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  1. lol, man mate, ive been catching tough crowds lately!!!! i seem to get banned right and left and now im getting ignoreded too!!! o well, welcome to weinerville
  2. i watched like the first 10 seconds of it, it pretty much sucked.
  3. oucherdoodles, he called me a thing!!!!!! where are the idiots that are signing up Mr. Gainzo???
  4. neither, getting a feel for the city is just that, getting a feel for the city. no catchphrase, no retardation, it just speaks for itself!
  5. what, getting a feel for the city?? not at all, if thats what youre referring to
  6. wow, the microphone work on this is poor, to say the least!
  7. lol, i guess!!! ill bet these people get a feel for their city!!!!
  8. yes, it is to this day a wonder.
  9. clearly you didnt watch the video i posted....
  10. watch this one honestly!!! http://youtube.com/watch?v=C1O8K-WJ-BE
  11. Richard sings songs like, for example- Enter Sandman, Welcome To The Jungle, Gin and Juice, Gangstas Paradise, Down With The Sickness, Milkshake, One Is The Loneliest Number, etc etc
  12. Metallica and Richard Cheese are the two greatest musicians ever. Steve Vai practices hours on end each day to get where he is today, hes great, For The Love Of God, what a tremendous song that is!!!!
  13. one could live under a rock and STILL get a feel for the city mate!
  14. i dunno. ive heard the song obviously, just never had a clue who sung it
  15. id have to say Tomlin. i mean the Raiders, who thats any name would want that job anyway?? i assume they got all they could possibly get with this guy. on the other hand, why in the hell wouldnt the Steelers hire Whisenhunt considering they won the SB and had all the adversity this year, and furthermore why bring in a guy that runs a cover 2, when youve had all this success with the 3-4. doesnt make sense
  16. i never heard of him. The Fray is a solid group
  17. BUMP!!!! jesus christ, why dont more people get a feel for the city, its goddamn ridiculous!!!!!
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