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  1. CrazyCarl40

    So what the hell WOULD make you happy!?

    Yes. Macc who has been a bottom of the league chooser of talent is definitely going to choose the right coach. Good one. Anyway, if you’re good to hurl insults and personal attacks, please don’t be a misogynistic dolt.
  2. CrazyCarl40

    So what the hell WOULD make you happy!?

    So you think Johnsons are bad and Macc is bad but with their powers combined they got the coaching search right?! Really?
  3. CrazyCarl40

    Jamal at it again

    Since he deleted my favorite tweet of his. Let’s just show this one:
  4. CrazyCarl40

    So what the hell WOULD make you happy!?

    Yes. Go Big Macc! He did so great the last time he had 100 million dollars to spend!
  5. CrazyCarl40

    So what the hell WOULD make you happy!?

    I like when people buttfumble me but don’t respond to the post in which I asked questions. It validates my point of view quite nicely.
  6. CrazyCarl40

    Defillipo... Jags New OC

    Word is they’re going after Foles hard.
  7. CrazyCarl40

    So what the hell WOULD make you happy!?

    What have the Jets as a team and organization done to make you think things are changing? What have they done on and off the field to keep your fandom and money?
  8. CrazyCarl40

    So what the hell WOULD make you happy!?

    Until this team is even moderately successful, I don’t see that happening. I’m a young-ish Jets fan. Not everything needs to be looked at through Kelly green glasses.
  9. CrazyCarl40

    So what the hell WOULD make you happy!?

    What boggles my mind is many cheering this hire have said the Johnsons are inept and Macc is bad at his job. But somehow they just nailed the head coaching hire. Like, what?
  10. CrazyCarl40

    3 Coordinators, No Head Coach

    Wade Phillips has had 5 top ten scoring defenses under his guidance in the last 10 seasons. Gregg Williams has 1.
  11. CrazyCarl40

    3 Coordinators, No Head Coach

    I mean, Todd Bowles almost made the playoffs once. The bar is pretty low ‘round these parts. Most here will take 6 wins next season and be like “Told ya so!” Big improvement!
  12. CrazyCarl40

    So what the hell WOULD make you happy!?

    A competitive football team that isn’t an embarrassment?
  13. CrazyCarl40

    Some food for thought

    The vitriol pointed at the Jets new coach is not a knee jerk reaction. There is quantitative and statistical evidence that shows the guy wasn’t great in Miami. I don’t think he was the best candidate for the job and a lot of people here are trusting people they think are terrible at their job to have gotten this right. The majority of fans dislike the Johnsons and think Macc also should have been fired, but somehow those two forces combined will have hired the man to save this wretched franchise from its current downward trajectory all while having Macc still buy the groceries. It’s lunacy.
  14. CrazyCarl40

    Adams reacts to Gregg Williams

  15. What are the chances Gregg Williams puts a bounty on Darnold and Nathan Shepherd read this board before practice and breaks his leg?
  16. I don’t care about an ego boost. I’d love to be proven wrong about this team. Trust me. I’m tired of being right.
  17. Don’t you dare question how I feel about ice cream. I love ice cream. The Jets I’m lukewarm on.
  18. Williams won a Super Bowl 10 years ago because of Sean Payton and Drew Brees. He hasn’t done anything since. And now he’s got a bad Jets defense to try and turn around. Good luck!
  19. Please explain how a guy who in the last decade hasn’t fielded a top ten scoring defense is a good hire?
  20. I’m just sitting here thinking how three career losers (Macc, Gase, and Williams) are the best chance this organization has in turning this thing around and making the playoffs in the foreseeable future. Like. Why bother?
  21. Pagano already was hired by another team (Bears). He would have been a better hire as well.
  22. CrazyCarl40

    Would you rather . . . ?

    MaryAnn. I have a red beard. I don’t need another one. Why doesn’t Macc have time for a rookie RB? He didn’t get fired after a third straight disaster. I’m not sure he feels that way. Especially since there is no impetus to win. Sadly.
  23. CrazyCarl40

    Would you rather . . . ?

    I would rather spend a day 2 draft pick on a running back and get him cheap for 4 years instead of signing a woman beater or a malcontent to a 6 year, heavy priced deal. I’d also monitor where Bell and Hunt end up and poach a good backup from those teams ie. Marlon Mack if Indy gets Bell.
  24. “We just had a couple down years.” CEO Chris Johnson inaccurately stating the Jets but accurately stating my love life.
  25. We know they haven’t signed a contract or hired him. Therefore, the chyron was wrong.

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