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  1. Huh? He won a prime time Emmy and starred in many major motion pictures after goodfellas.
  2. Aside from what he said, NFL success doesn’t indicate the ability to be a decent analyst. People love Orlovsky and he was pretty terrible too. In regards to what he said, the schedule is tough the first 8ish weeks and if Zach doesn’t take a big leap forward, it could be bad. I have hope that he will, but it isn’t crazy to think that Wilson could just not be all that good.
  3. This is insane (the 2nd round success not the pick).
  4. I never said anything you suggest here. I wasn’t insinuating that he needed a specific offense to be good in. Any OC worth their paycheck would be able to make it work with him because he’s a great weapon. I was saying that specific awesome he would be great in.
  5. Would be a great fit in that offense.
  6. I dunno. I think of the beast we could have gotten at 69. Hard not to think we may have gotten the shaft.
  7. https://twitter.com/fieldyates/status/1519872530844057600?s=21&t=naaoatWk6I_OoMFzvxMzpg
  8. Nah. But watching this kids catch radius, it makes sense since ZW will be throwing to him.
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