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  1. CrazyCarl40

    Robert Kraft Arrested - Prostitution Sting

    Spygate... Deflategate... ??? anyone have a good -gate name for this?
  2. CrazyCarl40

    Robert Kraft Arrested - Prostitution Sting

    This keeps getting better. One of the guys arrested is 85. Pretty sure we can let that guy slide.
  3. CrazyCarl40

    Robert Kraft Arrested - Prostitution Sting

    Probably just wanted a ring without Brady and Belichick. That’s all. Now he’s got a ring all on his own.
  4. Whataboutisms are sad. No they don’t. Anyone saying anything different is lying to themselves.
  5. CrazyCarl40

    Pierre-Louis Jets DECLINE option Tuesday

    Cool. With other easily replaceable jags? Because that’s the type of player that Macc signs and drafts. But yeah, we shouldn’t get too caught up in the bottom of the roster. Except there really isn’t a top and it’s mostly bottom. I am sad.
  6. CrazyCarl40

    Free Agency - Defense

    Despite like 10 straight years of first round picks on defense and over 50-70 million sunk into the defense four years ago, and signing the top free agent corner last year, this defense is still poorly constructed and lacking talent. Big Macc!
  7. CrazyCarl40

    Do the Jets pickup Darron Lees 5th year option?

    What strength? That he’s quick? Other than that what would you say he’s actually good at? He’s invisible against the run. He’s poor in coverage. There is absolutely no way they should pick up that option. It’s money down the drain. Easily replaceable for much les money.
  8. CrazyCarl40


    That’s the problem. That’s not really how NFL rosters are constructed. Skrine was not only overpaid but there was also very little behind him because Macc is also bad at drafting.
  9. CrazyCarl40


    Bowles was bad. But he didn’t give Skrine 8 million a year to suck and therefore must continue to be played.
  10. CrazyCarl40


    He’s entering his 5th year. He’s out of breaks. For as bad as Bowles was, Macc is just as bad. It’s a dead and buried horse. He’s going to have to hit straight As this offseason to even remotely think about keeping his job. He’s on the hot seat and deservedly so.
  11. CrazyCarl40

    Flacco to the Broncos

    The difference in QB numbers as I stated in a future post. There are obvious physical differences but I meant results as a QB guys. Come on.
  12. CrazyCarl40

    Flacco to the Broncos

    Haha. So am I right or wrong?
  13. McCown was worth 10 million because he was the presumed starter? Okay. I’ll buy that. Now remind me again where you fell on the 12 million for names starter Fitzpatrick? Tate is not a jag. He’ll get at least 12-14 in free agency. He’s better and healthier than Enunwa and he got 20 guaranteed with up to 12 million a year. Please. The WR free agents are not great. He’s going to cash in.

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