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  1. CrazyCarl40

    Remaining EDGE defenders in free agency

    I was quite wrong on Dion Jordan but at least he’s still in the league. Looking at you, Dee Miliner!
  2. CrazyCarl40

    Traits Needed At Each Position

    He was bad when healthy.
  3. CrazyCarl40

    Siemian to Jets

    Plus, he’s not McCown. Which is really the best thing about him.
  4. You can either play in the NFL or you can’t. That much is indisputable. If the players Macc took and fizzled out here had found success elsewhere, maybe you’d be on to something. They haven’t. And it has nothing to do with being developed. “Development” in the NFL is a myth. Players can get better but there is a baseline of athletic attributes that you need to be able to play, or cerebral. You can’t teach a lot of the capabilities that this level of athlete has. Or train it.
  5. I wouldn’t take him in the first round of a fantasy league. 10 team standard? I see him as a 2nd rounder. It’s hard to verify his value with him not playing in a year. I think he’s a solid number two, fantasy wise. If we’re talking PPR, he’d likely move up.
  6. PFF is good if it helps my point. PFF is ignored if it hinders my opinion.
  7. CrazyCarl40

    A.J. Green

    No. Golladay could have been a Jet. Instead, Macc drafted Ardarius Stewart 17 picks ahead of him. Also missed on Chris Godwin, Dede Westbrook, and Josh Reynolds. Missed on a ton of RBs that year too.
  8. CrazyCarl40

    Just Joined the Forum

    Welcome! How do you feel about GM Michael “Macc” Maccagnan being still gainfully employed? This is a test.
  9. CrazyCarl40

    Darryl Roberts Staying

    6 million a year for a backup? They probably plan on putting him in the Claiborne spot. Which is problematic. Roberts is a solid depth guy. Not a full game reps guy. This is head scratching.
  10. CrazyCarl40

    Jets Not Bringing Back All-Pro KR Andre Roberts

    Haaaaaaaaave ya met Macc?
  11. CrazyCarl40

    Eric Berry RELEASED

    Bet he ends up in Dallas.
  12. Or it says that their teams that let them go found them easily replaceable outside of the first round of the draft. That could be it too.
  13. CrazyCarl40

    RB Depth

    My favorite Crowell game was the time he rushed for 0 yards on 4 carries. No. Wait. The time he ran for 19 yards on 7 carries. Now that I think of it the one for 25 yards on 13 carries. Just so many impactful games he was a part of!
  14. CrazyCarl40

    The Le'Veon Bell Thread

    This is very true. Not only did he have a great line but there were other weapons to have to gameplan for. No one else on the Jets is like that. Most defenses will key on Bell and try to have Sam beat them. I still don’t think the receivers are up to snuff, but time will tell.
  15. CrazyCarl40

    Mike Maccagnan Appreciation Thread.

    If the Jets make the playoffs in the time that he is still the GM, then he should get credit. Until then he’s failed for four years. None of it matters until this team wins games on Sundays.
  16. CrazyCarl40

    RB Depth

    Yes it did. And if it hadn’t, you would say wow what a below average season that was. It nicks up the numbers. Any mathematician or scientist will tell you that to find the real quality or quantity of something you throw out the highest and lowest measurements. It’s just how it is done. If he had multiple 200 yard games I’d say wow, what a player. Fact is aside from that, he wasn’t an impact player. They can move on from him and easily replace his production. And move on from the antics.
  17. CrazyCarl40

    RB Depth

    Sure you can. It was a incongruous outlier. If a running back runs for 100 yards on 20 carries but 97 of that came on one carry would you say that running back was successful? No, you’d say outside of that one run the player was ineffective.
  18. CrazyCarl40

    The Le'Veon Bell Thread

    I’d say he’s somewhere in the top five as long as he returns to form. Barkley, Zeke, Gurley, McCaffrey, and Kamara are all in that discussion. There are lots of up and coming backs like Chubb, Lindsay, Carson, Mack, Michel, and Conner that will be pushing to be considered I think as well.
  19. When did the Jets get Todd Gurley? Anyway, the Jets have done okay to improve the offense. Problem is that it hinges on the team being perfectly healthy and more than one guy on that side of the ball have injury issues. And they still lack for talent. They have improved the offense from bottom of the league to somewhere in the 20s. That said, what no one is saying is that we all hope Sam takes a big leap forward and continues the progress shown toward the end of last season. Any steps backwards nullifies any and all free agency signings. I don’t think it’ll happen. I think he will progress, but it wouldn’t be the first time a QB had a sophomore slump.
  20. CrazyCarl40

    RB Depth

    Take away his 219 yard aberration and it’s 3.5 yards a carry. He’s not good. 10 of his 13 games he was held to under 50 yards. I’d rather have Powell back cheaply than Crowell the butt wiper.
  21. CrazyCarl40

    RB Depth

    Crowell is not good and he’s not a good change of pace to Bell. He’s redundant and overpaid.
  22. CrazyCarl40

    RB Depth

    They can do both. And I don’t trust that Bell will stay healthy or stay out of trouble. They have slacked so much on OL and RB in terms of hitting on draft picks or even using them that they are still in need. Macc needs to hit it out of the park this draft or not even Le’Veon Bell will save him.
  23. CrazyCarl40

    RB Depth

    They need to draft someone to groom. Neither of the JAGs behind Bell can carry the weight if he goes down or holds out or needs a breather.
  24. CrazyCarl40

    The Le'Veon Bell Thread

    Yeah. I’m not a fan of giving big second contracts to running backs that the team didn’t draft because they for the majority of the time don’t work out. And he missed year. That all said, it’s a deal Macc has to make because of his poor allocation of resources and drafting skills. It really says something that Bell massively overvalued himself and his market. One of the best running backs in the NFL and the only team willing to give him money (less than the 60 he scoffed at and deleted tweet of) was one of the worst in the league. I think he makes us better but, again, I’m opposed to the way the team is being built. I don’t think he’ll be as successful here unless the line overhaul continues.
  25. Landry still has nearly 1,000 yards with a rookie QB. Now he has OBJ on the other side. He’s going to explode. I have no problem signing Bellamy but there were bigger fish to fry. Mike DeVito signed a 3 year, $12,600,000 contract with the Kansas City Chiefs, including a $4,200,000 signing bonus, $6,200,000 guaranteed, and an average annual salary of $4,200,000. AKA you’re lying. The GM is clown shoes. The whole idea is get the QB and protect him and build around him. Macc has done the exact opposite neglecting the offensive line and drafting poorly. It’s not even debatable.

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