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  1. jets rooter

    Possible HC Candidates

    I would think that the jets need a clean sweep.from the top mgt. down.watching the jets play proves my point
  2. A big mistake if the jets keep him.Checkout his resume .
  3. It's obvious that it is time for mac and his cohorts to go.
  4. jets rooter

    GM Mike Maccagnan

    Get rid of the bum.Does anyone on this board think that he is an asset ?
  5. jets rooter

    We need better players

    I said it before and I will say it again,It is very obvious that the jets front office.must undergo a major change,From the very top to the scouts.
  6. jets rooter

    FIRE MAC AND BOWLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I agree that the main fault with the fireing of mac and bowles plus the scouts in the front office. you have to be blind not to see the problem.
  7. jets rooter

    Jets Sign Davis Webb to Practice Squad

    When will the jets stop picking up losers.
  8. Most successful teams build by building the offensive line through the draft.The jets have done little with their early picks.watching the jets last night proves my point.darnell and bridgewater had little time to complete their passes.
  9. There is no doubt in my mind.that the best option is for the jets to go with bridgewater.he has the experience and is a winner.to be the jets starter this coming season.
  10. jets rooter

    Madden Rookie Ratings.(Darnold got snubbed)

    don't despair jets fans.Maddden has been wrong many times.this kid has the makings of an all pro q.b.
  11. believe it or not.dimitri flowers was the best free agent signing for the jets. the jets have been without a talented fullback for so many years. although many have taken lightly the fullback position.the reality is that it is a need which the jets have needed for the offense.
  12. jets rooter

    Grade the Jets Draft

    que sera que sera
  13. The jets will sign at least two free agent left tackles with experience. That is the greatest need for the offense to succeed.
  14. don't cry over spilled milk.The jets gave up 3 2nd round draft choices for the chance to pick their future starting q.b. in sam darnold. Jet fans firget the case.that the the first 3 free agent signings.will be starting for the first team lineup.which is head over heels better then guessing what they would have gotten with the two 2nd rounders they lost in the draft.
  15. jets rooter


    and he is only 20 years old. I pray tht he is a fast learner. The jets had to take him at 3.

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