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  1. i dont even really care what the wonderluck test is about, but ill bet Vinny set the all time record for highest score on it, just like he did with most consecutive seasons with a TD pass.
  2. please stop promoting other boards.
  3. obviously you aren't that swift. anyone that uses the phrase "shouldn't of," clearly isn't of einstein material, and quite frankly, isn't in any position to be commenting about what a kid should have, or should not have expected vis-a-vis taking a school course. but that's beside the point. the fact of the matter is that if you are taking a mid term, the last thing you want to have to deal with is bull**** like sitting on the floor and being ridiculed by fellow students. i commend the kid for even going through with that. i know if that was me that i would've told the teacher to go **** himsel
  4. Yes, yes, that's exactly what i do. well then i just have to ask, why cant the customers take the specifications and give them to the engineers? ill tell you why... because, engineers, are not good, at dealing with people. So, you physically take the specs from the customers and give them to the engineers? Well no, my secretary does that, I mean, sometimes i do, or the fax.. What would you say, you do here???? Well look, i already told you, i deal with the goddamn customers so the engineers dont have to. I have people skills, i am good at dealing with people, what the hell is wrong with you p
  5. Bill, how much time a week would you say you actually spend dealing with these TPS reports?? Yeah...
  6. not a chance. btw, Vinny has more yards than Montana, who has more yards than Brady, so there are the hard facts as to why Vinny is better than both.
  7. one of the things about tex that is extremely pathetic is, that he is so enamored with The Jets and their fans, penny boy wonder, hermy, etc, that whenever Jets fans slam him, he doesn't give a ****, but when one of his own pats fans ever argues with him, he has a complete hissy fit. it's quite comical actually, tex really is a Jets fan pretending to be a pats fan, thats why he doesnt participate in pats fans circle jerks, he's all too happy to have 23,000 posts combined on two Jets messageboards that i know of (and god knows how many other Jets and/or other afc east messageboards.)
  8. wait just a second there chief, you do realize that tex posts here too?
  9. anyone who disses Vinny Testaverde
  10. id like that too, that movie was a pile of trash.
  11. screw cutler, he went 6-19 in the senior bowl. we should just stick with Vinny Testaverde instead, hes better, plus hes already in his prime, hes not some project that we're going to have to groom for years to take over the starting job.
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