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  1. Winters being a top ten player is probably the biggest indictment of this roster and the management of the last four years. Sad.
  2. Mostly pomp and circumstance. Not many tough questions. But at least we now know why Chris Johnson doesn’t do much public speaking. Woof.
  3. You don’t know what this offense is capable of yet. It’s far from a sure thing.
  4. Except that team had a good offensive line and a secondary. This team has a below average both. The Jets are a 5 win team until they prove it different. 8-8 would be a successful building block. Not see Gase can get this team there.
  5. You just throwing out coaches names or do you have actual facts and stats to back that up? Gase is supposed to be an offensive guru but his offense in Miami was bottom half of the league. My point is the Jets are weak in many areas still and they lack depth at key positions. This isn’t a playoff team yet.
  6. Gase was in charge of the roster in Miami. What cosch after being fired from one team that hopped to another team immediately had any success at all? They made the playoffs one year with Matt Cassell. Brady isn’t the end all and be all for that team.
  7. .500 for this roster would be about right. The Jets are a blown ACL to Bell or an injury to Darnold to the #1 pick. Plus, I don’t think Gase is the real deal. His offenses in Miami were unimpressive, at best.
  8. What?! I think it’s a good hire. I just think 6 years is too long and Macc should have been fired in December. On Christmas. In don’t of his entire family. I don’t like Gase and think everyone is overrating the coaching staff, but mostly this is fine.
  9. He’s a misogynistic dirtbag who doesn’t know the difference between personal and personnel. Giving him any credence or seriousness is laughable, even if he ends up being correct.
  10. Best thing about this hire would be him and Gase are married so if it fails you can flush both at the same time without having the last debacle happen again.
  11. Comeback of the year is obviously awarded to Ian Rapoport.
  12. I’m old enough to remember that people got very angry with me when I said that the Jets picked the wrong lineman to pay that year. One guy is getting DWIs and one guy kept being an all pro.
  13. Why would you put yourself in direct competition with The Bachelorette? Amateur!
  14. He played for them half the year in 1987 and came back to play for them in 1990. I was only 3 in 1986 and I’ve never lived in Beantown so I couldn’t tell you the temperature of the city, but most fans have let it go. Probably not right away and they definitely could have treated him better. He was class and grace through it all.
  15. He traded Ajayi and refused to give Drake snaps, who wanted to be traded if Gase stayed on. And it’s not hard to say Gase is the best offensive coach we’ve had in a while. The last guy the Jets employed is right now in the woods somewhere trying to build a fire to burn all his Jets gear.
  16. No Sox fans I know are this way. May some old timers but he was celebrated many times after the Sox won 4 World Series the last 15 years.
  17. Being in shape and being in football shape are two very different things. Also, giving a running back a big 2nd or 3rd contract hardly ever retains its value. The Jets needed playmakers. They went and signed the best available because the regime that was in place couldn’t identify that type of player in the draft or wouldn’t put the resources there. That said, I expect that he has a solid season, but to really be “worth it” this team needs to at least sniff the playoffs. And I don’t think they will.
  18. Sub .500 and a point differential in three years of negative 400 plus isn’t a disaster? And the no QB thing isn’t an excuse if he’s as good an offensive guru as he says he is. Also, he had basically full run of the roster in Miami so if he had no QB that’s on him as well.
  19. Of course he has the pedigree and the resume but until you hand him the keys, you’re at best guessing. He certainly has a better background than Macc, but we just don’t know. I don’t have an opinion on who they should get, but he would probably be the optimal hire given the circumstances. Which means the Jets will end up with someone else.
  20. They extended Macc and Bowles at the same time. And still, neither earned it after an abysmal season two years ago and many here voiced that.
  21. You have no idea whomever they hire, especially someone like Douglas who has zero experience, is an upgrade. Macc was bad. We know that. We don’t know Douglas will be better. We hope. Like we hoped Macc would be better than Idzik. Was he really? Also, I love that you saying the Johnson’s paying out the Bowles and Macc contracts is proof they aren’t cheap when it’s really proof how dumb they are when they have them extensions that weren’t necessary or earned. But you do you.
  22. Spraying Febreeze on a turd in the middle of the carpet isn’t my idea of a deep cleaning.
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