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  1. starting to shape up:yahoo: :cheers:
  2. WTF, espn's coverage of the draft sucks the bone. the trade , i don't know, i think it good for us in the long run but i had to come to JN to find out what the _ell went down. boomer please take your head out of your _ss and try and reamber what your talking about. m Irvin , put the PIPE down and slow the _uck down.
  3. b-man what the _uckkkkk are you smokin?????????????????????????????????????? #4 #35 and next years #2 for bush, no _ucking way. If C martin can't find the holes to run through, what the _ell makes you think bush can. REBUILD THE O-LINE AND D-LINE THIS YEAR, and next year we can draft the SKILL PLAYERS.
  4. how about this. trade # 4 to the broncos for #22-61-1st rounder next year.? oakland for #7-38-69.?? minn for #17-48-51.??? thoughs.
  5. :Cuss: :Cuss: :Cuss: NO WAY DO I WANT THIS .:Cuss: :Cuss: :Cuss:
  6. mav I though that was the idea behind this board, to give all J-E-T-S fans a place to talk about and discuss are team and what we would like to happen in the draft.
  7. clujet and shadetree, thanks for the constructive opinion, both points well takin. j-mac 81, no jest my opinion, where's yours. vilma 5114, am looking for CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM, not your boyfriend name. bman, have two very serviceable #1 QB on the team now,RB are pretty solid, c martin is one year past rushing title. WRs are better then average imo. are problems if you were paying attention are ,1a- COULD NOT PROTECT ARE QB, 1B- COULD NOT OPEN ANY HOLES for are running backs, 1c- COULD NOT STOP THE RUN. RE-BUILDING are O-line and D-line are the #1 PRIORITY IMO.
  8. what do you'll think.???????? # 4 haloti ngata DT OREGON # 29 max gean gilles OG GEORGIA # 35 andrew whitworth OT LSU # 71 ryan cook C New mexico # 97 demeco ryans OLB ALABAMA #103 will allen OG TEXAS #117 dennis roland OT GEORGIA #138 greg blue S GEORGIA #211 darryl tapp DE V TECH #217 freddie roach MLB ALABAMA
  9. SCREW this trade,:Cuss: trade down get more picks.
  10. the trade works for me, don't know if i would take your picks, but like the trade. :cheers:
  11. what do you'll think about DJ shockly in the 3rd or 4th.
  12. winston or D brick max jean giles greg blue :yahoo:
  13. clayton sucks , who would listen to him. The J-E-T-S are going about there business the way we should, IN THE DRAFT. you can't build a winner with castoffs and older players on there way out. looks to me like are FO has a clue for the first time in some time. and i seem to have more faith in this FO then any of the past .
  14. very good and solid player, great hands and feet
  15. #4 D'brick #29 max jean giles #35 nick mangold or greg blue no QB
  16. THIS DEAL SUCKS THE BONE. we used a mid round pick to get him,16,17,or 18th in 00. after 51 sacks and 3 pro-bowls all we get is the 29 pick, THIS DEAL SUCKS THE BOBO :Cuss: BULL :Cuss: is this deal for sure or more :Cuss: .
  17. for abe a 3x pro Bowler comeing off his best year a proven commodity all we get is the 29 pick, did we not use a 16,17,or 18th pick in the 00 draft to get him , looks like backing up to me.
  18. what QB would you want and why. matt leinart jay cutler vince young matt schaub.
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