dont know any context about that, but it seems like he probably is telling the truth, kind of despicable that people would gang up on someone like that, telling him to die, etc.
  16. those mother****ing piece of **** chowds can all go to hell!!! ****
  17. then explain the quote "For Curtis Martin? Yeah." in regards to whether or not he would let Curtis try for a comeback next year. it would be nice for Curtis to come back in a limited role next year, no doubt about it.
  18. Espn's midseason comeback player of the year!!!! who'da thunk it:Nuts:
  19. I've got a strange feeling that you are member at a Dolphins board with like 17,382 posts where you're saying the Dolphins are going to get manhandled on sunday, that Culpepper has a noodle leg, and always chokes against the top defenses, lol.
  20. aka Jetsrock16 at the ganggreen.com, good times.
  21. if the chowds sign Vinny, i would expect him to be starting week 4 after brady gets killed by the bengals. its simply too late in teh week for VT to absorb the playbook before sunday. but a week will be plenty of time. if the chowds sign Vinny, we better just forfeit the season.
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