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  1. No. It doesn’t and shouldn’t. Darnold is not good. Even with zero time to throw the ball, Mahomes made plays that Darnold couldn’t dream about making. You cannot bring Darnold back and expect fans to take your regime seriously. There needs to be a change there. Period.
  2. It’s not a remake of the Denzel movie. It’s a remake of an 80s network TV series. Almost 60? She’s 50. Gina Carrano? Lol. She barely speaks in the roles she gets cast in for a reason. You’re saying a lot for someone who isn’t going to watch the show. And neither will I, but not because of who was cast in it.
  3. I’d expect better of you than this. She’s very accomplished in many different areas and you’re only demeaning her because of the way she looks? Shame on you.
  5. Tampa’s defense is just much better than the KC defense.
  6. I don’t understand the point of non alcoholic beer.
  7. I thought it was solid. Not overly impressed but better than some halftime shows there have been.
  8. Between him and Brady and Gronk and Suh there aren’t a team you feel good about winning.
  9. I’m only really watching because I’m in line to win a couple hundred bucks for playoff fantasy. Could go wire to wire since the opening weekend I’ve been winning.
  10. Pizza and wings. Plus going to make some garlic parm oven fries. Probably a sour beer. Probably a chocolate mousse cake. We’ll see.
  11. I saw more out of Josh Adams last year than I did Perone. There is a bunch to like/dislike about this. Lots to digest but seems like too much turnover.
  12. DeShaun Watson made the corpse of Chad Hansen a 100 yard receiver in a game. Please.
  13. Get back on the peloton until we get Watson!
  14. If Sam Darnold is the starting QB in 2021, it will be time to discuss the replacement for Joe Douglass.
  15. How can one poster be so wrong about literally everything?
  16. Bills need another quality receiving option and have to find a running game. Their defense did not show up today either. But they’re set up to be good for a long time.
  17. I’d like to see the Pack and Bills win today. Eff Brady and the Chiefs won last year.
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