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  1. I also thought it was strange to give BJs a rating.
  2. Josh Allen

    Good thing for the Jets is that Hackenberg’s accuracy issues were mechanical and they’re almost fixed, I’m sure.
  3. For those who think we overpaid...

    Trading up the #3 guarantees him nothing. Him finally finding a set 3 years too late in nothing but a consolation prize.
  4. Trading Up Will Happen

    Fair enough but that’s a lot of weight on an unproven coach. That’s laughable. Haha. I don’t. I want them all fired. I don’t have any confidence or hope in this “brain trust”.
  5. Trading Up Will Happen

    Do you honestly have confidence in Macc to make that decision and Bowles to implement the right deployment of that player?
  6. Mentor-bridging a rookie QB

    You’re right. One started right away and one didn’t if I remember correctly, but both saw time in their first season rather quickly. And both seem to be just fine, which is the point.
  7. Mentor-bridging a rookie QB

    Your premise was flawed. That’s somehow my fault? Get over it, whomever you are.
  8. Mentor-bridging a rookie QB

    Hey. It was your argument. Sorry you lost. Enjoy the offseason. I don’t know enough about the Eagles situation, but it seems like what really helped Wentz was a coaching change. The QB the Jets takes at 3 shouldn’t have to be handled with kid gloves.
  9. This. After not even getting a face to face, the move smells like panic and desperation. Trust me. I know my own scent.
  10. Mentor-bridging a rookie QB

    I’m arguing based on your question. It’s not my fault we’re dealing your logical flaws. To answer this mindblowingly terrible example: Did I spend 4 years of high school training with highly paid coaches and staffs in a technical school? Have I been practicing this craft week in and week out for the majority of my formative years? Will I have months and months of time to learn in a training camp and then 4 practice trial runs before “jumping right in”?
  11. Mentor-bridging a rookie QB

    Isn’t that exactly why coaches get paid?
  12. Mentor-bridging a rookie QB

    I just took a new job in Washington DC and was thrown right into what was needed for the day. And it went great. You either can do your job or you can’t. He’ll have an entire training camp and preseason to figure it out. There is zero benefit to having McCown start any game this season. Just as there was no benefits to him starting last season.
  13. Mentor-bridging a rookie QB

    If the plan B all along was to move up and aim at a “franchise QB” then the signing of two vets made even less sense. The new QB needs to get as many reps as possible and needs to be thrown into the fire as soon as possible. I have severe doubts Todd Bowles will ever let that happen.
  14. Best part about this trade?

    Yes. Fans who are pragmatic and articulate about the continued ineptitude of this current and former regimes are “just stupid”.