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  1. haha, thank you GreenMachine
  2. and your point is?? still has nothing to do with the fact that all too often, he drops down to the level of "attention grabbing whore with nothing of substance to say"/ "delusional teenager", so what does my reputation as a poster have anything to do with him?? in fact, its quite irrelevant in this instance. if i wanted to talk about my posting, i wouldve mentioned my posting, instead i was bringing up the irony in that so often his posts are beyond childish, and yet he can call out the "delusional teenagers" (although he hasnt even justified that properly either, but thats neither
  3. lol, what the hell are you talking about?? i think thats the most nonsensical thing ive ever seen you say. congrats!
  4. If I can't do it, homey, it can't be done Now I'ma let the champagne bottle pop I'ma take it to the top Fo sho I'ma make it hot, baby (baby)
  5. stop. you dont have to drop down to the level of the "childish and delusional" teenagers that you act like you automatically know more than.
  6. can somebody please explain to me why sooth is synonimous with pancakes around here??
  7. a drunk BP is annoying too!!! hahahaha
  8. Bill, are you drunk?? you brought it up in the first place. you said hes rating every thread with one star, as a way of showing the big "temper tantrum." and i said, i hope he doesnt rate a thread of yours with one star, because that will be the end of the world, as seen in previous experiences, as you obsessed over the rating of your threads as opposed to the rating of the late night crew thread, etc. now, in turn, how does this make me delusional in any way shape or form??? i think you need to lay off the becks before you start calling others delusional, it sort of goes along to help against
  9. how are we delusional?? in what aspects of what are we delusional?? please, feel free to elaborate, ive got some time, ill get some popcorn, im sure this one will be good...
  10. Gainzo, how did i make it your ignore list before he did?
  11. with all due respects to mods, but, how tough is it to be a mod??? i mean jumba was a solid mod, no doubt about it, but whats there to "retire" from in modding?? me dont get it!!! maybe they should make me a mod, ill do it for free!!!
  12. o god, if hes rating every thread with one star, thats a hell of a temper tantrum. i just hope it doesnt effect one of your thread's ratings, that would be the end of the world!!!!!!!
  13. sorry mate! what can i say, im a professional at bringing nothing to the table to messageboards!!! sue me
  14. my posts are simply too irresistable not to!!!!!!
  15. lol. i guess our friend SBIII is on quite thin ice over at JI, mate
  16. haha. well, i went to the bank, and i was like... "hi, uhh, i kind of forgot my pin number to my debit card, is there any way you could tell me the number? no, you need to get a new one, either call them up or sign up for one.ok...." havent bothered doing it because im too lazy. why cant they just frigging tell me the number or give me a new number???
  17. not true mate. ive gone to the gas station before, and for the hell of it i put my debit card in to see if it would work, because i figured you didnt need your PIN number for that, so sure enough the thing asked for the PIN number. it doesnt work mate!
  18. well, the monday after the Jets lost and i got banned for saying the word mate, sooth unbanned me, due in large part that the meal his wife cooked him for dinne rput him in a better mood! so, his wife's cooking does have a large role in how he runs JI, so dont knock it mate!
  19. you got a problem with Honda Civic drivers?? hah??? what's wrong with Honda Civics and their drivers. and furthermore, its not the Honda Civic drivers' fault that gas stations have that pay inside bull**** whereby you go in, and maybe you over estimate how much gas you need, and then you have to go back in to get the change. its not the players fault, its the games fault for such a retarded rule. and as a Honda Civic driver, i have a debit card, the only problem is i forgot my pin number!!
  20. you got a problem with Panic! At The Disco?? hah??? I Write Sins Not Tragedies is a tremendous song
  21. im confuseded, whats the big deal that sooth didnt post about him???
  22. large crowd in there right now!
  23. im not talking about Mangini, i like Mangini alot, im talking about Jets fans overrating Vilma. hes an alright player, a piece of the puzzle, but hes not the be all end all player. hes solid, nothing more. to think he'll take over a game or singlehandedly win a game is wrong, thats a group effort on this team, and he needs to be part of it. hes not superman for christ sake, hes just solid, nothing wrong with that, but too overrated by Jets fans.
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