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  1. Adam Gase will never take the Jets to the Super Bowl. And since that’s the measuring stick, he’s not it. Even today with Darnold back his play calling was questionable at many critical times in the game. Cowboys adjusted stars halftime and Gase didn’t. They were lucky to hold on.
  2. Starting? The man is a known bigot. He’s been hateable for a long time.
  3. Me: Makes valid point. You: But that point is bad now because the guy figured it out 6 weeks later! Me:
  4. This is probably your most intelligent post to date. Kudos!
  5. Also before the Cowboys were without their starting tackles and best two receivers.
  6. It was ugly and this team is going to lose a lot more than they win, but a win is a win is a win.
  7. Ficken was available.. he went with two other guys first..
  8. Roberts makes a big hit and walks back to the huddle calmly. Adams celebrates it like he made the hit. Like why?
  9. Even in a “successful” game, Gase does things that make no sense. At all.

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