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  1. You're on the top of ***Pragmatic Bus' Most Hated List***
  2. They're just ****in with you. I don't blame them though, you keep feeding their sadistic hunger.
  3. Now I'm definitely for drafting Taylor Mays
  4. I will donate something no problem. Like I said anything for a good cause. You are welcome to ban me right after.

  5. If you're gonna talk trash over the internet don't get a sore vagina when someone says something back. Make sure you can take it too, before you try to dish it out. Specially if I don't have jokes with you.
  6. Oh no problem, I was just trying to get you to donate before we banned you, lol. But if times are tough don't sweat it. Thanks anyway.

  7. Just tell him to keep my name out of his posts and we will get along just fine.
  8. Thankyou for the link. I will donate as soon as I can. Anything for a good cause... I might not be able to donate a lot since times are tough for me.

  9. Just want to make sure you saw this thread in case you wanted to donate to this cause. http://jetnation.com/forums/showthread.php?t=84671 Thanks.

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