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  1. CrazyCarl40

    2018 MLB Playoffs Thread

    Yeah. The offense bailed him out big time. And the bullpen was good. I’m hopeful he opts out. Would be nice to free up that money. Bregman put on his Instagram story today the Astros hitting back to back to back homeruns against Eovaldi when he was a Ray this season and just coming back. I wonder if that’s Judge like bad juju haha.
  2. CrazyCarl40

    2018 MLB Playoffs Thread

    Not at all a choke. Blackout is a known troll around these parts. I was hoping for actual baseball conversation in this thread. We had it for a while.
  3. CrazyCarl40

    2018 MLB Playoffs Thread

    Yawn. Players say things all the time. Doesn’t make them true.
  4. CrazyCarl40

    2018 MLB Playoffs Thread

    A lesser team? Get a grip. The Astros were the favorite to win this series. This could be the best Sox team ever and they won a lot of games, but they have flaws and the Astros are a better team.
  5. CrazyCarl40

    2018 MLB Playoffs Thread

    Or they lost to the defending champions who are a really good team. You know who went 0-2 at home these playoffs? Never mind.
  6. CrazyCarl40

    Yankees - 2018 and beyond

    I never wanted them to get rid of Lester. The worst decision they made.
  7. CrazyCarl40

    Yankees - 2018 and beyond

    Maybe David Price opts out and the Yankees sign him? He does well against everyone else! (Please someone else take him.)
  8. CrazyCarl40

    2018 MLB Playoffs Thread

    I was 3 of 4 and I was wrong on the one I thought I’d be wrong on. Didn’t envision so many sweeps though! For the Championship series I’m thinking it’ll be the Dodgers and Astros. I definitely want to be wrong about the Astros. And the Brewers are still surprising me, but Kershaw looked amazing the other night. Will be a fun series to watch, both of them actually.
  9. CrazyCarl40

    Yankees - 2018 and beyond

    Don’t forget E-Rod. The Yankees biggest problem is they rely too heavily on the long ball. They don’t have the diversity in their lineup that the Sox have. The Sox went out and got power, but JD Martinez is a complete hitter unlike someone like Stanton. When they aren’t hitting homeruns their lineup is fairly pedestrian. They need tablesetters and high OBP guys to get on base. The Sox won because they had timely hitting from everyone in the lineups.
  10. CrazyCarl40

    2018 MLB Playoffs Thread

    Good season Yankees. I just took my first breath for most of the night. Didn’t make it easy on the Sox!
  11. CrazyCarl40

    2018 MLB Playoffs Thread

    He isn’t in the lineup. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  12. CrazyCarl40

    2018 MLB Playoffs Thread

    Porcello pitched pretty well against the Yankees in the regular season. CC was up and down against the Red Sox. I’m curious to see if they stick with the lineup last night or if you see Nunez and Kinsler back in there tonight as lefties struggle against the big man. I’d keep Holt in there personally. He was on fire down the stretch.
  13. CrazyCarl40

    2018 MLB Playoffs Thread

    I don’t think his manager did him any favors and then turning to Lance Lynn? Not how I would have done it. Maybe last night was a reckoning for Judge’s DJ antics at Fenway the other night? 😉
  14. CrazyCarl40

    2018 MLB Playoffs Thread

    No matter what happens moving forward, all other series are over so the microscope is squarely on this series. Will be interesting to see if the Red Sox can keep the momentum or if the young Yanks will be angry enough to do something about it. CC Sabathia and Rick Porcello. Not a bad matchup!
  15. Mark Ingram is killing my Kamara fantasy vibe.

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