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  1. Below .500, but if they play their cards right in the 2022 offseason they could get above it. All comes down to the QB.
  2. The Jets take Michael Carter from an ACC school. But this time Duke. A corner. Seems like a reach here.
  3. Kiper “One of the best tacklers in space in this draft.” McShay says “He is today’s NFL. He loves playing football.” Jets can use some guys who can tackle for sure.
  4. Pre-Draft Analysis Sherwood is a big, strong safety who spent a high percentage of snaps inside the box or working as the overhang covering flexed-out tight ends. He's an above-average run defender with good strength and long arms. He's physical, and his length is an asset in coverage, but he has just marginal top-end speed. -- Steve Muench
  5. Wow. I did not think Ian Book would be more than a late round flyer. New Orleans is a good spot for him though.
  6. With all the Linebackers going to Dallas, I wonder if Smith or Van Der Esch shake loose. Both would be an upgrade in NY.
  7. Excelled? Are you talking about college? Speed to the edge in college is not the same as in the NFL. He looked very slow in the NFL. Like slower than Gore.
  8. Perine, from what I’ve read, is not a fit for the new scheme. Do you have any articles that say he will fit?
  9. Eff Sam. The ghost of Joe Flacco did more with the Sam weapons. Good QBs elevate those around them. Sam dragged everyone else down.
  10. Aside from familiarity, I never understood the Coleman signing. JAG on the wrong side of his career. Still, think this says more about Perine than anyone else at the position.
  11. I’m guessing they stick with offense here. Maybe a RB.
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