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  1. teddy bridgewater is head and shoulders the best pick for the jets.He will be the starting q.b. for them next season. compare him with those available in the draft.bridgewater before his injury was one of the best quarterbacks in the league.he is only 25 years old and if he is healthy he can be a great signing for the jets. I can't wait for training camp to see how bridgewater can show his attributes .
  2. For those who think we overpaid...

    don't be surprised if the jets end up with bridgewater as their starting q.b. drafting a q.b. in the first round is historicly a crap shoot. I hope that I am right with teddy as our starting q.b.
  3. Jets Expected to sign C Spencer Long

    Don't be surprised if the jets play long at guard and draft price or ragnow at center.
  4. Macc Strategy From Here

    The jets should trade down.they have the opportunity to load up the offensive line with star players .if they do that.watch out for the jets.with the free agents that they have signed they look awesome. I am really impressed with macs picks in free agency.
  5. Jeff Christensen/ C Hackenberg

    Hackenberg might turnout to be another tom brady. So lets not make him a a wasted pick. We will know for sure when the jets make their picks in the coming draft.
  6. the jets would be lucky.if these two fell to them in the second round.
  7. Josh Allen

    don't be surprised if the jets don't draft a q.b. in the first round.past history shows that the jets are unpredictable.
  8. Offensive Line

    It wouldn't surprise me.If the jets drafted 3 offensive linemen in the coming draft.left tackle,center and guard would be a blessing for the jets future.
  9. the past shows.that q.b.s.from u.s.c. were not the best picks. I would take rosen in a heart beat over darnold.
  10. Offensive Line Question

    The real truth is that the jets need a complete make over of the offemsive line.Checkout the current jets offensive line.Ugh
  11. Watch this - QB Josh Allen

    I have a feeling.that mason Rudolph will be the jets pick. I love his name.
  12. Watch this - QB Josh Allen

    so maybe the jets will draft mason Rudolph. at least his name is interesing
  13. Non QBs you want to see the Jets draft

    q.b. is 50% of a teams success. The jets should trade up for josh rosen.
  14. QBs You'd Be Happy About With #6 Pick?

    The jets would be foolish not to pick rosen if he were available. He played for a team.with a very weak offensive line. and no running attack.iif he had played for one of the major schools.you would have seen how talented and intelligent he is.
  15. Every year it's the same sh*t.Sell the freaken team to a concerned owner.