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  1. CrazyCarl40

    “Weapons for Darnold”

    Tate or GTFO 😆
  2. CrazyCarl40

    Who do we NOT WANT back?

    Busted Skrine - so bad it’s comical. The fact he is one of the highest paid on this team makes me sad. Josh McCown - no reason to be in a uniform next season. A coach’s polo? Sure. Darren Lee - Defense better without him. He’s just not god enough to retain. Trumaine Johnson - his contract forces us to keep him, but that doesn’t mean he belongs here. Maybe a new coach will help. Isaiah Crowell - Not a good football player. Another poor choice in FA. These are just players. It’s obvious that Bowles and Macc should not be back either.
  3. CrazyCarl40

    If there ever was a time to tank...

    After missing multiple weeks, Darnold needs all of the reps he can get the next two weeks. It’s ridiculous to think otherwise. Nothing is gained by having him sit. Nothing.
  4. CrazyCarl40

    Grade the Jets Coordinators

    I gave him a D because the offensive personnel is laughable. A collection of JAGs. Bates is bad but he’s not working with top shelf ingredients.
  5. CrazyCarl40

    “Weapons for Darnold”

    You’re not getting anything significant for Williams or Lee. And unless it’s an incentive laden deal, I’m not sure I would resign Q. As for FA WRs, Humphries is okay but not a game changer. You can find a guy like him in the draft without overpaying. Macc can’t but a good GM could.
  6. How good is Adams if this team consistently gives up 300 yards and multiple TDs through the air weekly?! He’s very solid but he’ll never live up to that lofty draft pick. It’s nearly impossible for him to.
  7. What you do in the bedroom is none of JJ Watts business.
  8. JJ Watt raised over 40 million dollars for hurricane victims. Shush.
  9. Hopkins is a manbearpig. I have him in fantasy. This pleases me.
  10. Sam limping a bit. I know! Let’s call a QB draw!
  11. Did I just see Mangold wearing his old jersey on the sideline?
  12. Maybe Sam is playing this well because it’s Saturday and it reminds him of college. Can the Jets play exclusively on Saturdays?
  13. Brian Winters didn’t want that smoke with McKinney. Can’t believe that they gave him a wad of cash.

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