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  1. has anybody watched the tribute videos on the thoroughbred racing site?
  2. not an obsession?? then what the **** is it. remember, i said if you say the word kaysar again, i was going to block you, and what did you promptly do??? said the word kaysar again. i dont give a **** about kaysar, he sucks, i dont give a **** about his chats, they suck.
  3. ahh, but i still like JI. no matter the fact that im lifetime banned over there, i will always be fond of the place and all but a few of the posters there. paulie started the thread to see what was going on with so many people getting banned there so quickly, so i dont see why you want the thread closed so badly...
  4. jesus christ, will you just shut the **** up already?? nobody gives a **** about kaysar or your stupid obsession with him
  5. the difference was the Rams were at home playing for a playoff birth, the Falcons were home for their game against the Rams in the playoffs, i mean really, are you just this stupid???
  6. youve already said that before...
  7. sort of. to actually retire to stud, usually you need a top top flight horse, who was probably in the top 5 in his crop that year, and also it helps if he wasnt gelded either.....
  8. no clue what seppo means. but like me ask you this, when exactly is a good time to use the word mate, as opposed to a bad time to use it. doesnt make sense.
  9. never knew that was an Australian term. ya can never win i guess, lol.
  10. ahh, no worries, my time is probably running short here anyway. if i join another board ill have to start a "shoutout to the JI,TGG,and JN banned" thread
  11. you know, i really want to make a nice personal attack filled post to point out to you how much of an imbecile you are, but you're simply not worth the trouble....
  12. and why is that? what reason or justification do you have to say that?? just because you are totally ignorant to the situation, that means that its good that the owner lost money? i mean, just because you have some idiotic thought on the subject doesnt mean you have to speak it, but thats just my opinion of course.
  13. o great, as if having to read the exact same thread started by the exact same person a week ago wasnt bad enough, we're subject to it yet again....
  14. both are, im not arguing that. not my fault that his memory doesnt allow him to remember what happened months ago, thats why he cant remember the media coverage of it.
  15. that's because he died last year. do you want to make out?
  16. ugh, this is truely a sad day. a horse like this is a once in a lifetime horse, he had so much heart, and had such a will, and for it to come to this is very sad. RIP Barbaro. i really feel for his connections right now....
  17. you got no idea what youre talking about mate. Lyle is the top farmer
  18. me no know what that is, but i doubt that Lyle incorporates that in his farming!
  19. farming friggin rules!!!! did he use Lyle's farming techniques, or did he use other methods??
  20. this analysis pretty well blew. "Lets hope we can catch Dallas on a bad week and then i think we'll win..." what the s!hit is that supposed to mean, lmfao
  21. i vote you for happy go lucky poster of the year!
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