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  1. Nice to see a collaborative effort on draft night.
  2. I can’t. I muted him on Twitter.
  3. And that’s totally fair. My point is you can complain about drafting and explosive playmaker because you have other holes and praise trading two 3rd round picks to move up to get a guard. (Not saying you but others here have). It’s not linear thinking to do so.
  4. Can we please stop posting this dudes opinion as gospel now? Sheeeeeesh.
  5. The Jets do have a ton of holes. How did you feel about that trade up for the guard last night?
  6. Dolphins are having a very solid draft. Unfortunately.
  7. Chad Hansen had a 100 yard receiving game last year after being signed off the street.
  8. Jets would have had to have dropped 10+ spots to get a 3rd.
  9. Not according to the CBA. To protect players in the new 17 season game you can only have one player per play under six feet tall.
  10. They must like Lock. Or they think Bridgewater can be a bridge to a future QB.
  11. Agreed but they aren’t keeping him after this year, so if they can get something for him in return, do it. You left off Keelan Cole who is going to make an impact this season.
  12. Not that great of a return IMHO.
  13. Atlanta trading out of 35. Will give us a good idea of what we could have got for 34.
  14. Ty Johnson and Josh Adams are the two RBs that should get the most action next season. Coleman is washed and Perine doesn’t impress me.
  15. Good pick, bad trade. Gave up too much.
  16. For a team with a lot of holes, not sure I get this.
  17. Better be for offense. I also want to see the price.
  18. We’ll see. I think he’s not. But I hope I’m wrong.
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