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  1. I have little faith that Adam Gase figures out how to be a head coach. I have less faith in Jets ownership getting rid of the guy.
  2. I actually hold you in regard as my number one enemy on this board. I thought about Buttfumbling this post. 😉 I wouldn’t wish this virus on anyone. I know you’re going to kick its ass and be back to posting in no time. I need you to do just that so I can continue to embarrass you and stoke my ego. Get well soon!
  3. Owners in MLB lobbied congress to make it legal for them to pay minor leagues far below minimum wage based on the 40 hour work week. And it went through.
  4. He never was going to be able to in one offseason with that albatross Bell and holes at all spots on the offense. Also, the most damaging element that will hinder Darnold is the coach and system. That won’t be fixed this year either.
  5. It’s all going to come down to the dollars and if it makes sense for the players. I read an article where someone who might make 30 million a year would “only” make 8. That’s a hefty cut. Will be interesting to watch. Manfred seems out of his depth.
  6. Playoff hockey is the best hockey, so. I’m in.
  7. No. My answer is you asked why fans are critical of one player and not another. I gave you a fan answer. I’m not sure what you’re missing here.
  8. This isn’t a locker room. This is an internet fan message board. So I gave you the answer that’s applicable to the situation. Not sure the point you’re failing to make here. I answered your question from the fan perspective. If you want a different one, you’ve come to the wrong place.
  9. Because one was drafted in the second round and one was drafted in the top ten. One has played to value for the most part and one never will be able to.
  10. Quarantine is really getting to some folks.

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