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  1. Win? No. Be at least a little competitive and get the players motivated to show up and pretend they want to be there? Yes.
  2. There are literally years of what his offense looks like: bottom of the barrel, not innovative, and not improving. A brilliant offensive mind elevates the players he has. Or gameplans for them. Look at what he’s turn Bell into. Be honest with you evaluations and you’ll see how wrong you are. This team isn’t going to progress without a new coach/scheme/enema. Eff Gase. Fire him into the sun.
  3. Darren Waller is a player that Jets fans wish Herndon would be.
  4. Injuries. Watch this and tell me this guy deserves to be a head coach. Good lord.
  5. Cardinals draft Murray. Go out and get Hopkins, Drake, Edmunds, etc. Weird how a lot of other teams figure it out but not us!
  6. I understand being a losing team. I understand being a bad team. This isn’t an overnight fix. What I can’t understand is how unprepared and uninspired this team is two weeks in. Not even competitive. I can handle losing if there is progress. But there isn’t any. They’re lucky to even be playing this season. And they’re wasting our time. Gase has to go. He never should have been hired in the first place.
  7. How many people took @Gastineau Lives up on his bet?!
  8. I don’t like golf. I don’t like paying to be bad at things. Would much rather spend 100 bucks for 18 holes instead of the gaping hole that is this franchise.

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