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  1. I don’t think either are going to be great QBs, but a QB falling isn’t necessarily an indicator of future success.
  2. Cowboys didn’t get much to trade back. Only a 3rd? From a rival?
  3. Sigh. I hope to be proven wrong. Like always.
  4. Leopard print shows a total lack of awareness and lack of maturity in Wilson. Bust.
  5. That team took that player because they needed a player at the position that the player plays. It will either be a good pick or a bad pick.
  6. Of course. But if Wilson sucks farts it’s only going to be something talked about for another decade.
  7. Mort said the Jets have been inundated with calls to trade up to two. I would love to know the offers.
  8. I predict that I will complain no matter what.
  9. Nah. I’ve seen this movie before. And the acting is getting worse.
  10. That Adam Gase isn’t the coach this year. He never should have been. As far as the team itself I have massive reservations about the QB they’re about to draft so I’ll be excited to hopefully be proven wrong.
  11. I’m okay with trading Darnold. All things considered, they got an okay return. I just have zero faith in any QB not named Lawrence in this draft. Part of me thinks we’ve basically traded the devil you know for the devil you don’t. I’m just not sure it’s going to work this time either. It’ll be interesting to see who they sign to back up.
  12. I mean, who else are they gonna put on the website? Becton?
  13. Heard they want to move it up to this year now.
  14. How did you feel about Darnold when he was drafted? Just curious. I don’t get the Wilson hype.
  15. Schefter said there were no trade talks with the Jets and 49ers.
  16. When is the last time the Jets had a best outcome happen for them?
  17. If anything, this raises the price of 2 but doesn’t prohibit the Jets from trading out.
  18. Don’t get it. The Jets already have three running backs that provide more upside. Meh.
  19. That’s not enough to trade back to 8. And the pick is awful. I don’t like anyone named any version of Macc.
  20. I mean, I’d rather not wave the white flag on 2021 already. And that is exactly what retaining Sam Darnold as the starter indicates.
  21. Imagine bringing two of the top WR free agents and telling them you’re going to saddle them with the leagues worst starting QB. Not going to happen. Can’t happen. Please don’t let it happen.
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