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  1. Tevin Coleman is just stunting the young backs growth. It makes no sense to play him.
  2. Because what I referred to and responded was part and parcel to the game. You’re trying to steer the conversation in a direction that has nothing to do with football.
  3. Why? Because I don’t want people to die? Nope. I’d be more comfortable going to a Jets game than literally any event in Florida though.
  4. I wonder how many people get sick and die from this game but yeah! It’s great!
  5. Defense has always been the problem under Kelly who is massively overrated.
  6. On the road in the first game of the season. And let’s not act like Florida State is like some unknown team.
  7. Cutting Adams and keeping Perine is silly. Adams probably ends up in Baltimore and will do well there. Or wherever he goes.
  8. I think we all know my answer to this.
  9. Well. Mine is what people called me in college. And my high school number.
  10. He’s below replacement level. He’s also overpaid at that. He played in 3 games against Colorado and 3 games against Montreal. And barely played in those games. You can do better on the 4th line. And for cheaper.
  11. Yes. How many games did Vegas play in the playoffs this year? It only took them 10 to get to the cup finals in 17-18? When Vegas needed to win, he didn’t see the ice.
  12. And be a healthy scratch during the playoffs.
  13. Not very good at hockey though.
  14. Rizzo and Gallo? The Yankees trying to Bronx bomb their way into the postseason?
  15. Below .500, but if they play their cards right in the 2022 offseason they could get above it. All comes down to the QB.
  16. The Jets take Michael Carter from an ACC school. But this time Duke. A corner. Seems like a reach here.
  17. Kiper “One of the best tacklers in space in this draft.” McShay says “He is today’s NFL. He loves playing football.” Jets can use some guys who can tackle for sure.
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