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  1. QBs You'd Be Happy About With #6 Pick?

    The jets would be foolish not to pick rosen if he were available. He played for a team.with a very weak offensive line. and no running attack.iif he had played for one of the major schools.you would have seen how talented and intelligent he is.
  2. Every year it's the same sh*t.Sell the freaken team to a concerned owner.
  3. Jets Teammates "Optimistic" on Hackenberg

    Don't be impatient jet fans. with the current offensive line.It would be like throwing hackenberg to the wolves.The jets must rebuild the offensive line in the next draft + to sign talented free agent offensive linemen.
  4. What if Geno does well ?

    I can't believe the giants front office.Gino Smith as their savior. Poor giant fans.
  5. don't be surprised.if the Johnson brothers .put the jets up for sale.that would be the best solution for the jets.
  6. Don't be disappointed if the jets do not draft a q.b. in the first round. Past history tells me that they will not draft a q.b. in the first round.
  7. The reason is that the jets rebuilding job.is beginning to show it's worth.
  8. I remember when the jets had their all star fullback.The running game was awesome.I forgot his name.
  9. I didn't watch the mariner game.But I am curious to how Richardson performed.
  10. It looks like the giants will be drafting before the jets.They sure look like they will be in need of a new q.b.
  11. It is apparent that woody has little interest in the jets. The reality is that the jets must be sold to an interested party. That has ownership of other sports teams.I am sure that there are other suitors that would be interested in a new York franchise.
  12. The two safeties vs Watson/Mahomes and Cook

    It's very apparent that the jets went for defense early.You cannot make a judgement call on the quarter backs drafted early. Very few q.b.s make it early in the n.f.l.
  13. Listen to Kevin Greene; Great Leader!!!

    Green should be the head coach of the jets.