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  1. Signing Oday Aboushi would be hilarious on so many levels.
  2. The Jets “agree” with someone only to have them use them as leverage to go back to their old team.
  3. If Joe D. wants to anchor his career to Wilson, so be it. It’s a make or break move for him and he knows it. It’ll be more important the tile am he puts around the young QB though. And I haven’t been that impressed with that aspect but there is still a full offseason or two to change my mind.
  4. Tate has 3 1,000 yard seasons. Crowder has none. I didn’t advocate one over the other. All I said was the difference between the two is very little. Crowder is overpaid for the production. If you can replace him cheaper, I’d rather do it in the draft.
  5. The difference right now is negligible. Golden Tate has had a far better career than Crowder.
  6. Teddy Bridgewater isn’t a free agent and he’s not worth trading for.
  7. I’m just so tired of going into a season by waving a white flag of competitiveness before it even starts. That’s what you do by retaining Sam and giving him the starting job, which he hasn’t earned. Being drafted high doesn’t earn you anything. I always appreciate the effort put into these things, but I just can’t get behind this as a fan.
  8. No. An opinion radio show or podcast on the bleacher report is not journalism. It’s clickbait “entertainment”. Just like most shows on Fox News aren’t journalism, they’re editorial or opinion shows. Oh. And eff Jamal Adams.
  9. I could understand if they were calling Jets games, but they usually get some good teams. Also, grapefruit juice? Really?
  10. I don’t think I’m legally allowed to say.
  11. I miss Smizzy. He recruited me here.
  12. Double the wins from last season? I’d take it.
  13. Watt and Watson. Make. It. Happen. J. D.
  14. We don’t know the asking price. Do you not trust the GM to know a good deal from a bad one? Why would it be Watson and scrubs? Do you not trust JD to draft well and bring in solid free agents if acquiring a top 5 QB?
  15. Well, the Jets need a QB. You don’t win consistently in this league without one. And if they draft a QB at 2 and they don’t trade for Watson, that comparison will be forever linked. I don’t make the rules.
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