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  1. McNabb has played well in big games before. Plummer hasn't. Given the choice I would take McNabb, wouldn't you?
  2. CUT AND PASTE THE BLANK ENTRY FORM BELOW TO YOUR POST 1. Steelers 2. Steelers 3. Under 4. Seahawks 5. Steelers 6. Seahawks 7. Seahawks 8. Seahawks 9. Steelers 10. Steelers 11. Steelers 12. H 13. Seahawks 14. Steelers 15. Steelers TB. Steelers 24-17
  3. It's hard to really gage how Mario would have fared had he not gotten Hodgekin's and been injury riddled. The guy is still one of the best. The best? That's a debate I'm really on the fence with. It's really sad to see him go again. He saved hockey in Pittsburgh (though it may have been all for naught). We'll have to wait and see.
  4. My top two choices for FAs would be Vince Manuwai and Ma'ake Kemoeatu, both fill positions of need and I don't think either would command huge money. As far as our FAs are concerned, we cannot just let Abe walk, something will be done. I like Reed, he plays a good DT, just not the NT we need, but is a good rotation player behind D-Rob. Kenyatta Wright is a good ST and cheap. If Baker signs an incentive laden deal I can see him coming back, but not for big bucks.
  5. If TO wasn't happy with Donovan, how do you think he'd handle the perennial choker in Jake Plummer? Plus with the higher elevation and the colder air, TO and all his blowing of hot air may cause a "Day After Tomorrow" effect.
  6. I can just imagine someone in the Super Bowl getting injured and like Suzy Kolber gives the info to BB and he relays it to the audience. It would go something like this: (during a commercial break) Suzy: Bill, Big Ben has a broken neck his career is over. Bill: Ok thanks Suzy let me tell the audience at home. Bill: (now on camera) Ben Roethlisberger has an injury on his body somewhere, his return status is up in the air. I give him anywhere from a 0 to a 100% chance of returning and playing.
  7. A 2nd rounder for Schaub reminds me too much of a 2nd rounder for J-Mac. The guy has not done much to garner that high of a pick (basically late 1st) and I don't think he would produce here either (much like J-Mac.) Put me on the list against that trade.
  8. I don't know what it is about Cutlr. His college numbers weren't astounding, his Senior Bowl practices were good to above good. His Senior bowl game numbers were putrid. I just don't get it. Sure he may have good tools, but is having potential worth the #4 pick? I couldn't even fathom that. Greenway is an OLB if I'm not mistaken and with Hobson and Barton I don't see OLB as a need position right now. I think Cutler talk is all smoke and mirrors to get someone (like the Dolphins) to get all hot bothered about him and move up and pay a steep price to get him. Cutler won't be
  9. Songs I have been listening to alot: The Used-Let It Bleed, All I've Got Fall Out Boy (call me gay that's fine) Anything by G n' R Down in a Hole by Alice in Chains And some bands I know that are very small time
  10. If I had my way, and I don't usually, we would cut: Fiedler (like the guy but him getting hurt right after Chad was one of the worst things ever. I'm sure it will save us some money, but in all honesty we cannot bring back two injured QBs and there is no fiscal way Chad can be cut.) Fabini (He was a very solid o-lineman but when McKenzie and others left for other teams and Mawae and Kendall went out with injuries he stuck out like a sore thumb. A healthy O-line and he's productive, but anything he has to anchor and it's all over.) McCareins (I believe Bradway has to swal
  11. Thank you for the kind welcome. I look forward to some highly intellectual discussion (note sarcasm). Hell, as long as it's fun, why not?
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