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  1. well it was kinda rude how you just called out the mods like that mate right on the board!!! if i got life for saying mate, you should get like 6 lifes for that!!!!
  2. im glad to be Chad in this spot!!! Vick sucks, and Chad is pretty good, no comparison i think. id be quite pissed if that bum was ever on our team.
  3. dont have NFL network, nor do i care for college football mate!
  4. i am the Mike Richards of messageboard posting!!!
  5. yeah, breakfast is overrated in my opinion mate, but somebody suggested that maybe if i had eaten breakfast i wouldve been a better poster and not got banneded!!!!!
  6. maybe the fact that i dont eat breakfast has contributed to my messageboard demise. thoughts??
  7. http://www.ntra.com/content.aspx?type=news&id=22993 Kentucky Derby winner Barbaro was recovering well on Thursday after having his left hind leg cast replaced on Wednesday under general anesthesia, the New Bolton Center's equine hospital reported. Chief surgeon Dr. Dean Richardson said he also drained an abscess the colt had developed near the heel of his right hind leg. Barbaro also has received a custom-made plastic and steel leg brace to provide additional support to his right leg, which has recovered well from serious fractures incurred in the May 20 Preakness. The or
  8. i feel like im down and out as a poster right now. once i was on broadway, now im in the south doing minstrel shows. maybe i should hang the keyboard up before i tarnish my legacy more!!!
  9. Coles doesnt "stretch the field" because his quarterback isnt exactly Mr. Gunslinger for god's sake. but thats Chads game and its good, Laveranues is the better receiver. its too bad LC's speed isnt utilized with more deep routes, but it would be the same with Santana too. IMO, LC is a much better receiver.
  10. btw Bill, Paulie pwned you with a capital P in that if you were a mod thread....
  11. thats the thing though mate, my goal isnt to get banned from messageboards, but its still happening. maybe im just losing my touch, losing the magic, hanging on too long, although i cant think of an example of a player doing that, but who knows mate!!!
  12. hahahaha. maybe not though, maybe im just past my "messageboard prime", i mean 3 separate boards cant be THAT wrong, can they?? lmfao
  13. getting lifetime bans from 3 messageboards within the course of the week always sucks!!!!
  14. lol, i dunno, it seems like most gas stations where you have to pay inside are pre pay. as for the 4 digit number, you're right, its kinda ridiculous that i cant remember a freaking 4 digit number!!! one day in the summer when i was punching in at work, it just hit me out of the blue, i was like, what the **** is my debit card number??? lol, so then i went to the ATM and started punching in a bunch of numbers, but none of them worked, so clearly i forgot the **** out of what my number is!
  15. the great thing about that is they give you a refund!!!
  16. lol, possible. right now my friend greenmachine whos lurking in this thread seems to be giving out my information on other boards, lmfao. good stuff!
  17. sorry mate! i never said i hated everybody here, thats not true. Gainzo made a comment and it struck a chord with me and simply he couldnt make a relevant post on the topic (even though the topic was about nothing) so thats that. i guess im close to being 2 for 2!!!!!! lol
  18. yepperdoodles, i like jumba. i member one time you talked about how you two drankeded beer together, so i figured maybe thats why you werent banned, just taking a guess mate! when i get to be a big boy like you, im going to drink beer too!! but for now, apple juice for me
  19. its because your friendsded with jumbalaya and you two drankeded beer together before, isnt it???
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