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  1. Bills need another quality receiving option and have to find a running game. Their defense did not show up today either. But they’re set up to be good for a long time.
  2. I’d like to see the Pack and Bills win today. Eff Brady and the Chiefs won last year.
  3. Curtis Samuel, Will Fuller, and checking in on the health of Dede Westbrook are all things I’d do before signing JuJu (who while better than Crowder, isn’t that much better than him).
  4. Trading the Jamal picks for Watson would be hilarious. And worth it.
  5. My dad is a lifelong Bills fan. I will root for them because he should see his team win. I have never felt the hatred for the Bills that I have for the Phins or the Pats. The Bills are team we should be modeling after.
  6. KC can’t beat Buffalo without Mahomes. If he has a legit concussion, then there is no way he’s cleared in a week.

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