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  1. (countdown till banning begins, lol) im getting good at being banned from places!!! lmao
  2. nothing, nevermind. its clearly beyond you, i mean weve only been discussing this for the last two hours, but now its "what are we debating again?" just nevermind. youre ****ing dumber than rocks
  3. but at least im not a chowd, mate!
  4. lol, congrats gainzo, you have proved me wrong, way to point out that extra E in wherever!!!!! (doesn't change the fact that a 2 year old could out debate you, but touche!!!!)
  5. lol, of course its me mate!!
  6. actually, 261 kittens, but whos counting!!!!!
  7. they dont teach reading comprehension skills in Australia, or chowderville, or whereever the hell you're from?? do better than that mate.
  8. i didnt personally attack you, just stating the obvious. i dunno, mr chowd called me an attention whore and then tried to use statistics to back it up, statistics that would go to show the exact opposite of what he said. in turn, he called me out, and used some of the most imbecilic logic that man has ever seen, and now he cant even own up to it, which is why i havent dropped it, mate. thats all, like i said before, i like to joke around, i appreciate sarcasm, but blatant stupidity annoys the hell out of me. but hey, if Gainzo keeps talking to me, my post count might get so jacked up h
  9. yep, it would appear that way anyway.
  10. close enough. maybe if i wasnt IP banned for all my attention whoring, i wouldve been able to go back and confirm it, lmfao. but even at that i think that number is a little light, seems you had more posts than that. so check that, since January, you have 11,000 posts, i have about 3500. you should help out your chowd friend here Bill, he seems to be outmatched in the "battle of wits" lmfao
  11. great. why cant you make a coherent argument??? i guess maybe there is good reason why one of the words under your title is "stupid," lmfao.
  12. lmfao. i just realized another thing. in the last year, since May, Parcells has about 15,000 posts combined on both messageboards. in that same time, averaging about 11 posts per day on JI, and 1 post per day on JN, ive rolled up about 3,000 posts since BP started his messageboard career. but, my "400 posts in the last 6 weeks here" (when i only have 383 and have been a member for a year) go to show the fact that i am the attention whore, not 15,000 posts vs 3,000 posts during the same sampling period. talk about ****ing moronic.
  13. sorry, its just so hard to differentiate between "joke" and "sheer stupidity" with so much of the latter just floating around freely in the last 20 posts of the thread or so.
  14. listen, your argument as to why im an attention seeker but Bill is not was simply moronic. why cant you admit it?? i never said that i necessarily dont like Bill, i was just pointing out how incredibly childish he is at times, ironically that he is a middle aged men, and yet he points out how childish TEENAGERS are on the same messageboard that he acts just as, if not more childish than. whether im a football fan or have posted in the football forum or not aside, your argument is still unbelievably retarded. just admit it and ill move on. i like joking around, i like sarcasm, but blatant stupi
  15. lol, because you're a real scholar on Barbaro's situation, not just some schmuck commenting on something he has no clue about. but anyway, continue with the enlightenment....
  16. ok, i see. so basically throw a ****, asininely retarded argument against the wall, hope it sticks, get called on how stupid of an argument it is, then change the subject back to, well, he and i get along so thats all i was really trying to say. im almost thinking maybe i should be the one putting you on ignore seeing the fact that last 5 posts or so ive read from you have made me dumber as a person, but, we'll see...
  17. lmfao, please, stop. you just used number of posts to justify your argument that im an attention whore. the facts are that in 2 less years, he has a compiled 6,000 more posts than i have on our respective messageboards all together. thus, your argument goes right out the window. now, if you want to make a half assedly coherent argument, you wouldve said that the content of his posts dont seek attention unlike mine. thats fine, but to use his post count as proof that he is not an attention whore, but i am, is simply moronic, based on the clear stats that i provided for you. but apparently thats
  18. must be a psychic or something..... btw Gainzo, you have a reply waiting for you in the "life" thread. enjoy!
  19. fortunately, i already took that into consideration, and i already took into consideration the fact that he has replied to me since, as well as SAID that he has taken me off his ignore list, because its "like shooting fish in a barrel." but you're right, he cant see what im saying, thats why there is going to be a reply to what i said in about 2 seconds from him, but, touche my friend!
  20. clearly not a mathematician, are we? Bill has been here since May 31, with 1506 posts, at a clip of 6.29 posts per day. Ive been here since January 29th of 2006, with 373 posts, at a rate of 1.03 posts per day. furthermore, in that same time, he joined JI around Aprilish ill guess, and since then has about 13,000 posts. a year and a half before that, i joined JI in late December of 2004, during that period i had 8,000 posts. so in approximately 500 less days, he has about 5,000 more posts than me on our main board. and in our non main board, he has over 1,000 more posts than me, having been jo
  21. id bet anything that the ****in idiots who play the lottery scratch offs or whatever the hell it is dont get a feel for the city like we do!!!!!!
  22. well, thats the difference between me and you, im an attention whore seeker, youre not!!! on the other hand, BP is clearly one too, so you still havent addressed the irony that ive brought up, you just keep coming back to me, but my point wasnt about me, it was about him.
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