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  1. how about anybody talking on their annoying cellphone anywhere, not just movie theaters.
  2. im going to stick to getting a feel for the city!! but, why cant make a football comment every now and then?
  3. no agenda whatsoever, just trying to be objective about what i see and dont see. hes obviously a solid player, but act like Jonathan Vilma is the second coming of (insert name of greatest LB's ever) is simply wrong. hes not even the second coming of Mo Lewis or Marvin Jones (although they were pretty good). Mangenious- Vilma can lead the Jets in tackles till the cows come home, it wont change my opinion of him until he starts making meaningful ones.
  4. i dont know, im not some kind of football scout for christ sake. all i know is that guy doesnt make plays, hes invisible. somehow he racks up a ****load of tackles, so i guess that makes him "good", but hes not a playmaker, sorry. id take Bruschi, Colvin, Vrabel over him in a heartbeat, and thats just players from one team in our division. Vilma is alright, but highly overrated. i mean, when you watch other teams play, a lot of them have a linebacker or defender who you just think is going to make a big play or a big hit or something happen at any moment. Vilma on the other hand is just kind o
  5. i'm sorry that you accept missing a wide open sack in a playoff game that directly led to 3 points and turned the whole complexion of the game around in their favor, a game that we had started to take control of, and wouldve been in full control of had he not missed the sack. you're right though, Vilma is the best linebacker in the history of the world.
  6. i dont see what the big deal is here. Parcells is set in his ways, he said that neither of them did anything to improve their relationship. sounds like hes just telling it like it is, hes said and done much worse than this, its not even a big deal, it's just that because it came from TO's mouth that it becomes a big deal.
  7. that's true!!! it's all a conspiracy, the money grubbing owners are spending all this money to save him, so that way they can turn around and farm him out to alpo!!!!! i never thought of it like that
  8. hah? shouldnt it have been up to mr captain of the defense to alert everybody that, duhh, they arent going to run, they're going to pass, so that way they dont bite on the obvious play fake. thats just me, but i dunno. Vilma had a whale of a ball game, he stopped a goal line stand that gave up a touchdown on the next play anyway, and he missed a sack that only led to 3 points and turned the whole game around. yep, mr pro bowl all star, chalk up another bigtime ball game.
  9. yeah, and then not many backers miss a wide open sack, and no tmany backers give up a TD on a playfake with 10 seconds left when the otehr team has ZERO timeouts, and you know they must pass it. but at least Vilma held them before they gave up the 7, yeah, Vilma is a real all star.
  10. yes, because im sure if he had died he was going to be turned over to alpo. nimrod
  11. Jetfan16

    Hola JN

    lol, all you other JN posters are just imitating so wont the real JN posters please stand up, please stand up, please stand up!!! not such a great song, but ok...
  12. Jetfan16

    Hola JN

    wow green machine, we're having conversations on TWO messageboards! solid
  13. get ooota here, mate!
  14. and that is NOT where Sackdance99 is!!!
  15. how come because Chad is 31 that means he's not the future??? Vinny's 43, and hes got a good 4 years left in the tank. future= overrated. present= what is important
  16. lol, he's trying to get back into JI again. he asked me to come up with a name for him, so i did, and im like, thats the best ****ing chance you have of not getting banned, that name. his response "but i'll forget it." so i said ****ING WRITE IT DOWN!!!!! that kid is something special......
  17. we're dynamite, we're dynamite, boom boom, DYNAMITE, boom boom DYNAMITE!
  18. you didn't say the word "mate", so there's no problem whatsoever!!!
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