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  1. Curtis Samuel, Will Fuller, and checking in on the health of Dede Westbrook are all things I’d do before signing JuJu (who while better than Crowder, isn’t that much better than him).
  2. Trading the Jamal picks for Watson would be hilarious. And worth it.
  3. My dad is a lifelong Bills fan. I will root for them because he should see his team win. I have never felt the hatred for the Bills that I have for the Phins or the Pats. The Bills are team we should be modeling after.
  4. KC can’t beat Buffalo without Mahomes. If he has a legit concussion, then there is no way he’s cleared in a week.
  5. Did Peyton Manning sign off though?
  6. Notre Dame gave up 31 for the game. That game was the championship.
  7. I think they’ll have a hard time attracting any star WR talent. The QB situation is gross.
  8. They just likely told him he’d have to wear a suit without the sleeves cut off and there are some line he won’t cross.
  9. I don’t know how he keeps getting jobs. And targets. He’s good for at least a few drops a game.
  10. Josh Allen - playoff win Lamar Jackson - playoff win Baker Mayfield - likely playoff win Sam Darnold - Had mono once
  11. Bed early! Bills Ravens will be a great matchup.
  12. Unless you regularly watch Nickelodeon, I’m guessing you’re not their target audience.
  13. At least this should end the Schitty chatter.
  14. Rams had a choice to deactivate him and have someone back up with two healthy hands. But go off king.
  15. I enjoy the song Blinding Lights by The Weeknd but the NFL is going to ruin it. Aren’t they?
  16. Weird ending. Also, Rivers can’t throw deep anymore. That was sad.
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